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Wake Up! Five Ridiculous Alarm Clocks

For tons of people, the hardest part of the day is getting up in the morning. This causes a natural and passionate hatred to alarm clocks. Personally, I really can’t stand these things because they rip me out of the most awesome, adventurous dreams and frankly, I am in a much better mood when I wake naturally.

In the old days most alarm clocks were hideous. They featured two massive bells on top of the unit that were capable of waking up the whole neighborhood. I still remember the unit my grandparents used because I would repeatedly wake up when granddad got ready for work at 4am.

Despite the negatives of alarm clocks, you can’t have a mockingly awesome day if you don’t get out of bed. So check out these clocks to see if you can leave your snooze button habit behind you!

1.Flying Alarm Clock. Evil genius at work here. The propeller-thingy goes flying and the alarm won’t stop until you find the propeller-thingy and put it back on the clock.

2.Puzzle Alarm Clock – That’s right, put the puzzle together and the darned thing will quit buzzing at you.

3.Bombs Away! Plug in the wires correctly or the sound of a bomb blowing up will wake you. And the neighbors.

4.Donate. For those financially motivated folks, this wi-fi enabled clock takes money out of your bank account and transfers it to random charities every time you hit the snooze button. Crikey.

5.Shag-a-licious – Yup, you have to stand up on the carpet to get this one to be quiet.

So, rise and shine to another beautiful day.

Don’t forget to share what type of alarm clock you are using on a daily basis; I’m sure there are plenty more of that sort to get us rise and shine in true ‘happy’ fashion.

If you feel alarm clocks are a waste of time (pun intended) or money, tell us why you think like this. Perhaps you are one of the fortunate who wake up whenever they program their internal clocks!

Written on 12/17/2009 by Monika Mundell. Monika is a passionate freelance writer and pro-blogger. Her blog Freelance Writing helps new freelance writers to get started in this exciting industry. If you like to work with Monika, feel free to visit her Portfolio site. Photo Credit: bark


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