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Uganda Dating Scams in 2024: Things to Know and Protection

Uganda is well-known for its large number of dating scammers. This east African country has a large number of online dating fraudsters who work for various motives and in various methods to steal money and fabricate love stories.

These romance swindle attempts are well-known around the world, and Arica has a high rate of romance scam attempts. Scammers evolve to adapt to the latest technologies and most recent and updated platforms as technology advances.

It’s not always simple to set goals. To rob people of money, blackmail, or both, sometimes
takes a well-crafted tale that can last months.

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Romance scams are typically online dating traps in which the victim is duped by an all-too-good-to-be-true connection.
This article will highlight some key points to assist you to spot romance scams and avoiding falling prey to one of Uganda’s brutal, cruel dating con artists. Those who leave behind several victims with broken hearts and broken bank accounts as well.
Dating scammers will play on the emotional side after a good plan to get the victim in their net. So, it is very important to know what can be the scenarios that these scammers use.
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Uganda Dating Scams: 3 Must Take Note Things To Know

1. Sudden Emergency

✦ Initial Contact

Scammers build their entire plan upon the initial contact with the victim.
As online dating has several platforms nowadays, scammers will take their time to chat, follow, and stalk their targets on social media and dating apps.

Patience is essential; a perfect image will be displayed for a reasonable amount of time
so that the victim would fall into the trap and begin to trust him.

This initial contact plan could take weeks or months before the fraudster decides to make his first move in his scheme. Scammers will not come out and warn you that you are about to be duped!

As a result, knowing who to talk to, date, and trust is critical.

✦ Mentions Emergency

The faster and the more you both get close, the more you become easy prey. The scammer will work on the emotional side of your relationship and start acting as one soul and how you both share everything and have a special bond. Indirectly you might find him mentioning sudden popup events or emergencies.

Those romance scammers are very smart, they will make it feel like the only solution to this emergency is just in no one’s hand but you!

Falling into relationship scams is the last thing you normally would think about, and this is exactly what romance scammers and online dating scams rely on.

Scammers will play on the good intentions of the victim. Asking for money to sort out an emergency is a red flag and an online dating scam alert.

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✦ Life-Saving Surgery Needed

The more you fall for him, the more you lose. romantic scam is based on sweet-talking, and the scammer will ask for money in an indirect manner, even if they don’t explicitly ask. Being a victim of dating scams is not always that obvious, so the scammer will play on your emotional and ethical side.

The scammer’s mother or someone close might suddenly need an urgent surgery! or she might be in the hospital but the hospital bills are too high.

Romance scammers use two methods the direct way and the indirect way. The scammer might start asking you directly for financial assistance, sending money, talking about your bank account, and or paying for his taxes. He can also, use the indirect way in which he makes you insist to pay!

Words of feeling guilty like “you shouldn’t be paying for any of this” or “I will never accept money from you”. Hearing some of these phrases will make your mind interpret the opposite and this rejection will turn you to be eager and insist to pay to get him out of this tight situation and save the life of his relative/mother.

2. Traveling Abroad

✦ First Contact

Uganda’s online dating scams are not just between Uganda’s borders. These Ugandan scammers have victims all over the world.

Those merciless scammers will make you live in a pinkish love story full of butterflies waiting for the day you meet up.

They see people looking for love partners as easy prey for hacking, fraud acts, and other scamming activities.

Some don’t see you as a person! they see you as a possible bank broken account.

You can be certain that the scammer will begin by saying that you were
intended for each other and that you should meet and see each other.

The victim will be overjoyed to learn that the other partner is interested in taking the relationship beyond online dating.

Surprisingly, every time you should be meeting, an emergency will arise,

such as when he/she receives call to work!

Iclose relative or family member becomes ill and needs particular attention.

Many meetings will be canceled and promises will be violated, but you may be too
preoccupied to see that you are being duped and falling into the trap.

✦ Wallet’s Overboard

Stay focused while dating someone online from these social media accounts, or through the dating apps. Those who are too perfect always have an excuse not to see you and meet up face to face.

These scammers feel safe with their fake identities behind the screens through their social media accounts or online dating websites. pay attention to the red flags, as your partner might come to you one day and tell you that he will have to go on a business tour before he comes to you. This person you met online will make it very convincing that you are both surely with gather and meet up but it is just a matter of time.

✦ Request For Money

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Women get deceived by romance scams while they look for love partners. The scammer will not come directly to tell you he/she will steal your money instead he/ she will use different ways to ask for money and once you open the door you will be asked for more money!

Money scams reach millions and millions, and victims get left without anything in their bank accounts, deceived by fraud and they face traumas and breakdowns after the romance scams experiences that make them hard to trust anybody after. The scammer will look really organized and ready when he/ she asks for a money transfer.

Most of them ask for wire money transfers through western union banks because they are accessible and global.

3. Soldier Based Out Of Uganda

✦ Day One

Scammers can also be so smart to convince the victims that they are members of marine or military soldiers. this type is very dangerous because their scamming trials tend to succeed quicker than other claims as they make the victim feel so powerful and lucky to meet a marine or military officer.

This military soldier you know from social media accounts or dating apps will be the biggest regrets of your life. Faking military identity is a crime itself, so using it in scamming will even make it worse. police officer identity is more convincing to some women. This scammer will tend to forget a lot about what he tells you and will give you more than one version of one topic. Will ask you to send the needed money and promise to pay it back. Stay cautious, this is surely a trap.

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✦ Held By Authorities

Another challenging excuse will be by putting the victim under emotional stress. The victim will not have a chance to think straight and will feel so worried about losing her dating partner. The scammer might convince the victim that he got caught or held by the authorities and that he needs funds to get released and he doesn’t have money to pay. Victims will surely choose to support their daters and tend to do anything to support them, especially if they are not in the same country so investigating and verifying will be hard.

