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Tips on Using Commas, yes Commas

Image via Creative Commons, Rasmus Olsen’s Flickr photostream. (Source)

My name is Mark and I have a problem. I abuse commas and I abuse them in nearly every post on Dumb Little Man, in emails at work and in correspondence to my customers.

There. I feel better.

Remarkably, the comma abuse was so bad that a co-worker of mine actually sent me a handful of tips on comma usage. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2002 and she is, among other things, our team’s proofreader. She has grammar and wording pegged to a tee.

Here is her advice and I marked the things I would have gotten wrong:



There are clearly more comma rules but these were the things that irritated this woman enough to correct me. By the way, if you see grammar fouls on Dumb Little Man, call me out on them. Several of you have already and I appreciate it!

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