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How To Stop Thinning Hair: Complete Guide 2024

Hair loss or hair shedding is a normal part of hair growth, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). The growth cycle of our hair involves a stage where it has to be shed so that new and fresh hair grows.

Hair loss may be normal, but thinning hair never is. Some people have diet issues, genetic issues, or other diseases that lead to hair loss.

Thin hair is a cause for concern because it often gets stuck in the shedding phase. This worsens the problem, and that’s why such people often go entirely bald due to excessive hair loss especially when their hair becomes weaker and thinner.

The good news is that if you treat the underlying causes behind your thin strands, you can grow strong hair. This is what this article is about. 

How To Stop Thinning Hair

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Vitamins and other nutrients aren’t just good for your general health but crucial for your hair. Specific vitamins, such as Vitamin A, not only give strength to your hair but also helps your body maintain thick strands.

If your body is deficient in Vitamin A, it is more likely that you will be suffering from hair loss.

Hair loss occurs on a regular basis. Research on hair loss indicates that an average adult usually loses up to a hundred hair strands every day.

That’s called normal shedding. However, if your hair is thinner than normal, you will experience more hair loss.

That’s why thinning hair is among the major causes of male and female pattern hair loss and baldness.

The good news is that your hair won’t suddenly become thin. This is a very gradual process.

That’s why you can always reflect on what went wrong and fix the underlying issues.

Symptoms of Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

The symptoms of thinning hair may seem very simple to you; they actually can be complex. That’s because it is linked to other issues as well.

Here we will explore some of the significant symptoms and signs whether you have thinning hair or a hair loss problem.

Gradual Thinning Hair on the Forehead

The main sign that your hair has become thin is the gradual thinning of your hairline, medically known as frontal fibrosing alopecia. Frontal fibrosing alopecia can occur due to aging, diet issues, or other problems and may require extensive medical care.

If you are female, you will notice that your hair follicles become weaker, and your hairline recedes with time. The same can happen to almost every organ of your body with hair. You may even experience female pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss.

Patchy Hair Loss Or Alopecia Areata

A common symptom of significant hair loss or hair thinning is the appearance of circular or patchy hair loss spots on your scalp. That’s because your strands don’t usually become thin uniformly.

It may be the case that some spots on your head have relatively stronger hair than others. That’s why the shedding may not be in uniform, resulting in patches with excessive hair loss on your head.

This problem often becomes more unbearable when accompanied by excessive itching and pain in the affected area. It is medically known as alopecia areata.

Hair Loss All Over the Body

Sometimes people experience hair loss all over their bodies. Such cases usually imply a serious underlying cause, like a nutritional deficiency.

In many cases, it can be because of some invasive treatment like chemotherapy for cancer treatment. The good news is that once the invasive treatments are stopped, people can recover from the hair loss.

Invasive treatments can lead to both male and female pattern hair loss.

Loose Hair

When hair becomes thin, it’s because not enough nutrients are available to them. That means that your hair also becomes loose from the roots.

This means that not only will your hair easily break because it’s weak, but it will also fall because they are not firm. Loose hair means more noticeable hair loss.

Causes of Thinning Hair

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Now that you know what it looks like to have thin hair let’s explore the reasons that cause thinning hair. Knowing the cause of the thinning problem is important for understanding the proper hair loss treatment.

According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, the following are the general reasons why people across the globe have thin hair and experience extreme hair loss:

Hormonal Changes

Research indicates that male hormones, such as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), have much to do with the thinning issues. When produced in more than normal amounts, this hormone makes hair follicles shrink and may weaken women’s and men’s hair.

The same is true about the underproduction of estrogen and progesterone in women.

Nutritional Deficiency

Vitamins and nutrients are absolutely crucial for men’s and women’s health and for avoiding both men’s and women’s hair loss. Without them, we wouldn’t even have hair, and our immune system would be very weak.

