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How to Get Motivated for This Year’s Spring Cleaning

Now, we can officially say that spring has sprung. The pressure is on to get dusting, hoovering, and feng-shui-ing your home.

A big spring clean can be a surprisingly rewarding experience. However, finding the time, energy, and enthusiasm to start can be tough. Here, we’ve come up with a simple list of ways to get excited for your big spring clean.

Check out the following amazing spring cleaning hacks you can try this season:

Take inspiration from the silver screen

mrs doubtfire
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If you’re slumped on the sofa surrounded by mess, even reaching for the dustpan can be hard to fathom. Watch cleaning scenes from some of your favorite movies and television shows to motivate yourself to get up and start dusting.

Take inspiration from Mrs. Doubtfire and Freddie Mercury and dance around with your hoover. Make sure you have a place for everything like Monica Geller in Friends.

If you’re still struggling to pry yourself away from the remote, focus on this film-inspired spring cleaning brainteaser by Attic Self Storage to get you going. This puzzle features 9 characters famous for dipping into a spot of cleaning and asks you to name the films which they are from.

Make a deal with yourself to start your chores once you’re finished. If you can’t think of them all, try to think of the answers as you clean your home. Your mind may be distracted but you will still be completing the job at hand.

Put together a cleaning-based playlist

Just like Mrs. Doubtfire doing it with her famous dancing moves, upbeat and fast-paced songs can help you turn your spring cleaning into a full-on dance routine. With music blasting at full volume, suddenly, the idea of peering beneath your sofa cushions doesn’t feel quite so horrifying.

Create a playlist to get you pumped for a deep clean. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a song can boost your spirits. It can turn a tiresome household chore into something joyful.

Take a good hard look at all your clutter

Many people believe the key to a proper spring clean is not just to rearrange and categorize, but to get completely ruthless and have a big clear out. Simply moving things into neater locations isn’t sufficient, you need to get rid of the stuff you’re not using or enjoying.

Force yourself to look through your cupboards, wardrobes, and bursting-at-the-seams boxes hidden under the bed. Hopefully, the sheer embarrassment you feel at the sight of all that junk can kick you into action.

Kit yourself out with the best products and tools

Remember, when you were a kid and the only way to ease the pain at the end of the summer holidays was a brand new pencil case?

Well, you can apply similar logic to your spring clean. With a brand new pair of marigolds, a bottle of the least offensive-smelling floor cleaner, and a shiny new bucket, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get into the cleaning spirit.

They say you have to fake it ‘til you make it. Donning the appropriate gear is the first step to becoming a ninja spring cleaner.

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Embrace Mari Kondo mania

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We’ve all heard of the tiny, smiley cleaning powerhouse that is Mari Kondo, but have you actually ever read her book or watched her surprisingly binge-worthy Netflix series?

If you haven’t, it could be just the inspiration you need to leap off the couch and get scrubbing. Her method involves keeping items that bring you joy and politely thanking the ones that don’t before ruthlessly binning them. Her series makes for compelling viewing and should get you in the mood to surround yourself only with what you truly love.

Try the two-minute rule and share the load with a pal!

An all-consuming spring clean extravaganza can feel like a daunting task, but get your enthusiasm up by dividing the challenge into manageable chunks. The ‘two-minute rule’ suggests quickly beginning by doing any tasks you can finish in two minutes or less.

Next, do two minutes’ worth of a bigger task. Once you get started, you’ll realize that it’s not as scary as you thought. You’ll get much more done than you set out to.

A simple list of all your tasks helps you see what you’ve got to get through. It’s really quite satisfying to check off when you’re done. If you’ve got a willing friend or family who’s around to help, get your playlist on, have a cleaning party, and celebrate with a takeaway in your spotless abode when finished.

Happy hoovering!

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