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Before making any decisions about proprietary trading firms, the expert team at Dumb Little Man undertakes an in-depth analysis of the firm under scrutiny. This renowned team is made up of retail traders, financial consultants, and trading specialists, who work together to deliver an unbiased and accurate review. In addition, a unique algorithm is used during the evaluation, ranking each broker against specific benchmarks. The areas of focus include:

  • Customer Support
  • Seamless Fund Withdrawals
  • Fund Protection and Data Security
  • Trading Procedures
  • Feasible Trading Goals
  • Profit Allocation

After applying these benchmarks to assess SurgeTrader, it's clear that the firm is a notable and praiseworthy proprietary trading entity, meeting a variety of trading needs while offering value and extensive broker expertise.

Additionally, SurgeTrader places a high emphasis on customer support, offering timely and attentive assistance, which is vital for clients. The platform also ensures quick and straightforward withdrawals, catering to the needs of traders. As a result, SurgeTrader provides all the necessary services for a fruitful trading experience.

SurgeTrader Review

Proprietary trading firms, often referred to as “prop firms,” are institutions that allocate their own capital to traders with the aim of generating profits directly from the markets. Unlike traditional brokerages, prop firms take on internal risks by providing their traders with the necessary capital and resources to execute trades.

In this dynamic trading landscape, SurgeTrader has emerged as a noteworthy contender. SurgeTrader, a brainchild of Surge Capital Ventures, LLC, was birthed in May 2021 by a distinguished consortium of Forex trading maestros, including brokers and venture capitalists. Anchored by its foundational objective, SurgeTrader endeavors to amplify the success of profitable traders by expediting the funding process.

This SurgeTrader review will furnish readers with a comprehensive insight into the firm, highlighting its merits and demerits, feedback from clients, available bonuses, and its security apparatus. Additionally, this discourse will delve into the unique features and other pivotal details imperative for prospective traders and investors. By the end of this review, you will be equipped with the nuances of SurgeTrader, positioning you to make an informed choice regarding your association with this prop firm or others in the market.

What is SurgeTrader?

SurgeTrader, at its core, is a proprietary trading firm sculpted by Forex aficionados with a mission to streamline the funding mechanism for traders and introduce lucid trading protocols. The platform not only offers a diverse suite of trading instruments, transcending beyond mere individual stocks but also grants traders the autonomy to employ any trading strategy they find apt. A testament to SurgeTrader’s commitment to its traders is its stellar profit-split arrangement, which can soar up to a staggering 90%.

Acknowledging the indispensable role of swift capital access in trading triumphs, SurgeTrader has instituted a streamlined one-step evaluation blueprint. This modus operandi is crafted to hasten the capital allocation for adept retail traders, simultaneously cultivating a congenial and collaborative trading ambiance.

Traders navigating through SurgeTrader’s evaluation will find the process devoid of complexities. With an alluring profit-sharing arrangement that benevolently allocates 75% of profits to the traders, the platform extends an opportunity to steward up to a substantial $1,000,000 of capital. SurgeTrader’s distinctiveness lies in its embrace of diverse trading paradigms.

The firm is unrestrictive, welcoming all – from hedgers to proponents of automated, algorithmic trading, or even those relying on profound fundamental analyses. Adding another feather to its cap, SurgeTrader guarantees prompt profit disbursements devoid of any minimum threshold, empowering traders to claim their profits once monthly, at their convenience.

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SurgeTrader Pros and Cons


 Cons :

Safety and Security of SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader has gone to great lengths to instill confidence and a sense of protection among its clientele. For traders who strictly adhere to the stipulated maximum loss and drawdown guidelines, the firm commits to absorbing any incurred losses. This not only amplifies the trader’s risk mitigation but also underscores the firm’s commitment to their traders’ welfare.

Transparency is a cornerstone of SurgeTrader’s operations. All its legal documents, including terms and conditions, are readily accessible to the public, eliminating any ambiguity regarding its dealings. Furthermore, its business operations are carried out with utmost transparency, leaving no room for doubts or skepticism.

Another testament to SurgeTrader’s trader-centric approach is its accommodating nature towards occasional rule breaches. Rather than taking a hard-line approach, SurgeTrader exhibits leniency for infrequent violations, further fostering a supportive and understanding trading atmosphere. This benevolent stance underscores SurgeTrader’s unwavering dedication to nurturing a congenial trading ecosystem.

SurgeTrader Bonuses and Contests

SurgeTrader‘s bonus structure is meticulously designed to incentivize and reward traders based on their profitability. When a trader amasses 10% profit from their managed portfolio, they become eligible to advance to the subsequent tariff package. Upon successfully navigating the examination phase, two distinct avenues open up for the trader.

They can either opt to operate an account whose deposit mirrors the chosen tariff package or alternatively, prolong the evaluation phase without any charges. In this extended phase, they aim to hit the 10% profit target, which subsequently propels them to the succeeding tariff tier.

What stands out in this bonus framework is the potential growth trajectory it offers. By initially investing a modest sum of USD 250, a trader possesses the opportunity to climb up to the Advanced package. However, it’s noteworthy that this tantalizing offer doesn’t extend to the Expert and Master packages.

