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Supplement Your Earnings by Taking Online Jobs like Taking Paid Surveys

Joining the field of paid surveys like Hotspex requires a good amount of your time, intellect, attention, and patience. Perhaps you decided to pursue this due to the enticing offers that you’ve seen in web advertisements. While they aren’t all lies, you can be sure that more than half of them are exaggerated.

Paid surveys ares simple compared to other online jobs that you’ve considered, but it isn’t so simple as to oblige no effort on your behalf at all. Sporting that mindset will almost certainly set you up for immediate failure. Fortunately, the effort you have to exert doesn’t have to cause you worse headaches. The trick is to avoiding the doomed path that previous participants have treaded is to make adequate preparations. Doing so will result in a good beginning, and therefore a sure trip to success.

The Beginning

1.    Set Realistic Expectations. Your strongest enemy is yourself, and that is true especially in taking paid surveys. If you have been beguiled to this online job by the false promises made by other survey panels, it is time that you abandon their enticements and look at paid online surveys for what it truly is. Merely answering surveys can supplement your savings but it can never replace nor surpass the income you receive from an actual job. Another false notion is that this can make you rich. It can’t. Shift your focus on turning this into a supporting gear instead.

2.    Differentiate the Legit from the Scam. In this arena, you are bound to encounter one or two fake survey panels that are operated by scammers. We are talking about an online job, after all, and the internet will never be itself without the booby traps and pitfalls. Before you commence your hunt for survey panels, you have to know how identify which survey panels are legitimate. Read testimonies by long-time survey participants to understand the methods used by scammers and to gather ideas on the best ways to avoid them.

3.    Create A Separate Email Account. You have to be warned as early as now that survey panels tend to swarm your inbox with survey invitations. The amount of invitations you receive per panel won’t reach fifty, but because you are obliged to join as much as twenty panels, you can look forward to a flooded inbox. Organize your survey-taking career by creating a separate email account. This will assist you in the future tasks you’ll have to undertake to stretch your earning capacity to the fullest.

4.    Join the Panels. Do you have a list of legitimate panels? Good. It’s time that you sign up for them and complete the necessary screening and registration forms they provide. Avoid getting overly-enthusiastic by joining all twenty or thirty panels in one day. Schedule an appointment for each one and commit a specific number of minutes in polishing your registration. Think of it as a resume; you’ll want it to be as honest and likeable as possible.

The Middle

1.    Commit to the First Batch of Surveys. Making a good impression is still important in this job, even if it isn’t bound by a contract and it doesn’t compel you to wear a business suit. Take note that the surveyors operating the survey panels are actual employees of market research groups. They will open more opportunities to the members who project a diligence and enthusiasm for the work they have. However, you have to maintain this attitude throughout your career. It will be very obvious when your performance begins to fluctuate.

2.    Assess the Number of Surveys You Receive. This task is crucial in determining your progress and estimating your prospective results. Which panels distribute the most amount of surveys per week? There’s a good chance that those that are more generous in handing surveys will give you a better shot at earning money. Nevertheless, your assessment mustn’t stop there. Go ahead and check the corresponding rewards for the surveys. Do they prize you with points or gift certificates?

3.    Prioritize the Panels that Benefit You. Based on your discoveries from the prior tip, classify the survey panels according to their benefits.  Focus on those that truly reward you.

4.    Answer those Surveys. Be persistent in completing surveys; after all, isn’t this what you came here to do?  You’ll learn to be more selective in the long run. For now, enjoy the surveys and make the most out of them.

The End

1.    Redeem Your Points. Be mindful of the payment processors the panels employ. You wouldn’t want your hard work to go to waste, would you? Set up an account in PayPal or Amazon beforehand.

2.    Evaluate Your Paid Survey Experience and Make the Necessary Changes. The tides are bound to change over a course of a year; regularly evaluating your performance will help you make adjustments that count.

Written on 12/25/2013 by Peter Davidson.

Photo Credit: William Murphy

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