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Webull Review: The Honest Review Ever [2024]!

Everyone knows the financial market is a tricky one. There are so many different types of investments to choose from, and it can be hard to know which ones will work out best for you. It’s even harder because there are so many scams around these days! That’s why I’m writing this honest Webull review on this new investment app that aims to provide all of your investment needs in one place at an affordable price.

Here Is Webull Review

What Is Webull?

Webull Review

Webull is an online investment platform designed for individual investors who are looking to break into the market. It allows you to buy stocks, ETFs, options, futures contracts, do cryptocurrency trading and perform sophisticated technical analysis on them in order to make informed trading decisions.

The biggest advantage of Webull compared to other online brokers is that it provides commission free trading stocks and ETFs- the only reason why any broker charges trading fees is that they can.

But what bothers me about most other brokers’ business models is how disconnected their experience feels from reality. They’re not dealing with real trades; they’re just entering numbers into systems and charging you anyway. This might be a little harsh, but what Webull does is actually useful.

If you’re sick of paying high trading fees for mediocre returns that you could’ve achieved by yourself, then this is for you. There’s no subscription fee and no minimum deposit required- if your trades are profitable, they keep the profits; if not, there are no trading costs on your behalf. You can even start investing with as little as $5. Further in this Webull review, we will tell you all about the platform, its features, pricing and much more.

How to use the platform and what it offers?

It’s a very easy-to-use app that opens with a list of all available markets including cryptocurrency trading within the app. Simply tap on the market you want, place your order or make changes to your pre-existing orders (you can do this by tapping ‘Edit’ in the top right corner).

At first, I was worried about how difficult it would be to decide which investment was best for me because there are so many different types of investments now.

But Webull makes it all much easier by categorizing them into four: Stocks/Indexes, ETFs, Options trading, and Mutual Funds. That way, you can see all of the options that are related to each other at once.

You can also place stop-loss orders (which will allow you to exit your position if they go down) and limit orders (to sell when a stock reaches a certain price) using margin accounts. Both of these features work in both directions for margin accounts- meaning you could set a limit order to buy when stocks reach a certain price.

These are great tools for experienced investors who know exactly what they’re doing If you don’t, though, I would recommend sticking with buying on market orders until you gain more experience.

One last thing is that Webull does not charge any commissions or trading fees so it’s perfect for beginners who want to learn the ropes.




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Various Features of Webull

Unlimited Access to Education Resources

Don’t have much experience investing in stocks? Webull offers access to full educational content on their website that all beginners need when they’re looking into online trading platforms for trading ideas.

Everything from articles written by industry experts about market trends and how emerging technologies is affecting emerging markets.

And for intermediate traders and advanced investors, they have quite a bit of information too- think research reports, technical charts, webinars, and seminars.

Unlimited Technical Analysis Tools

Would you like to do some technical analysis on your own investments? With Webull, no need to upgrade your brokerage accounts- Webull offers access to all the scanners, charting tools, and other resources that professional active traders use.

If you’re into candlestick charting or Bollinger bands, then there’s a lot of great tools for you here- it’s basically everything you’d ever want if you were looking to research stocks.

No Minimum Account Balance Requirement

Webull is not one of those stock trading platforms where they charge outrageous trading fees just because they can. Webull offers fair business model in general- with no minimum investment requirements and no commissions for trading, you can start investing with as little as $5.

The truth is that this app does everything right in my book- it’s transparent with its fees, it has access to great educational resources and tools, allows margin accounts and they even go out of their way to make sure there are no minimum account financial product requirements or its a commission free trading platform.

I’ve been using them for quite some time now and haven’t had any issues working through their website. That’s why I’ll be recommending Webull to all my readers who want to use margin accounts and get into commison free trading stocks; if you’re looking for an easy-to-use online brokerage that isn’t trying to nickel and dime you every chance they get, then this is it.

