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24 Signs He Will Never Come Back (10 Signs He Will)

When a relationship ends, both parties go through pain. Whether you are the one who left or got dumped, the repercussions follow.

Besides, you have to figure out how life will continue. You may wish to get back to your ex-boyfriend, but the question is, does he want you back?

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We will look into 24 signs showing that he will never come back and 10 signs he will come back. Stay tuned!

👀 Here are the 24 signs he will never come back 👀

1. He never replies to your texts

Have you been texting your ex? Does he reply, or will you wait forever?

It is okay if he takes some time to reply because people are busy and sometimes they forget.

But in case he doesn’t reply to your texts, and you are always the first one to send a message, he will never come back.

If he wanted you back into his life, he would be willing to reply to you.

2. He has committed himself to another relationship

It is a clear sign that your ex has moved on and he is not coming back.

After a break-up, it is a healthy thing to connect with other people. It helps you to speak out and relieve the pain.

However, if your ex seems to be seeing a specific girl regularly and is in a committed relationship with them, he could suggest that he has moved on, so stop waiting for him!

Besides, this could show that he is no longer interested in you and he has fallen in love with someone else.

3. He doesn’t want eye contact with you when you meet

Have you met with your ex-partner recently? Did he look at you, or did he keep his eyes on you?

If he avoided eye contact with you, it is one of the obvious signs that he’s never coming back.

Besides, avoiding eye contact means he doesn’t want any personal connection with you, which you have shared previously.

Hence, in case you meet with your ex in the corridors, and he is not interested in looking you in the eyes, the bitter truth is that he doesn’t want you back in his life.

4. He says he no longer loves you

It is one of the hurting things to hear from someone you have been with for months or years.

If he has told you that on the face or you hear from friends that he said that, accept that he will not return.

I know those are harsh words to hear from him but swallow the bitter truth and move on!

5. He doesn’t want to spend time with you

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When a relationship becomes toxic, you can take a break from each other to see if things will work out.

But what if he doesn’t want to meet you again? When you suggest that you can hang out, but he is no longer interested.

If your ex gives mere excuses not to meet you when you suggest you can go for a coffee date, he means that he is not coming back.

It is hard to swallow it but don’t dwell on false hope.

6. He gives you back your stuff

Has he returned all your stuff after dumping you? Be it the watch you bought him or the hoodies you gave him on his birthday?

If yes, it is one of the obvious signs that he wants to disconnect completely. It shows that he doesn’t want anything that reminds him of you because he wants to move on and probably start a new relationship soon.

7. He has removed you from his social media accounts

Photo Credit: Pexel

When people are in a romantic relationship, they want the world to know. As a result, they post each other on social media and keep following and commenting on each other’s posts.

What about when their relationship goes wrong? They start unfollowing each other, and worst of all; some block each other to avoid being reminded of their exes.

Therefore, when your ex pulls off all your photos on Facebook or Instagram, he wants to do away with you. He doesn’t want anything reminding him about you, and that is why he even blocks you.

8. He keeps off from your friends and family members

If your ex-boyfriend avoids those around you, it is one of the signs he will never come back.

In case you share a group of friends, he will cut off any communication with them. This is to avoid being asked about his past relationship with you.

Besides, he doesn’t want any person who will encourage him to get back to you. It is a hard truth, but your life has to move on and plan for a better future love life.

9. He tells you to move on

I know moving on is the last thing you want to hear after a serious relationship breaks. You wish things could reverse and get back with your ex.

However, if the ex’s idea is for you to move on, it is a big sign he is not coming back. If he was to come back, he could not suggest such a thing. He cannot hold seeing you with another man.

10. He has no apology for the breakup

What led you two to part ways? Is it your ex’s behavior? If yes, did he apologize for what he did?

If your ex didn’t say sorry for exactly what he did, it is one of the subtle signs that he has left for good.

If he cares about how you feel, he will come back and ask for forgiveness. Besides, he would show concern over your mental and emotional state by asking you to forgive him.

