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What is that Windows Key for on my keyboard?

Take a look on your keyboard…just to the left of the spacebar. Do you see that key with the flag on it? Do you know what it’s for? Hmm, me either.

I am in front of PCs all day and I never intentionally use that key. Most of the time, I hit it on accident and then Esc out of it.

That is until I found out some shortcuts that key holds:

Windows key
Displays START menu
Windows key + d
Shows the Desktop. Repeated, it restores the previous windows that were being displayed
Windows key + e
Opens a new Windows Explorer window
Windows key + f
Displays Find Files or Search
Windows key + m
Minimizes all windows
Windows key + shift + m
Undo Minimize all
Windows key + r
Displays the Run dialog box
Windows key + Shift + m
Restores windows minimized by previous command
Windows key + F1
Opens Windows Help
Windows key + Ctrl + F
Find any computer
Windows key + tab
Cycle through Taskbar buttons
Windows key + break
Open System Properties

Obtained from the most obvious place you’d never think to look: Microsoft

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