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Total Daily Energy Expenditure – Getting Through The Day

What is TDEE?

Total daily energy expenditure is abbreviated as TDEE and represents the total amount of energy a person uses in a whole day. This amount of energy varies every day as it depends on your routine body activity, so it becomes hard to measure it accurately. However, it can be estimated by using a TDEE calculator, and it depends on the following factors.

BMR Or Basal Metabolic Rate

Whenever a person is resting, and the digestive system is inactive in the environment with the normal temperature, the energy usage rate is known as BMR. The minimum amount of energy needs to be maintained for the individual’s vital organs only.

Activity Level

It is the amount of a person’s daily activity. Exercise and other activities that a person may undergo as part of their routine are included in this category. It refers thermic effect of activity and non-exercise activity thermogenesis as well.

Thermic Effect Of Food

It is the amount of energy compulsory for the body to process and use food. It includes 10% of food energy intake, but it can diverge considerably based on food types that a person consumed. Take the example of protein. It has a larger thermic effect than nutritive fat. Subsequently, it is extra challenging to process.

Boost Your Energy Expenditure

tdee factors

Certain ways can help boost your daily energy expenditure:

How To Calculate Total Daily Energy Expenditure

You can use an accurate TDEE calculator, as well as a formula to calculate your total daily energy expenditure.

TDEE Formula

This formula is different for men and women.


This is the total daily expenditure calculator that measures TDEE and gives you an indicator of how many calories you should burn in a day.

This accurate TDEE calculator calculates based on the following parameters:

It calculates metabolic rate and BMR, then multiplies them by a modifier that signifies your activity level. Visit the website to know:


Whenever you are trying to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, your total daily energy expenditure will be your eventual regulator. TDEE is the key to balance. Every day is not perfect as sometimes your food intake will be greater than energy expenditure, but eventually, you have to plan your day to keep your body in shape and stay healthy.
Whenever you need to change your body weight for health, balance your food intake and TDEE. Take help from the TDEE calculator for your guidance.

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