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9 Wardrobe Essentials You Must Own

While the in-season sneakers and fashion styles tempt you to give in to the latest fashion craze, chances are, you’ll find these used-to-be trendy pieces at the back of your closet. Trends come and go, but wardrobe essentials that never go out of style last a lifetime.

Look away from fleeting fashion styles and trends. Instead, fill up your closet with classic pieces that will never go out of style. Let’s get started!

A classic white shirt

timeless fashion pieces white shirt

A good quality, crisp white tee is arguably the most versatile piece you’ll ever own. You can style it with a pair of jeans or skirt, wear under a silk dress, or tied at a waist over it. It’s a wardrobe piece you can wear any day of the year.

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A go-to little black dress

A staple LBD—there’s no explanation needed for why you need one in your closet. But, if you must really know, a nice black dress that suits your silhouette at a modest length can go from day to night.

An all-around pair of black trousers

Whether they’re wide-legged, tie-waist, or pleated, you need at least one pair of fail-safe black pants. For days when you don’t know what to wear, it’s a good wardrobe piece that will go well with anything—white tee, sweater, cropped top… you name it.

A for-any-occasion dress

A bold, floral printed dress is an essential piece to complete your wardrobe. You can wear it for any occasion and season. Moreover, you can dress up in it for a cute daytime date or lunch out with friends.

If you’re not into florals, you can opt for a delicate silk slip dress. It’s one of those versatile and stylish pieces that you can wear for leisurely days (to long nights) or party nights with your girlfriends.

A versatile pair of minimal sneakers

Chunky sneakers emerged into the fashion spotlight several months back, but a good pair of classic sneakers will remain in style no matter how many trendy footwear surfaces. Think of it as the traditional white tee. Whether you’re wearing a slip dress, a white tee-denim jeans fit combo, or an LBD, you can put an effortless spin with a nice pair of white sneakers.

A chic yet comfy pair of ballet flats

From Audrey Hepburn to Meghan Markle, a lot of celebrities have been spotted with a good and sophisticated pair of ballet flats that completes the whole look. The best part—they’re just the right balance of comfort and style. You can wear it to dress up your cocktail dress for a date night or a business casual day at work.

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A laid-back pair of denim jeans

Jeans will never be out of style. It’s a classic piece that you can wear when dressing up or down. It works well as an off-duty look or a casual fit for when you’re running errands. It’s also something which you can wear throughout the year, whatever the season. Toss over a coat, and you can don it during wintertime.

A chic white button-down

How do you know if you have the perfect pair of white button-down? When it can pair seamlessly with anything, be it with a pair of black trousers, denim jeans, or a pencil skirt. It makes you look polished. Plus, a white blouse is office-appropriate. You can buy a couple of different styles and wear them to work—sort of like a uniform.

A cozy sweater

The perfect sweater is not only comfortable and stylish, but it also works well tucked in boyfriend jeans, over black pants, and even paired with a feminine skirt. If you lay your eyes on one and instantly liked it, get one in at least two colors.

Summing it up

Spend less time curating your outfits or thinking you have nothing to wear when you have a closet full of trendy and statement pieces. The solution to this fashion dilemma is to dial it back a bit to a more minimalist wardrobe.

When you finally get your hands on the perfect white tee and little black dress that you can whip out on any occasion at any time, you have one less thing to worry about when heading out. Think about revamping your wardrobe and style—switching to timeless pieces—as one way to shape an improved version of you.

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