11. He doesn’t respond to your flirt signals

Have you tried to make a move to this guy and presented the best of yourself self but he seems not to be interested? It is one of the signs he will never come back in your life.

You have tried to remind him of the memories you made, but he doesn’t care.

Besides, he has not responded to any of the flirting signals you have made. It’s all in vain dear, just accept and move on with your life the same way he has.

12. He is no longer there for you

According to James Bauer, a relationship expert, men have a hero instinct. It makes a man love the woman who shows him that he needs him. Therefore, when you break up with your man, and he is no longer there for you, it is a good sign that he will not come back.

Some of the small acts like not checking on will tell you he is no longer interested. This is because a man who cares will protect you and keep an eye on you. After all, you are his number one priority.

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13. He doesn’t make any effort

Have you been trying to reach out to your ex to have a catch-up? Or have you been texting him or inviting him to a party?

Did he respond, or do your invites remain answered?

If there is no sign of reciprocation, the harsh truth is that he is not coming back. He could not resist your invites if he still loved you and wanted you to be back together.

14. He asks for friendship

When your ex requests you to stay friends after the break-up, he probably means he doesn’t see you coming back together.

It could be challenging to friend-zone him especially if you hoped you could resolve your issues.

Therefore, weigh yourself, and if you are hurt by the friendship, keep off from him. Tell him it would be better if you could cut cords completely for your well-being.

15. He is not jealous

How does your ex react when he sees you with another guy? Does he feel jealous, or does he not care?

If he does show any concern when he finds you with another man, it is pretty obvious he is done with you.

This is because men will always feel envious when they find their ex-girlfriend is hanging out with other men if they still want him back.

Therefore, if he sees you with another man or someone tells them you are hanging out with another guy, and he doesn’t react, he doesn’t want you back. Besides, he doesn’t want to prevent you from dating again.

16. He prefers to hang out with other people

Spending time together helps people develop a stronger bond.

But, when your ex doesn’t like to spend time with you and gives mere excuses not to be with you, it is a good sign he has moved on.

On the other hand, you will find that he has people he prefers to spend time with instead of you. It shows that you are no longer necessary in his life, and he doesn’t want to mend your broken relationship. Therefore, don’t hope to get him back; instead, find happiness in what you love.

Probably he is spending time with others to find another girl and start a new relationship.

17. He sleeps around with different people

It is okay to meet with other people after a break-up. But sleeping around with several ladies is one of the obvious signs that your ex is not coming back.

He could be proving that the intimacy you shared was not vital to him in the first place, or he didn’t take it seriously.

Also, some exes do it intentionally to hurt you so that you lose hope and leave them. It is painful but move on, darling.

18. It has been a while

How long have you separated from your ex?

The longer you stay apart, the less likely you will come back together.

If it has been long since you talked or saw each other, you are not likely to get back to each other.

Besides, if he seems to have moved on with his life without contacting you, it is one of the signs he will never come back to you.

If he meant to come back, he would try to reach out once in a while to know how you’re fairing.

19. He is getting married

I know this is the last thing you want to hear about your ex, especially if you still love him.

But what if you find out that he wants to tie the knot with another girl? It is a clear sign that he is not coming back.

Also, if your ex is happily married to another woman, stay calm, move on, and respect his choice.

You can end up in another heartache if you try to get him back because he has already deleted you from his life.

20. You cheated on him, and he was hurt badly

Maybe you broke up with him because you cheated on him. Besides, he was severely hurt, such that he decided to leave you.

You could be sorry for what you did, and you deserve a second chance, but if the man isn’t ready to take you back, your hope of getting him back will fade.

He can no longer trust you, and he openly confesses it. It would be best to accept you made a mistake that left him wounded and doesn’t want anything to do with you.

21. He used hurting break up lines

What did your ex tell you when you were breaking up with him?

Some words may sound light, but they carry a heavy meaning.