In many cases, your hair may be thin because your body lacks some important nutrients. Some nutritional deficiencies that can cause significant hair loss include:

An adequate amount of these in your body is an excellent treatment for hair loss.

Using Wrong Hair Products

Sometimes people mess up their otherwise good hair by using low-quality substances to treat any type of hair loss issues. Most products available on the market come with side effects.

Perms, relaxers, dyes, sprays, waxes, and certain supplements can backfire and worsen your hair loss issues. That’s why you have to be very careful while choosing products.


If cortisol levels rise in your body due to extreme stress, your hair can become weaker, and you may experience significant hair loss. Stress causes sudden hair loss in most women and men alike.

Other Causes

The Effects of Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can lead to the following major types of alopecia.

Traction Alopecia

When your hair feels itchy, there is an urge to pull them. People often describe it as “sweet pain.”

Some people pull them so much that they destroy the follicles. This makes them weaker from the roots.

When that happens, they suffer hair loss or sometimes go bald very quickly because their hair is weak, and they keep pulling it.

This condition, medically called traction alopecia, can lead to permanent hair loss in women and men alike and therefore requires early treatment. It can also be caused by wearing tight hats or braids.

Androgenic Alopecia or Androgenetic Alopecia

This is just the medical term for male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Excessive hair loss due to weakness and thinning can lead to full-on baldness.

Usually, in such cases, there is a pattern of baldness. For example, there is significant hair loss on the crown or temple of the head.

Both of these medical conditions severely affect self esteem and are associated with other medical conditions.

Treatment of Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

The first thing you need to do if you notice thinning of hair is to figure out the underlying causes. If you have a serious underlying cause, for example, thyroid disorder, then go for extensive treatment and effective medications.

You can try some excellent home remedies if your thinning hair is not severe, or if the problem is due to nutritional deficiency or other bad habits.

We will help you out with both. Here are some scientifically proven effective home remedies that will help you battle any type of hair loss and help you in growing a stronger and more beautiful hair.

Home Remedies


This is an incredibly easy remedy for temporary hair loss. Simply apply gentle pressure with your fingers on your scalp after every wash. You can even find out handheld massagers for this purpose.


Find nutritious and good oils and apply them to all your hair regularly in order to strengthen them. Some really good choices include lavender oil, thyme oil, mustard oil, or rosemary oil.


There are many anti-thinning shampoos available that you can to treat baldness and any type of hair loss. What a good shampoo basically does is that it contains essential nutrients that your hair and hair follicles absorb, making your hair stronger than ever.

For example, you can find Valotin (discussed later in the article) which is in shampoo form. This is great for growing stronger hair.


Thinning hair is almost always associated with vitamin deficiency and a lack of a healthy diet. Go for a simple blood test and find out which vitamins you lack, and then buy some multivitamin supplements rich in those particular vitamins.

We will suggest some supplements in the next section that will help you treat your hair thinning issues and to make your hair grow stronger than ever.

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9 Best Supplements for Thinning Hair

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Revifol Hair Loss

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Divine Locks

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Best Health Supplement For Men and Women

1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Restolin

If you have been dreaming of turning your thin hair into beautiful, silky, and strong new hair, we have got the perfect product for you. Restolin, made by the Goods Manufacturing Practices, is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E and is your best cure for thin and delicate hair and the perfect hair loss treatment even for hereditary hair loss. Not only will Restolin regrow hair, but it will also solve further hair loss issues if you experience any.

Restolin is also FDA-approved and backed by rigorous research, which means you can totally trust its authenticity and effectiveness. It works great for preventing permanent hair loss in women, men, and children alike.

Some of the amazing ingredients of Restolin include vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, Graviola leaves, green tea leaves, red raspberry fruit, beta-glucan, and the list goes on and on.

Restolin will make you fall so much in love with your hair that you will never think of a hair transplant. On top of that, you will never experience hair loss again. Unlike other products, Restolin will treat your hair loss within no time, and the effects will be permanent.