Full extended hours trading (pre-market, and after-hours sessions supported)

Webull provides full extended hours margin trading capabilities, which include pre-market extended hours trading (4:00 AM – 9:30 AM ET) and after-hours (4:00 PM – 8:00 PM ET) sessions.

Trade from anywhere with a clean interface design across web, iOS, & Android mobile app

The Webull trading platform is built from the ground up with a mobile-first mindset so you can trade on the go over your Webull mobile app.

The Webull trading platform allows each user to have their own portfolio view that shows live market pricing and available balance readily at hand when checking price movements of

Personalized insights

Alerts and notifications help you stay up to date with your investments. Keep track of comprehensive market insights, personal watchlists, upcoming earnings announcements, dividends schedules, and more with Webull’s personalized newsfeed.

Live Dividends & Earnings

Stay ahead of curve with the latest company financial data including relevant stock prices on New York stock exchange before markets open or after they close.

With Webull, you can monitor what matters to you, including upcoming dividends and upcoming earnings announcements.

Advanced Technical Indicators

Webull provides powerful charting tools with many unique features such as multiple indicators, Fibonacci studies, moving averages, Gann angles for market timing analysis, Elliott Wave Theory studies for all essential wave types of human psychology in financial markets (impulsive, corrective & consolidation different) to help active traders make sense of charts better. This includes over 60 technical indicators that are available on this commission free trading platform.

Enhanced Portfolio View

Easily browse real-time balances for cash + fractional shares across all assets within your watchlist portfolio(s). You can view your history on after hours trading and etf trading too.

Level 2 Advanced (Nasdaq TotalView)

Webull supports Level 2 margin Trading allowing easy access to order books, limit orders, NBBO, inside market quotes. This enables users to make more informed margin trading decisions with quick and detailed access to relevant information across all asset classes.

Advanced charts with multiple indicators

Webull provides intuitive and powerful advanced charts, multiple indicators, and premier Level 2 Advance (Nasdaq TotalView).

In addition to the comprehensive suite of charting tools available on Webull, users can take advantage of features such as fit-to-screen chart scaling which allows charts to automatically adjust in size depending on your device/browser window size, crosshair overlay settings for adding additional reference points (customizable colors), and automatic chart updates every time you view your watchlist.

Unique Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis provides an intuitive dashboard to easily monitor your portfolio(s) and diversify in/out of positions. Track overall performance, individual security price movements, proportion in cash vs. margin, top-performing asset classes, etc. Risk-management tools help you access relevant metrics for optimizing future positioning in line with each user’s unique risk profile.

Easily monitor daily gains & losses across all assets within your watchlist tilting factors like weightings towards market value or growth factors when you feel like doing so.

Webull provides a quick and easy way to access the P/E ratio(s) of any holding in your watchlist portfolio(s) so you can easily gauge if its increasing or decreasing valuation is affecting its place within your portfolio(s).

Dividends tracker

Webull offers a comprehensive dividends calendar to help you track any upcoming, ex-dividend, and special dividends from any company holding stocks on your watchlist or within your portfolio(s).

The dividend calendar can be accessed from the homepage dashboard for easy access each time you log in.

Social Trading

Webull enables users to follow and copy other active traders. Users with their own active Webull brokerage accounts can easily become “followers” of the best performing active traders in real-time on any social network – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

High-quality customer support via phone and email

Webull’s customer support team is available for live phone and email correspondence to ensure we are always here to help you make the most of your trading experience.

Different Account Types

Webull trading platform offers different types of brokerage accounts: IRA(Individual Retirement Account) and Individual Brokerage Account. It is the general account which allows you to buy and sell securities and assets using brokerage services. It lets you make commission free informed investment decisions for your financial instruments, unlimited day trades, after hours trading, etf trading, fractional shares, bank accounts using it’s investment apps and trading platform without banking license or withdrawal fees.