For example, if he told you that the reason for parting ways is not you but him, he means he is not ready to fix things. It shows that however much you are determined to make things work out; he cannot change.

Therefore, accept that your relationship cannot work, and he is ready to leave.

22. He seems to enjoy life

When your ex moves on with his life and concentrates on his future, it is one of the obvious signs that he is not coming back to you.

Most of the people, when they part ways, seem confused and stressed. However, if the man looks happy and focused on doing life without you, he proposes not to get back to you.

This is true, especially when he doesn’t do it to hurt you but for his own good. For instance, when he does it without showing off.

23. He no longer mentions about you

Have you reached out to your mutual friends after breaking up with your ex?

Did they tell you he keeps mentioning you, or do they not even have an idea of when they heard him talk about you?

If your ex never mentions you to other people, it is one of the signs he will never come back to you. He doesn’t want any memory that reminds him of you. As a result, he doesn’t talk about you like he used to in a healthy relationship.

24. He relocated to another town

If your ex relocated from where he lived when you were together, he wants to forget about you and never come back. It is an indicator that he wants to erase any reminder of your relationship and move on.

This is because if he remains in the same town, people will keep asking him about you, and the memories you build together in that home will keep coming back.

Therefore, to forget about you, he decides to move to a new environment.

💞 10 signs he will come back 💞

Photo Credit: Pexel

According to Psychology Today, giving someone, you love the freedom to choose is essential for a healthy relationship. Therefore if you have issues with your partner, it would be wise to give them space.

If they find it fit to come back and re-establish the relationship, well and good, but if they don’t, please move on.

But how do you know he will come back to keep the hope alive?

Here are the 10 biggest signs that will help you;

1. He makes an effort to maintain a connection

When people break up, they implement the no-contact rule to forget about their exes.

However, if your ex calls or texts you from time to time, he means he still cares, and he wants you back in his life.

He could also suggest that he wants to meet you and have a cup of coffee together. This is a crucial sign that can tell you he wants to mend your relationship.

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2. He talks to his friends about you

Did your ex-boyfriend tell his friends about you, or did he become quiet after you broke up?

If he speaks about you especially in a positive way, it shows that he still loves you. This is because people will always talk about those who matter in their lives.

Hence, if you hear from his friends that he keeps mentioning, he could be preparing a way to come back to you.

3. He stalks on your social media posts

If you still follow each other on Instagram or are friends on Facebook, you can quickly tell if he is interested.

When your ex-boyfriend comments and likes your social media post, it is a strong sign that he misses you. If you also do the same thing on his posts, you can see his reaction by how he replies.

Also, if he comments something like ‘miss that time’ on older posts with both you and him, he means that he treasures the moments you shared and would like to have more with you.

4. He is in touch with your friends

Did you have mutual friends with your ex? Is he still in touch with them, or did he cut connections with them?

If he still speaks to them, he probably wants you back. As a result, he has kept them so that they can spy on you.

He will use them to know how you are fairing, whether you have moved on or want him back.

Therefore, if your friends tell you about the interaction they had with your ex and the positive things he inquired about you, it is an obvious sign that he wants you two to solve your issues and get back to your love life.

5. He ensures that you are okay

When a man is in love with a woman, he will always make sure she is okay.

Therefore, if your ex-boyfriend keeps making phone calls after a few weeks to find out how you are fairing, he means that he still cares.

When you tell him you aren’t feeling well, he will show concern and probably come and check on you.

6. He responds to your texts and calls instantly

Have you tried to reach your ex through phone calls and texts? How did he react?

If he responds as soon as you call or text him, it is a big sign that he still has feelings for you. He is willing to listen to you and probably make things right and come together.

Therefore, you can use this trick to see if he still has you in mind or if he has found a new girlfriend.

7. He has not returned your stuff

When people are in love, they buy each other gifts.

If you had bought your ex-boyfriend presents like a watch or a t-shirt, and he hasn’t returned to you, it could be he doesn’t want to let you go.

