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6 Reasons to Get Certified as a Data Scientist

Data science is advancing rapidly. One major advantage that it has over other fields of computer science is that it is a very interdisciplinary field. This means that it involves concepts from a large number of other fields of computer science and even beyond.

They include statistics, computer science, mathematics, domain knowledge, and information science. This means that if there is a breakthrough or any kind of advancement in one of those fields, it means that data science itself can use that discovery or advancement to advance itself.

This is why data science, while still a relatively young field, has so many branches and areas of study such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, business intelligence, data examination, data mining, predictive analytics, etc.

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Another reason why data science is advancing rapidly is because of its widespread adoption by the industry. As the world becomes more and more revolutionized by technology, the number of innovations in the way businesses and organizations function significantly increase. They have realized that their most significant resource is the reams of data that they generate on a daily basis.

Now that they have recognized this fact, they are seeking to make use of this enormous resource and turn it into an asset for themselves. In order to do this, they need data scientists who will be able to handle their large data sets of structured and unstructured data. They will also convert all their physical data into electronic data and manipulate the unstructured data into a form that’s more suitable for data analysis and data warehousing.

There are many who have the opinion that data science is just a fad which will fade away with time. But nothing could be further from the truth. Data science is picking up steam at a fast pace and percolating down into many more industries as the awareness about the importance of data spreads.

With buzzwords such as ‘Big Data’ and ‘Machine Learning’ flying around in the discussions of anything technological, data science has already become a household word in the corporate world. Therefore, it is here to stay.

Why to Get a Data Science Certification?

One will be able to demonstrate a degree of interest and a self-driven learning mindset

With a data science certification, an individual will be able to demonstrate to the hiring managers that they are very serious about their career and job profile as a data scientist. The digital age is very fast moving and is progressing at a very fast rate. As a result, the value of the skills that an IT professional may have decreases at an alarming rate.

It is almost like a validity pack expiring. So a data scientist has to keep their knowledge and skills updated constantly. They should pursue a source of knowledge, which will give them the most up-to-date information about the field of data science. A data science certification course is an ideal source of such knowledge.

Provides a certain amount of credibility to the candidate

Today’s job market is full of many unscrupulous elements who try to trick the hiring managers in a variety of ways. They try to supply false and incorrect information about themselves on their resumes and during job interviews. They claim to have a list of qualifications which they don’t and list skills on their resumes which they have no experience with.

Sometimes they even produce fake references and letters of recommendations in hopes of getting past the screening process. So hiring managers are in a fix about how to select candidates who are actually qualified. When they see data science certification training listed on a candidate’s resume, they immediately feel great relief because it is a mark of credibility that authenticates an applicant.

Opens the gate to the highest paid data science roles in a company

As more and more businesses and organizations wake up to the fact that data is one of their most important resources, the demand for data scientists substantially rises as a result. Another thing to consider is that the demand for skilled and experienced data scientists far outstrips the supply for them.

This is the reason that the role of a data scientist is currently one of the highest paid job roles in the IT sector of professionals. So getting a data science certification course is a very good way to become qualified as a fully fledged data scientist. With this, you can gain access to data science job roles offering the most generous compensations.

One will find lucrative opportunities across various industries and domains

Data science is a field of computer science and information technology which has applications in a number of different industries and domains. It has multifarious functions in retail, medicine, banking and finance, construction, transportation, communications, media and entertainment, education, manufacturing and natural resources, government, energy and utilities, and the outsourcing industry.

Cloud and distributed computing, in particular, is a domain which sees a large and intensive application of data science tools and techniques. Any industry which sees a lot of interactions with customers or is very customer-facing will definitely find a lot of uses for the technologies that data science provides.

Thus, a professional who undergoes data science training and obtains a data science certification will find it easier to getting hired in any business or organization that belongs to these industries and domains.

You will be able to take advantage of individual attention from the instructors

Any Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) or college usually contains thousands of students who are enrolled in it. Due to such large numbers of students, the instructors in the MOOC or college are not able to divide their time and attention among all of the students individually. They are forced to teach in a ‘single point to the masses’ approach. Therefore, the students do not get the personal attention and care that they can get in a data science certification course.

In a data science certification course, the instructors are easily able to provide each learner individual attention and care. They are able to hold special doubt clearing sessions and provide email, chat, and video support. They also grade each learner’s assignments individually and give them valuable critical advice on what their strengths are and where they made mistakes. This serves to make the learner’s learning experience that much more comprehensive and focused.

You will receive feedback on your GitHub projects

In an MOOC or a college, the instructors assign practical projects for the students. But a critical part of any project’s lifecycle is the feedback stage where it is evaluated by seniors and those who are experienced to point out the flaws and suggest improvements. This crucial element is missing from MOOCs and colleges but is present in data science certification courses.

In the certification course, end term capstone projects are assigned to the learners to work on. After completion and even during the process, instructors provide many helpful tips, pointers, suggestions, and advice on how to develop the project more proficiently. They even participate on the learner’s GitHub project page actively and help them learn how to accept feedback and collaborate on a project with others in a real-world environment.

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