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Taking ‘Smart Care’ of your health

With the latest health gadgets available in the market, we can forget about going to the pathology lab for health tests like heart rate, glucose levels, ECG readings, and oxygen levels. Now, these tests can be taken care of from your home with the use of these new health gadgets. Let us look into some of those health gadgets and how they work in sync with your smartphone.



Tinke is a health gadget that works in sync with your smartphone. The app works with android and iPhone devices. The Tinke sensor device syncs with your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity and display the details of your health on the app. The device can be used to measure heart-rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate. and heart rate variability to determine bodily fitness and stress levels.


Biomeme is a health gadget that does real-time DNA analysis and displays the results of the test on your iPhone app connected via Bluetooth. The device uses real-time QPCR (Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) Thermo cycler to detect diseases.


Dario is a health gadget that checks your sugar levels and displays the results on your smartphone connected via Bluetooth. Dario is available both on iPhone and Android mobile devices.


This is a digital stethoscope that records breathe sounds to detect and measure wheeze. It then displays the results, the WheezeRATE, on the smartphone app connected via Bluetooth. The data can be stored on the smartphone and can be synced tothe Cloud for review and sharing with health professionals.


Alcohoot, along with the smartphone app, is a breathalyzer that measures the alcohol level in your blood and assists you in taking care of yourself. The app, depending on the results of the test, guides you in ordering a taxi and shows you the open restaurants nearby.

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