Besides, if you had moved your stuff to his house and he hasn’t told you to go and pick it up, it’s one of the biggest signs that he will come back.

He is keeping these items to remind him of you because he still treasures you.

8. He gets excited when he sees you

Photo Credit: Pexel

Have you bumped into your ex recently in town? What was his reaction when he saw you?

Did he seem not to bother, or did he raise his eyebrows?

If your ex-boyfriend misses you and wants to come back for a fresh start, he is likely to get excited when he sees you.

He will try as much as he can to make eye contact. He will even blink to catch your attention.

9. He hasn’t been doing well after the breakup

Most guys won’t admit the pain of breaking up with their ex-girlfriends. They will pretend to be doing well in life.

However, if your ex-boyfriend confesses that all is not well after you parted ways, it is a clear sign that he would want to get back to you.

He may send a mutual friend to check if you can re-establish the relationship.

10. He remembers the memories you created together

I know there are so many memories you made with your ex when you were in a romantic relationship. You went for romantic dinners, traveled to different places, and watched movies together.

Does he still have these memories in mind, or has he forgotten all of them?

If he still remembers them and makes an attempt to remind you, he could be wanting you back in his life.

He wants you to have more memories together after re-establishing your relationship.

💓 Signs He’s Fighting His Feelings For You 💓

A guy can have a crush on a girl, but he doesn’t know where to start. As a result, he keeps fighting the feelings he has for this girl.

But you know what, he cannot hide forever! One day things will come to light.

Here are 6 obvious signs that he is fighting his feelings for you;

◉ He gets nervous when around you

When a man likes a girl, he will undoubtedly become nervous when around her. You can tell it by how he reacts when you are hanging out.

For example, if his legs start to bounce back when he sits across you or he fidgets, he has feelings for you.

He wants to impress you, but he doesn’t know what to say or how to behave in your presence.

◉ He takes tiny details about you

Is this guy the type of person who is keen even with the tiniest details of your life? This is a crucial sign to tell you that he has something for you and probably wants to have a long-term relationship with you.

He might be even remembering details you forgot!

Imagine him remembering a crazy craving you had a few weeks ago! It is funny, but it is to show you he has fallen for you.

◉ He asks you questions

Is there a guy who keeps asking you so many questions about you? He feels something about you, and he wants to know you better.

He will ask you about your career, family members, friends, hobbies, and favorite meals.

Besides, if he replies to your response with a compliment like’ I like that dish too,’ it is a strong sign he has an interest in you.

◉ His body language tells it

His body language can tell you a lot about how he sees you. Even though people have different personalities when around people, you can get a clue from how his body reacts.

For example, he has strong feelings for you if he stammers when talking to you but seems confident when around other friends.

◉ He is jealous when you hang out with other guys

How does he react when he finds out that you are hanging out with other male friends? Does he seem concerned about it, or is he okay?

If he wants to have a good relationship with you that can lead to marriage, he will express himself. He can tell you things like, ‘ I am not comfortable with the way you are close with Mike.’

◉ He becomes extremely protective

As we have seen earlier from the relationship expert James Bauer, men are born with a hero instinct. As a result, he is likely to feel attracted to the woman who shows him that she needs him.

That is why a guy will always be protective of the woman he has a crush on. Besides, he will be available whenever she needs him because it makes him feel like a better person.

🏃‍♂️ Signs He Regrets Hurting You 🏃‍♂️

If your relationship ended, you could be wondering if your ex regrets losing you or he is okay with the break-up.

Here are subtle signs to show that he does;

📌 He is sincerely apologizing to you

When a man regrets what he did to his ex-girlfriend, he will come back to ask for forgiveness. He will reach out in whatever way to say sorry and show that he feels guilty about what he did.

He may even come with something like your favorite flowers to make the apology sincere.

📌 He keeps checking on you

Does he keep checking on you to hear how you are fairing with life?

If he does, it is one of the clear signs that he regrets breaking up with you.

