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Truths About Life: $1 Million Ideas Given For a Penny

Combine your goal of self-realization with the right actions. Start bringing your ideas to life by writing them down.

Stop searching for the truth and look deep into you as you already know the truth. The only challenge is acknowledging it.

Truths about life

I learned a lot from “Uncle Agbo” at Zion Nursery & Primary School Amagu. There, I used to serve him as the office boy. I ran all the errands without expecting a penny from him.

Then one day, he said this to me:

• No time is right for you to reach your goals more than the one you set for yourself.
Then, I went ahead to put these words into little action as I could at the moment. He always wanted me to be early to school but he never forced me. He only smiled each time I arrive early. Whenever I see him being so happy with me, I feel I am doing something good.

• Always show gratitude to the people who made a difference in your life, even if it is just by smiling. It won’t make you weak; it will make you the king of that moment and you will realize how encouraging that is for other people.

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Always remember this:

Only love can heal the World. It’s not the one you receive, but the unconditional love you shower on people.

Life can be so difficult and challenging, but we can make it better. It must start with you. Look at your neighbor right now and just smile.

Did you do it?

Ok, ask your neighbor how he/she felt seeing your glittering face. Whatever the response is, accept it as a revamping factor to do more in the near future.

neighbor love

I faced a lot of challenges in the past years and decided to note these lines down for you. They will help you to be better this year as they are really amazing.

• Nobody will love you the way you want. Only you can do that for yourself.
• Nobody will push you beyond your limits. Your personal conviction will do it for you.
• Nobody can give you true and long-lasting happiness. It will come the moment you admit that happiness is possible and obtainable.

Do you want to live a fulfilled and abundant life like me?

Here are the things you need to do today:

•Start taking actions without fears.
•Take the risk.
•Plan for opportunities even before they arrive. They will always come around.
•Cheer yourself up even when no one is doing so for you.

Life is too short so do not give a single chance for distortion. Live every minute with the right mindset.

This article is an open platform for your thoughts. Whatever you make of it is what it means to you.

This is how the universe is. There are numerous spaces with unlimited opportunities but most of the time, we do not see them. It’s not because we are blind but because our comfort zone is like salt.

It is sweet and admirable and you could have tasted sugar, had you stood up and took the steps to change.

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