SurgeTrader Customer Reviews

Reflecting on the aggregated customer reviews, it is evident that SurgeTrader has managed to carve a niche for itself in the prop trading community. Many users laud it as a leading proprietary firm, especially in light of the favorable trading conditions it offers. This sentiment is further solidified by claims that trading on SurgeTrader feels akin to using a personal account with a reputable broker, with a specific mention of their collaboration with Eightcap.

Moreover, the responsive customer service, exemplified by swift account setups post challenges, and hassle-free withdrawal processes are major pluses in the eyes of their clientele. However, it’s worth noting that some traders have expressed reservations concerning the daily 4% and overall 5% thresholds, opining that these limits restrict trading flexibility compared to offerings from other prop firms.

SurgeTrader Commissions and Fees

SurgeTrader adopts a unique approach to its financial structure, diverging from the traditional route of levying standard commission fees. Prioritizing alignment with its traders’ successes, the firm’s revenue is largely derived by claiming a quarter (25%) of the profits accrued by its traders. The singular direct charge imposed by SurgeTrader is an initial fee for participating in the SurgeTrader Audition. This model is advantageous for traders as it obviates the need for recurring monthly outlays.

However, traders need to be vigilant and cognizant of some nuances in the payment mechanism. Owing to the intricacies of the platform’s payment system combined with the inherent spread costs associated with the market, there could be supplementary costs. Additionally, SurgeTrader enforces swap commissions. These are fees levied when a trader’s position is extended to the subsequent trading day.

In its operations on the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform, SurgeTrader employs a zero-spread model. Under this arrangement, instead of contending with a spread, traders are mandated to pay a static commission of USD 3.5 for every full lot they trade. This structure ensures that traders have the ability to transact at the precise market rate. Nonetheless, when projecting potential profits, it’s essential to factor in this fixed commission fee.

SurgeTrader Account Types

SurgeTrader presents a diverse portfolio of account types, designed meticulously to cater to traders across the spectrum – from novices taking their first steps to seasoned experts commanding substantial portfolios. The entry point to each account type is signified by a specific audition fee, establishing a platform for traders to demonstrate their prowess.

Starter Account

Intermediate Account

Seasoned Account

Advanced Account

Expert Account

Master Account

Adding another feather to its cap, SurgeTrader extends a lucrative profit-sharing proposition. Traders are entitled to 75% of their profits. But that’s not all. This share can witness an ascent to a whopping 90% with additional investment, amplifying the profit horizon for traders who consistently strike gold.

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Opening a SurgeTrader Account

Opening an account is easy, courtesy of its intuitive and swift registration mechanism. Here’s a breakdown of the steps to guide you through this procedure:

  1. Start by landing on SurgeTrader‘s official online presence.
  2. On the homepage, pinpoint and click the “Start Trading” button.
  3. A slew of trading packages will unfurl before you. Here, pick your desired package and decide on a trading platform – be it MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5).
  4. Lock in your package choice by confirming the purchase.
  5. Post-purchase, SurgeTrader will dispatch account details straight to the email address you’ve furnished.
  6. Once you have a funded account, you’re primed to tackle the SurgeTrader Audition, a vital step to amplify your profit potential. While you can freely review this process, success means an email ping within a 24-48 hour window, laden with live account specifics.
  7. The final step sees you on the platform with actual funds at your disposal, courtesy of SurgeTrader. Do remember that the audition phase operates on demo accounts stacked with virtual currency. Now, you’re all set to rack up genuine profits and cash out whenever you see fit.

SurgeTrader Customer Support

SurgeTrader offers a range of customer support options to help its traders. They have a feedback form on their website where traders can ask questions or give suggestions. They also have an email support system for more detailed questions, ensuring traders get clear answers.

In addition to the standard ways of getting in touch, SurgeTrader is active on social media, so traders can reach out there too. If someone needs an immediate response, there’s a live chat option on the website. And for those who’d rather talk on the phone, they have a toll-free number. Best of all, you don’t need to sign up separately to use these support services, making it easy and straightforward for traders.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SurgeTrader Customer Support

Can be Reached via Multiple Channels

Prompt and Relevant Responses

Composed of Trading Experts

Live Chat is not Available

Not Available During Weekends

SurgeTrader Withdrawal Options

SurgeTrader has made withdrawing money simple and easy. Traders can ask for a withdrawal whenever they want, but these requests are taken care of once a month. This setup helps traders organize their earnings and budget properly.

There are several ways to add or take out money from accounts, like regular bank methods and PayPal. This caters to what’s most convenient for different traders. However, when withdrawing, there’s a calculation that might affect how much you can take out at once. This means traders might not get the full 75% of their profit immediately. For clarity on how this works, it’s best to check out the FAQs on their website.

A good thing about SurgeTrader is they don’t take a cut when you withdraw your money. So, traders get their full profits without any extra costs. This makes the withdrawal process even more appealing.

SurgeTrader Challenge Difficulties

5% Maximum Drop 

Traders have to be very careful with their moves because if their trades go down by 5%, they hit a limit. This means watching the market closely and being quick to act. This rule is basically a cap on how much you can risk in your trading.