He will want to have meaningful conversations with you about your whereabouts and what you are planning about life.

📌 He requests another chance

When most men regret breaking up with their ladies, they will come back begging for a second chance.

They will be at their knees pleading for forgiveness and promise to make things work for both of you. This is one of the signs your ex will show when he is sorry about what led to your break-up.

He will use all the sweet words he has in mind to convince you that he wants you back in his life.

📌He owns up to his mistakes

One of the signs your ex will reveal when he feels guilty for ending your relationship is owning up to his mistakes.

This is because he understands the pain he caused you and the need to amend what he did.

As a result, he will do all it takes to make things right instead of shying away from his mistakes.

📌 He asks your friends about you

When most romantic relationships come to an end, people keep off from each other’s friends. However, if your ex’s behavior is to keep close contact with your friends and ask them about you, he feels the pain of letting you go.

He wants to communicate this message indirectly to you through mutual friends to see if they will act as mediators.

📌 He tries to show you he has changed

What led to your break up with your ex?

Is it cheating on you or abusing your emotions?

He will try to portray his new self when you meet to prove that he has changed. He will treat you like a queen to try and win you back to his life.

However, if his behavior is still the same, just know he will never come back!

🔎 Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You 🔎

Are you wondering if your ex still has feelings for you after parting ways?

Here are signs your ex will show to prove that he still loves you;

❣ He hasn’t moved on

This is one of the clear signs that your ex still has you in mind. If he hasn’t found a new girlfriend since he left, he could be missing you.

This is because he mingles with many ladies in his life and still hasn’t approached another person.

❣ He is open to you

Does he try to open up his life to you when he gets a chance to talk or meet with you?

If yes, the man is still crazy for you. He will tell you how he is doing at his workplace or probably his plans.

It is a clear sign that he still treasures you, and he could welcome you back into his life if you agree.

❣ He drunk calls or texts you

There is a saying that goes like, ‘ In wine, there is truth.’ It means that when a person is drunk, they are genuine about how they feel.

Therefore, if your ex calls or texts you when they are drunk and tells you he misses you, he could be true to his word.

He could have hurt you when you were parting, but probably he has realized you were a treasure to him. And since he lacks the courage to approach you when sober, he drinks to gain the confidence to tell you how he feels.

❣ His conversations are about you

Have you met with your ex lately? What was he talking about?

If the guy kept talking about your past relationships, he could want to fix things with you because he still loves you.

He still remembers the good and the bad memories you had together since you started dating; the guy is still obsessed with you.

❣ He has an interest in your marital status

Is your ex concerned whether you got a new catch or he has nothing to do with your life anymore?

A man who still has your feelings after parting ways will want to know your marital status. The day he’ll ask you directly or reach out to friends to know about it, know that he still loves you.

This is to see if he can still get another chance or if he needs to move on with life.

❣ He is available for you

If your ex still shows up when you need him, the guy hasn’t forgotten about you.

A man is likely to ignore you when he is no longer interested in you. However, when he avails himself of your invites, he suggests that he is still attracted to you.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

When romantic relationships crumble, both ladies and guys have mixed reactions. They wonder if their ex will come back or not. Also, they ask themselves if the other person still has feelings for them or if they are gone forever. This article will help you to understand your fate after you part ways. Get to learn more about dating and relationships from our articles!

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

➧ How do you know if a guy is over you?

When a guy is done with you, he is likely to have negative emotions towards you. As a result, he will ignore your calls and texts, block you from his social media accounts, not want to meet up with you and give back your stuff.

➧ Do guys always come back?

Yes, a man can come back after you part ways. This is likely to happen if you parted ways amicably or he was the one who wronged you. He can ask for reconciliation and build a family together.

➧ What does silence do to a man?

According to a study done by Paul Schrodt, Professor in Communication Studies, treating your spouse with silence can cause tremendous damage to your relationship. This decreases relationship satisfaction, feelings for each other diminish, and communication becomes a challenge.

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