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2. Best for Hair and Scalp Care: Folital

Folital is a product that will help you grow new hair, keep hair loss at bay, and enhance your overall health due to the amazing 29 plant extracts from it. This FDA-approved medication will reverse the functioning of your hair follicles and the health of your scalp to normal within no time.

If you wanna treat hair loss, including hereditary hair loss, from the roots, this product is a gold-standard treatment for hair loss in women. Folital will help your thin hair get stronger and shinier by nourishing your hair cells, follicles, and strands.

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3. Best Natural Ingredients: Revifol Hair Loss

By inhibiting 5-ARD, Revifol enables your body to grow new fresh and strong hair. You can use Revifol regardless of your age and family history.

Revifol is astonishing because it is the DHT steroid in its proper amount in your body, ensuring that elevated DHT levels don’t weaken your hair and cause subsequent hair loss.

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4. All in One: Valotin

If you are looking for something more than a pill, we have got Valotin for you. This product comes as shampoo, conditioner, serum, and supplement.

It comprises 100% botanical extracts that do not contain parabens or sulfates. That’s why you can safely use Valotin on all your hair without worrying that you will lose hair.

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5. Best Overall Hair Supplement: Hairfortin

Hairfortin is an all-natural, FDA-approved, and non-GMO hair product that contains Fo-Ti plant extracts that are best for avoiding hair loss and alopecia areata.

The Fo-Ti extracts used in this product are prepared such that they are free from herbicides.

Apart from stopping the body from losing hair, Hairfortin can also solve problems of hair loss in women and men as well.

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6. Best Practical Choice: Folexin

If you are searching for a gender-neutral product for growing thick hair, we’ve got Folexin for you. Folexin is rich in Folate, Fo-Ti, Iron, L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Biotin, and many other unique ingredients. It contains over 20 vitamins!

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7. Most Popular Health Supplement: Divine Locks

Divine locks is one of the world’s most trusted and used products for hair growth. This product comprises rare plant extracts, such as Bladderwrack, Yaki Nori, and Wakame. That’s why the manufacturers often have a hard time making large amounts of it.

This super nutrient enables your body to flow essential nutrients to your hair, making sure you don’t experience persistent hair loss.

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8. Best Health Supplement For Women: Tress Anew

Tress Anew is also one of the best Fo-Ti-based supplements for growing thicker and stronger hair. It contains many natural ingredients, such as nettle root, saw palmetto, horsetail, Fo-Ti, Magnesium, and Biotin, to help you not lose hair and avoid alopecia areata.

Tress Anew works by lowering the amounts of DHT in your body. It does so by blocking 5-AR through its antioxidants, which make your hair follicles healthier and your hair stronger, thicker, and radiant. The Fo-Ti in Tress Anew makes the fight with DHT and hair loss even easier.

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9. Best Health Supplement For Men and Women: Hair Revital X

If you are looking for a product that comes both as a topical solution and as an oral supplement, we’ve got Hair Revital X for you. Some of the natural ingredients it includes are saw palmetto, rosemary, chrysanthemum, parsley, chamomile, and gentella.

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Thinning hair is controllable but not easy to solve. It takes a lot of care, hard work, and consistency to strengthen your hair. However, if you have the right product, you can accelerate this process tremendously.

That’s why we suggest Restolin as the best product for all sorts of thinning hair issues. We have many reasons to believe so:

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Hair Thinning FAQs

Is male or female pattern hair loss hereditary problems?

If the underlying cause is hereditary, then YES, it may be. However, in most cases, it is a non-genetic problem.

Is drinking water necessary for strong hair follicles?

Yes, water carries nutrients that are necessary for hair growth and excellent hair follicle health. Also, if you have dry skin, your hair and follicles will get weaker.

Is thinning hair a sign of weakeness?

Yes, and that’s because of vitamin deficiencies.

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