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2 Simple Vertigo Exercises to Overcome Dizziness Fast

Often described as a medical affection, vertigo is actually a symptom. Most people experience it at some point and it involves feeling like the world around them is spinning or moving.

The issue is usually temporary and will go away without any treatments at all. However, physical therapy might be needed in more severe cases.

It can arise when least expected. But then, if it persists, you may have to consult a physical therapist for more advanced treatment. However, some vertigo exercises do help ease the symptoms.

There are more reasons wherefore this problem may affect you. Here is everything you need to know about it, as well as its treatment.

Vertigo Exercises: What is Vertigo?

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Often referred to as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) due to one of its causes, the medical problem is basically a sensation of dizziness. You might feel like the room is spinning in circles, even if nothing really happens. It is only a feeling.

Some people describe vertigo to express their fear of heights. Indeed, there are a few things in common, but the association is not really accurate. Vertigo may have more causes, but it is usually triggered by an inner ear problem, whether it is the right ear or left ear.

Vertigo does have some associations with the fear of heights. For instance, it can be triggered when you look down from a height. But then, from a technical point of view, the term actually refers to the dizziness sensation.

It is usually a sign of an underlying condition, and the bad news is there are many affections that can cause it.

Causes of Vertigo

Various problems may lead to vertigo. Apart from the inner ear affection, it may also be caused by an issue with your central nervous system. Conditions that can cause vertigo are not extremely common though. Here are some of the main ones.

Other potential causes of vertigo include:

A pregnancy may also be responsible for vertigo. Pregnant women experience a series of changes in their bodies, and hormonal imbalances may also affect how the brain perceives sensations.

2 Vertigo Exercises

The natural approach is the first attempt from a healthcare professional. Since peripheral vertigo is normally caused by another condition, you are probably taking a treatment for it already. Dealing with this side effect is a different story.

Exercises represent the most common solutions to tackle vertigo symptoms. According to the MD Vertigo Treatment Act, there are lots of head movements in central vertigo that can help you overcome the dizziness and spinning sensations.

1. Home Epley Maneuver

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Sit down on a bed in a fully upright position. If the problem is in the right inner ear, you need to turn your head to the right, 45 degrees only. Lie back immediately, but without changing the position of your head. At this point, the shoulders must be located on the pillow. The head is slightly reclined.

It may seem uncomfortable but wait in this position for half a minute. Then, turn the head 90 degrees to the left side. There should be no other movements. At this point, the head is looking to the left, at a 45 degree angle. Wait for another half a minute.

Sit upright and make sure you do it on your left side.

The home Epley maneuver goes for both ears. Do the same, but in an opposite manner, for the left ear. This is not the original Epley maneuver, but it represents the most actual form of this exercise.

2. Half Somersault Maneuver

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The Half Somersault maneuver is another common exercise to treat vertigo. Forget about the sitting position and kneel on the floor instead. Tip the head towards the ceiling until you see it. It is alright to feel a little dizziness.

Place the head on your floor while tucking the chin. You should touch the floor with the top or even the back of your head. At this point, you may experience vertigo. Wait until it goes away. Turn the head until you see the right elbow.

Quickly raise it until it is level with your shoulders, but without changing the head position. Then, move it quickly in an upright position. This exercise works if vertigo affects the right ear. Do it for the left ear too, but do everything in the opposite direction. It is also known as the Foster maneuver.

The Vertigo and Dizziness Exercise program includes more such exercises, as well as extra details on the causes that can lead to vertigo and what you can do to overcome it – from simple exercises for the head and the posterior canal to eye exercises, including the liberatory maneuver.

Vertigo Treatment

Every article medically reviewed will provide the same conclusion. Vertigo is a symptom, and treating the underlying medical condition will treat it too. If the condition is chronic, you will need to tackle this symptom independently.

The good news is you do have plenty of options. But then, remember that different vertigo cases require different treatments. Different patients will also experience symptoms in different ways.

Natural Remedies

Natural maneuvers can help you overcome vertigo on the spot. They may also provide relief in the long run, assuming you are not exposed to the risk factors.

Gingko biloba is a natural supplement with proven benefits against vertigo. It reduces dizziness and ensures a proper balance by managing blood circulation around the brain.

Ginger tea is also able to reduce the symptoms of your ear problem. It will reduce the vertigo sensations, as well as nausea. Add a bit of honey if you hate the taste.

Almonds are rich in vitamins A, B, and E. Having a small cup of almonds a day can help you keep vertigo under control.

Hydration is another important consideration. Most people overlook it, but dehydration is often linked with vertigo. Make sure you have at least eight glasses of water a day, whether or not you feel thirsty. Believe it or not, even mild and unnoticeable dehydration may cause vertigo.

Bring essential oils into your life too, as they can and will help. Stick to peppermint, lavender, ginger, and lemon.

Apple cider vinegar and honey make a pretty good combination against nausea and dizziness too. You only need one part apple cider vinegar and two parts honey.

Finally, if you want to take this to a more professional level, try out acupressure. Similar to acupuncture, it has similar effects, but it relies on pressure, rather than needles.


Drugs and medications are more commonly given for severe cases of vertigo, but also when they are associated with more severe health conditions. You should avoid taking medicines by ear. Instead, only do it at a doctor’s recommendation.

The bad news about drugs and medicines is the fact that absolutely each of them comes with some side effects, even if they are mild and unnoticeable.


There are lots of supplements on the market, with VertiGone, Vertisil, Vegfizz, and DizzyStop being among the best selling ones, yet the list is longer than that.

Potent Remedy For Vertigo & Dizziness: Claritox Pro

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Claritox Pro is among the best rated vertigo supplements on the market and mostly because it promotes healthy brain functionality overall. It is a brain supplement, rather than a vertigo one, meaning it is suitable for other similar issues too.

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Digital Programs

Digital programs adopt a different approach. They educate and provide access to more natural solutions.

Professional Program For Curing Vertigo and Dizziness: Vertigo and Dizziness Exercise Program

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Created by health expert Christian Goodman, Vertigo and Dizziness Exercise is a digital solution providing access to a plethora of vertigo exercises, as well as more education on potential causes, symptoms, and how you need to respond to them.

The program is safe and 100% natural. Apart from physical activity, it also discusses the nutrients required to tackle vertigo symptoms, not to mention natural supplements. It is written like a training course that anyone can understand.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to treat vertigo, and each of them promises the world. Vertigo and Dizziness Exercise is the complete one, and for some simple reasons. It is an educational resource that discusses every aspect related to vertigo, hence the wide variety of positive reviews.

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Bottom Line

Vertigo is an unpleasant episode for a lot of people, and it may occur out of nowhere, even if you have never had it before. Luckily, there are ways to get over it, whether natural or not.

Vertigo and Dizziness Exercise is one of the most complex programs because it educates people before actually providing natural solutions with proven effects. This approach is undeniably effective and a lot of users swear by it.

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Vertigo Exercises FAQs

How often can you do vertigo exercises?

You can have three to five exercises in one session. Have three sessions per day for a couple of weeks or until vertigo is gone for a few days in a row

How long does it take for vertigo exercises to work?

When you perform an exercise, hold the position for about half a minute. Some movements will also bring in vertigo. It is perfectly fine, just wait until it goes and continue. A complete recovery may take up to a couple of weeks.

How long should you rest after vertigo?

A severe vertigo episode may last for up to three days. However, a bit of imbalance is common for weeks after. Your balance returns to normal after about a month.

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