✦ Request Money Due To Lack of Funds

Once your dater starts to feel that you started to fall in the net and trust him/her, the next move of asking for funds will be surely on the table. If you fall into the trap once of sending funds, you will be asked to send more money for many different reasons. It can be education, health care, bills to get paid. Be aware that you might be also threatened once you refuse to send or go with the flow. It is necessary to be attentive to these red flags and not to send money to anybody online.

Uganda Dating Scam Prevention

➤ Social Media

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Everyone has his/her phone in hand, so it worth the time is taken to check your dater profile on social media before getting trapped into one of the romance scams. These Ugandan scammers usually get busy and forget to update a backup social media account to support their fake identities. It takes a few minutes to check your dater profile, investigate his/her timeline, check the profile pictures, verify account history, comments, and tagging accounts. Verifying your dating match account will prevent you from being romantically scammed. Still, after all these checks, you will need to stay focused and careful because some of the scammers are too smart and they leave no trace and make everything perfect.

➤ Google Reverse Image Search

Google has made life easier, it is a very smart complicated engine that will help you identify suspected scammer identity. Google pictures, is a search engine where you can add the picture link or upload a photo and it will run a search in a blink of an eye to all similar face features’ pictures similar to the one you uploaded. If you found that the picture you added is linked to several accounts, or appears on a general website under a different name other than your dater, it is surely an alert that you were about to be scammed by a fake identity romance scammer.

➤ Video Chat

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These online romance scams are all built on thrill and suspense. Unknown and fake identities are the key factors for these cruel romance scams. Being a man doesn’t get you out of the danger zone of getting scammed by one of these romance scams.

It tends to be more popular to be scammed by a male faking a female identity to scam you and ask you to send money. The victim will find a hard time having the chance of video call when it is a romance scam.

The scammer will always find a way to escape from video chat requests with several reasons and multiple excuses. Uganda romance scammer will claim that he/ she is a totally different person so, he/she can easily continue to deceive more than one victim at the same time.

If you found that every time you ask to have a video call or to meet up an excuse is being made to run from the opportunity …. Dear friend I am sorry to tell you that this is a red flag of a romance scam, so RUN!

Dating scam

It’s critical to understand how to spot romance or dating scam.

1. Fraud includes personal photos and information

2. Actions of sexual/intimacy

3. Spyware

4. Hoaxes involving relationships

5. Strong social status/military service

3 Important Things To Keep In Mind 

1. Never Send Money

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Make sure you keep all of your data secure and away from anyone you communicate with online before looking for a suitable online date match. Give no personal information or banking information to anyone under any circumstances.

Scammers in Uganda use pleasant remarks with women because they know they entice them. Being a victim of a romance scam is a horrible experience. You will be more than heartbroken! You will be bankrupt as well! Being a victim of online dating scams makes you feel helpless.

Ugandan online scammers also work as frauds hacking bank accounts, online social accounts, faking identities, and pretending to be others to steal money and control income sources.

So, stay alert and don’t share any personal or banking details with anyone even your perfect date partner who makes you live in a lovely pinkish love story! It is very important to take care of all the ways that your dating partner might use to get money from you.




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2. Pay Attention To Keywords

Maintaining an emphasis on the terms used during online discussions will help you avoid being the next victim of these online romance frauds. Certain keywords will appear in a way or another that will make you feel alert, for example:

➤ Paying taxes

The scammer will claim that he cannot afford to pay taxes, or that he will be homeless for delayed tax payments. He/she might also promise to return it back.

➤ Cash/wire money

The scammer will avoid any possible offers for giving him/her the requested money in cash, instead will ask for a wire money transfer.

➤ Military/work callout

A sudden call-out will pop up after every time you ask or arrange for a face-to-face meeting.

Detention by authorities/possession of life-threatening funds

Interesting arguments and situations will be devised to persuade you that his or her life is in risk, causing you to instinctively pay money to save him or her.

➤ Sudden emergency/ difficulty

The scammer will make you always in an emotional state, he might claim that a family member or a close relative is in deep need of medical care or a life-saving surgery, and of course, he doesn’t have enough money so he makes you feel that it is your duty to send him money!

Dating scams will feel great at first, and the scammer will constantly express gratitude that fate brought you together and that you were destined for each other. All these sweet words are mind manipulating to make the game start.

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3. Keep Personal Information Private

Be cautious while dating someone through an online dating platform. Give no personal information such as your home address, job address, bank account information, or future financial intentions. Harassment, threats, blackmail, kidnapping, and other serious crimes can all result from Uganda dating scams.

The number one guideline of any online dating site is to keep your personal data secret.

If you start blocking all of the areas where the fraudster gets personal information and closing any dialogues without solid responses, the scammer will lose interest.

It’s also critical not to open any links from an unknown source or from your dater on those online dating platforms. These URLs could include malware or surveillance.

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When you’re warned throughout an online dating relationship, you should address it straight away. If you suspect someone is impersonating you or attempting to defraud you, stay put. The fraudster may realize you’ve figured out his scheme and disappear, just to reappearance with a fresh ruse. Uganda dating scams have defrauded victims all over the world. Keep an eye out for warning flags when dating online.

Romance scams patterns and ways

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Whether you have already been involved in, or have been victim of, sending money, giving personal information with fraud or accessing online forums that lead to malware or internet hacking, you should report it to the authorities and contact your bank to have any financial transactions halted.  Should you notice that the person you’re talking to or dating online isn’t the same as the person you’re talking to or dating online.
If any of these conditions apply to any online romantic connection, you should leave it as quickly as possible. 
Report the incident and seek guidance from someone you trust, such as your father, friend, or someone who can help you figure out what to do next and bring you out of your partner’s shock.
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