Limit on Open Trades 

There’s a rule on how many trades you can have open at once. It’s set to a tiny fraction of your total account size, which limits the number of trades you can do based on how much you have in your account.

No Trades Over the Weekend 

Traders can’t leave their trades open over the weekend. This is a problem for people who like to keep trades open for a long time, like weeks or even months.

You Must Set a Stop-Loss 

Every trade has to have a stop-loss setup, which is a point where the trade automatically stops if things are going bad. Plus, you can only lose up to 4% of your account in one day. This is like a safety rule to stop you from losing too much in one go.

How to Pass SurgeTrader‘s Evaluation Process

If you’re aiming to clear the SurgeTrader evaluation process, it’s a smart move to enroll in a training program. A proper training course can equip you with the skills, strategies, and understanding you need to ace the test. It’s not just about knowing how to trade, but also about navigating the specific rules and requirements of the SurgeTrader process.

Asia Forex Mentor – Rated Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia

The name might suggest a regional focus, but Asia Forex Mentor’s reach is global. As a beacon in the realm of forex education, it has been instrumental in sculpting the careers of traders worldwide. The cornerstone of this institution is Ezekiel Chew, a titan in the forex industry. Pulling in a staggering six figures on individual trades, Ezekiel’s vast reservoir of trading expertise spans more than two decades.

But his influence doesn’t end with personal trading achievements. He is the driving force behind the renowned Golden Eye Group and the innovator of the One Core Program. This particular program is meticulously crafted, focusing intently on equipping traders with tools and strategies to harness the volatile forex market for consistent profitability.

Ezekiel’s journey as a mentor commenced humbly. It began with informal trading sessions for a circle of friends, eager to grasp the nuances of trading from him. Over time, these intimate sessions evolved, transitioning onto a digital platform, thus birthing the online behemoth that Asia Forex Mentor is today. Anchored by Ezekiel’s profound knowledge and battle-tested strategies, this platform emerges as an invaluable resource for those gearing up for the SurgeTrader evaluation. Through Asia Forex Mentor, aspirants are not only educated but are also instilled with the confidence to navigate and excel in the challenging world of trading.

How Can Asia Forex Mentor Help You Pass SurgeTrader’s Challenge?

Photo: asiaforexmentor.com

If you’re aiming to succeed in the SurgeTrader evaluation, choosing the right mentor is crucial. That’s where Asia Forex Mentor (AFM) comes into play. Here’s why it stands out:

  1. Top-Notch Content Quality: Investopedia, a top financial website, honored the Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program with the “Most Comprehensive Course” award. They specifically praised its breadth, saying it’s as detailed as a forex course can get. Being recognized by a reputed site like Investopedia speaks volumes about AFM’s quality.
  2. Ideal for Beginners and Beyond: Benzinga, a trusted source for financial and business information, declared the Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program the best forex trading course for beginners. The course doesn’t just stop at beginners; it’s perfect for everyone up to advanced traders.
  3. Leading Mentorship: BestOnlineForexBroker.com recognized Asia Forex Mentor as 2021’s best Forex mentor. They were confident that with AFM’s guidance, traders can achieve substantial gains in forex trading.
  4. Effective Trading Strategies: Among numerous forex courses, AFM stood out in a review by top forex traders and platforms. The trading strategies and systems taught by AFM were highlighted as being top-tier.

With such accolades and consistent recognition from renowned platforms, it’s clear that Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program is a cut above the rest. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced trader, AFM equips you with the knowledge and strategies to help you navigate and excel in SurgeTrader’s challenge.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

Members of Ezekiel’s Asia Forex Mentor‘s One Core Program have expressed their gratitude and shared their success experiences. One member emphasized the program’s comprehensiveness, thanking it for their amazing 180% return on original investment and progress toward being a funded trader.

Another participant, who had only begun trading seven months before, described how the training improved their skills and enabled them to complete a trading challenge in two days. Another participant noted the program’s well-deserved recognition by Investopedia, praising it for its depth and progressive teaching style, which outperformed traditional learning resources such as books and YouTube videos. In essence, the One Core Program has aided its participants in achieving trading success.

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Conclusion: SurgeTrader Review

SurgeTrader comes out as a trustworthy prop firm. It provides a structured evaluation procedure with the goal of identifying and supporting talented traders. It guarantees that traders understand what is expected and how to succeed by giving a variety of assistance tools and keeping clear instructions.

SurgeTrader has something for everyone, whether you’re new to trading or a seasoned pro. It is critical, though, to arm yourself with the necessary skills and expertise. Platforms with extensive content, such as Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program, can dramatically increase your chances of success with SurgeTrader.

SurgeTrader Review FAQs

Why is training important for SurgeTrader’s evaluation?

Proper training, like that offered by Asia Forex Mentor, prepares traders with the essential skills and knowledge to pass SurgeTrader’s evaluation successfully.

How often can I withdraw my earnings from SurgeTrader?

Withdrawals are processed monthly, allowing traders to manage their profits and plan their finances.

Are there any fees for withdrawing funds from SurgeTrader?

No, SurgeTrader does not charge any commissions for the withdrawal of funds.





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