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5 Practical Tips to Boost Energy and Brain Power

There may be times when you feel a slump on your energy, particularly in your brain.

Your exam might be nearing and you’ve been burning the midnight candle as you test prep. Or things at work simply kept piling up and you have to rush for the deadline. Even babysitting your kids and house work can be mentally exhausting.

So, how do you energize your brain when you’re feeling tired? Here are simple but practical tips to boost energy.

No sugar, please

Your tendency might be to eat sweets whenever you’re feeling tired, but studies have proven that consuming refined sugar may not bring the best health results. If you take in a lot of sugar to boost your energy, chances are, you’ll experience a crash after a few hours.

Initially, indulging your sweet tooth might make you feel lively but sooner or later, that spike will wane. It will leave you more lethargic than you were before.

What you ought to consider are foods that provide long-term and sustained energy. You can, for instance, mix Greek yogurt, nuts, and fresh fruits. It’s tasty and satiating for your brain and body.

You can also blend a smoothie made with fresh fruits and veggies. Other than being delicious, it’s loaded with nutrition for your brain, too.

It is crucial that you consume meals that are full of vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients. They will keep you energized and focused for a longer duration of time.

Don’t go frenzy over caffeine

tip to boost energy

Just like many people looking for tips to boost energy, you could be inclined to grab a can of soda or a cup of coffee when your energy is running low. However, studies have shown that this habit may not be as beneficial to your health as it seems to be.

If you drink a hefty amount of coffee, it usually results to nervousness. Feeling restless, you won’t be able to focus well. You won’t be able to accomplish your report at work or your practice tests with as much efficiency as you want.

What’s a better alternative?

In lieu of coffee, you can drink four cups of joe (at most) in a day. Space your “joe breaks” accordingly over the day to avoid unpleasant side effects. If you really want to drink coffee, take it with a healthy snack. It slows down the release of caffeine in your system.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking sufficient amounts of water after drinking coffee.

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Exercise and be physically active

Sweat your lethargy away, so to speak. Exercise and move around a bit.

Other than shaping your body up, it will also energize you and enhance your concentration. This has been established by a study conducted at the University of Illinois. This research further states that walking for 40 minutes three times a week improves the functioning of the brain.

It boosts brain circuit connections which counteracts the faltering of brain function due to aging. Walking, as an exercise, likewise perks up cognitive performance.

Take supplements

Oftentimes, your diet does not suffice for providing your nutrient and energy needs. That’s why you can incorporate taking nootropic supplements into your daily health regimen.

What benefits do you want to obtain from them? Enhanced memory? Improved focus and attention? Healthier sleep, or mental sharpness?

Research on what type of supplements are apt to offer the health benefits that you seek. Look for good quality brands that are FDA-approved.

Take a break into the nature

It could be stress-relieving to go out and have a walk or simply see sights. What are the benefits of this?

According to a research done in the University of Melbourne, gazing at grassy rooftops reduces your errors and improves your concentration. A break in nature steers you away from the stresses of your work, house chores or academic life. It allows you to return to them feeling rejuvenated. So whenever you can, include a walk, jog or sight-seeing routine in your daily schedule.

Aren’t these simple and very doable tips to boost energy and rejuvenate brain power when you’re feeling tired? Apply them in your daily life so that you’ll be as perky and as active as you can be, ready to hurdle the tasks and obligations of your day.

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