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Staying Safe in the Hood

I received an email from one of our South African readers that lays it all on the line. This guy is in Cape Town and from what I’ve gathered, this place can get rougher than rough. So, if this guy’s tips on survival work there, I will rest comfortably saying that they’ll help you in your suburban condo.

Don’t get me wrong. I know a lot of people within the US live in rough areas and in fact, I spent my time there too for a while in Chicago.

Here is his list that I am writing with 100% approval and permission:










So, what we all want to know is what little tricks do you have to keep safe at home. Is it mace under the mattress, a glock in the nightstand? Let us know what you feel safe with and why. Also, if you comment, let us know if you have kids or not. If didn’t have kids, I’m 100% confident I’d have a piece in the nightstand. As it stands for me now, I have an alarm with motion detectors and a Louisville Slugger under the bed.

Once you are done leaveing a comment, please visit marwinsing. He wrote these and sent them to us. He has a great perspective on life from an area that many of us won’t see.

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