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How To Choose A Computer Monitor For Business

A computer monitor is one of the essentials every business should have. You can use it for work or even play games during your free time. There’s a wide variety of computer monitors available in the market today. Finding a computer monitor model that fits your business and personal needs is crucial.

There are several options to consider that make it difficult to decide what’s best for your needs. You should look into the features of every monitor out there and choose one that can enhance your productivity. This guide will help you know the things to look for in a business computer monitor.

Here are the things to keep on your checklist.

The Type Of Work You Do

things to consider when buying a monitor

The type of work should dictate the monitor you choose for your company. Every computer monitor in the market suits a specific kind of work. For instance, you may opt for a computer with good response times if you work in the gaming industry. This, however, won’t matter to you if you do data entry work.

A graphic design professional, on the other hand, will look for a 5k monitor. There are lots of reasons why 5k monitors are worth considering. These monitors have a display resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels. The clarity of text they deliver and the display justice they do to images make it undoubtedly the future of computer displays.

Resolution matters to graphic designers; the higher, the better. Therefore, you should not choose a computer monitor without thinking about the work you want to do with it. Thankfully it’s easy to find the best monitor for any work you do.

Screen Size

The screen size is another feature that boils down to personal preference. The amount of space on one’s desk can determine the size of screen one chooses. It can also be about how you want your working area to look. A small monitor can be ideal for you if you like seeing your desk fairly open and clear.

To be precise, smaller screens are within the range of 19 inches, while large screens can go up to 34 inches. It is worth noting that screen measurements get taken diagonally. It would be best to find a screen size that fits your viewing needs and the amount of space on your desk.


Another thing that matters when buying a monitor is pricing. The price of a computer monitor depends on different factors. It can be screen size, resolution, or the type of work it’s designed to do. As a business, you need to consider your budget, then check out several monitors within that price range.

Startups usually operate on strict budgets, making it vital to regulate their spending. You may go for small screen sizes, low resolutions, and other budget-friendly options if you run such a business. Established businesses, on the other hand, spend a lot more. They can go for monitors with high resolutions, height-adjustable stands, etc.

Screen Resolution

High resolutions deliver better quality pictures. Today, nearly all 22-inch and above monitors display high-definition images. Smaller screens can only deliver up to 720p, which may not be ideal for some types of work. You need to consider the resolution that will deliver the image quality you desire.

It is always good to look for high resolution in a monitor. Although your work may not require high resolution now, you may need it in the future. Investing in a quality monitor now can help you save the money you’d have spent on buying another one in the future.

Refresh Rate and Response Time

You also need to check a monitor’s refresh rates before purchasing it. The refresh rate, usually marked as hertz (Hz), is how long a monitor takes to update images on your screen. Gamers, for instance, need high refresh rates because the pictures keep changing from second to second.

Response times are also a critical factor to look for in a computer monitor. You can go for low response times if you love fast reactions in between image transitions. Keeping the desired response times and refresh rates in mind can help you find a monitor that fits your business needs.

Special Features

Monitors come with different kinds of features that determine performance. Everyone has qualities that they need depending on why they bought the monitor. You can choose a curved monitor if you love viewing the screen from different angles. Someone else could be looking for height adjustability.

Other special features are there to protect the user from different hazards. For instance, you could be looking for a monitor that has eye protection features. This is if you have experienced irritations and eye strains with some types of monitors. The qualities one chooses depends on individual preferences.


A good monitor needs to be compatible with your PC. Most monitors available today can connect with standard PCs making it easy to find one that will fit your needs. But then, modern PCs have different ports from older models. Some use HDMI outputs, while others use DVI or DisplayPort.

It would help if you were sure that the monitor you choose would be compatible with your PC. Besides, it would be best to ensure that the monitor’s resolution matches your PC’s output. You may not have a good experience using a monitor with a higher resolution than what your PC gives you.

Some people love working with more than one monitor. If you do this, ensure you confirm that your monitors allow you to accommodate more monitors. This will enable you to take full advantage of your hardware and also gives you value for money.


Buying a computer monitor can be hectic with so many options out there. It would help if you kept in mind the things that matter before choosing one, and we have looked at them in detail. Taking your time to research computer monitors is worth it rather than choosing a monitor that won’t deliver to your personal or employees’ expectations.

The insights above can make finding the perfect monitor for your needs simple. Besides getting a monitor with the right features, the monitor you choose needs to fit your budget needs as well. Keep these tips in mind, and you will not get disappointed.

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