Rollover rates

Each time you buy or sell stocks etfs and options using financial instrument, Webull accurately calculates and displays the expected ROI (rates used for this calculation are refreshed at least every 30 minutes), which will help you better understand how much money you’re earning from each trade performed within your account.

Regulation by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)

Webull is regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) which protects investors by making sure firms follow industry standards and adheres to ethical business practices.

Membership of SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation)

Webull is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which helps protect securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for cash). SIPC provides limited insurance on margin brokerage accounts for the protection of customers’ cash and securities in the event a member firm fails.

Webull financial LLC is a also member of the Securities and exchange commission. Securities and exchange commission provides compliance with fair trading issues, securities regulations and compliance, market surveillance, enforcement activities.

After doing a Webull Review we can say that it is a good place to start investing with and you should really give it a try.

Advantages of using the platform

After doing a thorough Webull Review 2024 we can say that it is:

– One place for all your trading needs

With all kinds of investments in one app, it’s so much easier to find what you need without having to search through different apps.

– No commissions or fees

Webull does not charge its users any kind of commission, which is great for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot on their trades yet.

Disadvantages of using the platform

After doing a thorough Webull Review we can say that it is:

Not available worldwide

One of the most notable disadvantages about Webull is that it’s not available in all countries, and the list of countries it’s available in keeps changing. So before opening a Webull account, make sure it’s available in your country.


Webull uses its own capital to trade and invest on behalf of the clients and only charges the spread between bid/ask prices; we do not sell order flow or traditional trading commissions like other brokerages.

As it stands, Webull has no minimum balance requirement or minimum deposit fees.

Stock Market Transaction Fees: Free! (No Line Item Charges)

Webull’s innovative fee structure allows for competitive pricing for clients who want maximum freedom with zero transaction costs. There are no hidden fees. No line item charges of any kind on your financial statements, ever. Free trading on U.S. stocks and stocks etfs and options with zero transaction fees for customers residing in the United States. There is also no minimum deposit required to open an account.

It uses its own capital to trade and invest on behalf of the clients, which helps reduce costs and pass those savings onto clients in the form of free trading. To offer transparency and simplicity, it does not sell order flow or markups like traditional brokerages. Instead, it only charges the spread between bid/ask prices.

Good Alternatives to Webull

For many beginner investors and intermediate traders, your brokerage is the first place that you’ll encounter fees. Everyone should be wary of high commissions and other fees that can eat into an investment’s returns. The following are three companies with lower fees than their competitors: Stock Rover, Atom Finance, and Zacks Trade.

1. Stock Rover

What is it?

Stock Rover is an online stock trading assistant. It provides charts, historical data, and many tools to help you make investment decisions.

This software utilizes your market data to act as a virtual broker for you. You can easily track all of your portfolios with this easy-to-use tool (available on the web or mobile). To top it off, there are no cash account minimums or maintenance fees.

Stock Rover has no bank account minimums or hidden costs so anyone can get started without having to worry about extra charges or hidden prices. They offer up to $300 cash bonuses for signing up with a qualified broker so you could start investing today with $300 in free money.

New members also get access to free premium features including real-time streaming data on over 20 million stocks etfs and options, mutual funds, options, and futures contracts, giving you an edge in the market.

How does it Work?

First, you’ll need to complete a questionnaire about your risk tolerance and goals. Your personal objectives will be achieved by analyzing your past transactions and current investments.

To make the most of it, connect all of your financial accounts for a complete picture of what you own. From there, they can set alerts if anything is up for sale. Or you can simply login anytime to check on the status of your portfolio or watch new opportunities as they pop up.

Stock Rover is a Robo-advisor built to help users by providing investment advice. You can start investing for as little as $5 and the Webull platform features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to keep track of your investments.

Stock Rover uses ETFs rather than individual stocks to build user’s portfolios so they don’t have to worry about choosing specific investments or asset allocations.


2. Atom Finance for Investment Strategy

What is it?

