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Necessary Steps When Teaching Your Teenager to Drive

If your kids are already reaching their teenage years, there’s a good chance they’ll be interested in things adults do. Take, for example, driving. While the idea of your teenagers getting behind the wheel of your family vehicle can sound unnerving, teaching your teenager to drive is actually an essential step for them to gain independence.

If you’re not sure how, here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do,

Prepare Yourself


Pretending as though your kids are never going to want to procure their licenses might work for awhile, but the reality will eventually catch up to you. At some point in their lives, they are going to ask for you to take them out to drive.

Preparing mentally for this request can help. You can ask your friends who have teenage drivers on what they did to teach their kids. You may also want to ask how they initially reacted to their kids’ request.

Know Your Vehicle

Sitting in the front seat of a new car is often a bit jarring, even for the most experienced of drivers. This makes it important that you postpone any plans of buying a new vehicle as soon as your teenagers get their permits and licenses.

It will be safer for you and your teenagers if you’ll be teaching them how to drive using a car you’re already familiar with. If you have just recently bought your vehicle, make sure to familiarize yourself with it first before letting your children drive.

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Make Necessary Repairs

If you haven’t used your car for a long time, it’s a good idea to have it checked and repaired first before allowing your teenagers to get behind its wheel. This is to help ensure their safety and comfort while driving.

If you can take them with you when you get the car repaired, then it would be better. This will give you the opportunity to demonstrate to them what they should do in case the vehicle experience the same damage. You should also teach them about insurance quotes and accident reports.

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Know the Rules

Imagine that you are driving with your teenagers and they ask you important questions about the rules of the road. Now, imagine that you do not know the answers to these questions. You may have been driving for so long that the proper actions are now second nature to you.

If this is the case, brushing up on your own knowledge of the basic driving rules can help you become a better teacher to your children.

Stay Calm

While you do not want to allow your children to do something that can lead to an accident, you also do not want to move or yell at them. Startling them or making them nervous can take away their focus from the road and that can cause accidents, too.

If you are finding it hard to remain calm while teaching, you can ask your partner to take your teenagers for the first few lessons. Calmly directing your children and knowing when to intervene are important in ensuring that your kids learn.

Enroll Them in Courses

If you are finding it hard to make your kids listen to you, then it’s probably a good idea to enroll them in courses. Children tend to listen more to other people, particularly those who they see as an authority. Aside from this, professional driving teachers have greater experience and knowledge about road safety which they can teach to your teenagers.

Although the idea of your teenagers learning how to drive can sound alarming, this shouldn’t stop you from teaching your teenager to drive. You just have to remember that aside from the basics of driving, you should also teach them about road safety.


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