Atom Finance provides users with an easy way to invest their money and run stock market simulations on historical data (or even real-time data).

You can create portfolios with different types of investments track them over time so you can see how they are performing.

Atom is a commission-free investing app with no hidden fees or cash account minimums. Offering high-quality, low-cost ETFs, including Vanguard offerings | VOO, VWRL, VTI, and others, there are more than 3,000 funds to choose from.

Whether it’s stock-picking or day trading that you’re looking for, any level of skill can use this platform to their advantage with advanced tools like the order book and market depth graphs on every trade.

How does it Work?

First, you select the type of account you want to use (like a Roth IRA or Taxable). Then choose your investments – there are over 40 options including free stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and futures.

After that, pick an amount to invest in each option. Once that is done hit “Invest” then go to the portfolio tab. You can check on your investments anytime by clicking on them.

Atom Finance offers dramatically reduced commissions for trades and has no margin account minimum requirement, making them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get started without worrying about high fees or hidden costs.

They also offer bitcoin cash rewards for opening new margin account and meeting certain day trading volume thresholds, giving you the opportunity to earn up to $1,000 per month by day trading the markets.

Atom Finance is a Robo-advisor that is ideal for beginners. Rather than having to choose which ETFs you want in your portfolio, they create an optimized portfolio for you based on your goals and time horizons.

You can also customize your own plan with different risk levels and asset allocations if desired. Atom’s cash rewards program makes it even easier to start investing without worrying about hidden fees or commissions eating into your profits.


3. Zacks Trade for Mutual Funds

What is it?

Zacks Trade is an online broker that offers up to $1,000 bitcoin cash bonuses when opening new brokerage accounts. They have no account minimums so anyone can get started without worrying about high fees or hidden costs.

Zacks Trade allows users access to commission-free trading for equities & ETFs online through its platform. It also has research reports and real-time data on U.S. free stocks, options, and mutual funds.

In addition to that, there’s a mobile app you can download from the App Store or Google Play store for free.

How does it Work?

First, go to the home page and click “Open Account” in the top right corner of your screen (next to your email address). Then create an account with your information and submit at least $2,000 in initial funding (U.S. citizens only) by either ACH transfer or electronic check deposit. Lastly, log into the platform and buy what you want.

Zacks Trade offers free real-time data on over 45 million US company profiles covering 99% of all publicly traded companies across the globe. Their equity research reports provide valuable insight into commission free stocks and options with up to 100 pages of in-depth analysis.

They also offer a wide range of no-cost newsletters you can choose from based on whether you’re bullish, bearish or just looking for trading ideas.

No matter what style of investing you prefer, each platform has something valuable to offer. If low fees are your main concern, then check out these three companies as they could save you money now and down the road.





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We hope you’ve enjoyed this Webull review and that it has helped shed light on what the platform is all about. If you want to trade stocks, ETFs, options, or do crypto trading without paying commissions or fees in one place with no minimum balance requirements, then Webull may be for you.

The only drawback is that they don’t offer their services worldwide just yet – but if your country can use them at this time we think it’s worth checking out.

You might also get interested in other trading platforms like Stock Rover which offers similar advanced features as Webull but doesn’t have any account setup fee so there are less barriers between getting started and making trades.



1. Can I use Webull on mobile?

Yes, you can download their free app from the App Store or Google Play. It is a full trading platform so it is 100% online and requires no desktop software to be downloaded.

2. Is Webull Safe?

Yes, absolutely! They are a fintech company regulated by industry regulatory authority FINRA.

Additionally, they are a member of the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) which is an independent, non-profit organization created to protect customers’ cash and securities in the event of a brokerage firm failure by investor protection scheme.

3. How does Webull make money?

Like many other brokerage companies, they make money by selling research and trading tools (like real-time data) to their users. They believe in the philosophy that “you should pay for value, not rent” which gives your more control over your portfolio while keeping costs low.


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