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19 Warning Signs He Doesn’t Respect You (A relationship Not Worth To Keep)

The first thing that we seek in relationships with someone is love. Love defines the relationship from both inside and outside. But the second most important thing for a relationship to have in it is respect for each other.

If there is no mutual respect present in a relationship, there is no glue holding it together. There is no shield protecting it from harm, there is no harmony, no passion, no trust in that relationship if respect is absent from it.

Like any human being, we not only give respect to other living beings but we also expect and seek the same from others. There is a famous saying that ” Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself ”

Nobody will tolerate disrespectful behavior for long. People are patient when they are in a relationship with someone but eventually, it can run out if the disrespect doesn’t stop as it will be affecting the relationship negatively.

Without respect, there are no healthy relationships, there are no happy marriages and there are no happy families.

If you want to be together with someone for the rest of your life then you have to find a partner who respects you. Who knows you deserve respect, enough respect to keep you with him for the rest of his life. Who makes you feel appreciated, and wanted and boosts your self-esteem.

That is the only way to have a relationship that is worth keeping because if you are not taking care or considerate of your partner’s feelings, then how can it even last forever? So, that is what we will discuss today. Respect in a relationship. The many signs in a relationship where your partner shows he doesn’t respect you.

So without further ado, let’s start discussing all the obvious signs.

◉ Here are the 19 signs he doesn’t respect you ◉

1. He doesn’t care about your boundaries

he doesn't respect you
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Every person has set boundaries for themselves to have peace and calmness in their life. But if you are in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t respect your boundaries then you should run away in the opposite direction, far far away.

For example, you tell him to not do a certain thing, but he does it anyway. You tell him not to make you feel uncomfortable, but he does his best to make you feel uncomfortable. That is a boundary-crossing behavior that you should never tolerate in a relationship.

It’s common courtesy to respect your partner and their boundaries. If he keeps crossing the boundaries you set up then it’s a surefire sign that your partner is disrespectful because he is not willing to change his behavior in the relationship.

All people should accept and be respectful of other people’s personal space. People tend to forget what respect means.

Little respect can go a long way, it can get rid of negative things and can welcome a positive attitude in a relationship. Whether it’s personal belongings or boundaries set by your partner, you should respect it at all costs, period.

2. There is no mutual respect

Well, we can say it’s not always the guy’s fault when a relationship turns sour. There might be mutual disrespect present in the relationship which may make it not so healthy a relationship.

The signs he doesn’t respect you are always there but only you have to look hard and be aware of it. If your boyfriend respects you then you should do the same. But when you disrespect him and he does it back then it’s not his fault, is it?

When a man disrespects his partner there is always a reason. Of course, we all deserve respect, even in simple gestures, we do. Without making excuses, we all seek and want that. But relationships are hard to maintain.

Relationships can either grow strong or fall to the ground when time passes. If you want to have quality time with your partner for a long time then make sure there is mutual respect present in the relationship. Otherwise, it’s a clear sign that he will disrespect you.

3. You are not his priority

There are signs he doesn’t respect you. Some are very obvious and some are hidden, with a cloak wrapped around them. And for you to know an obvious sign is very important because keeping a relationship alive requires great effort.

Not making you his priority and not giving you his time is one of the common signs he doesn’t respect you. Does he spend more time with his friends or family? Does he have time for hobbies but not for you? Does he make plans for weekends which doesn’t include you? Does he not share his personal life with you? Does he give you the silent treatment?

All these things indicate that he thinks his time will be wasted on you. And that is massively disrespectful to you in a relationship. Nobody should feel disrespected like that, ever! It’s a big deal for a woman to feel disrespected like that.

If he doesn’t give you full attention but does so for other things, then he is being disrespectful to you. If he keeps forgetting things that are important to you, then he has no respect for you.

4. He is rude to you

Instead of being kind to you, he is rude to you.

He doesn’t listen to you when you are talking. He avoids any type of talk that doesn’t interest him but you. He doesn’t accept your opinion about things, he doesn’t notice you when you walk in the room, and he just doesn’t want to accept the truth that he is disrespectful to you. By being rude. He is doing all that to you.

If he is harsh with his words if he is sending you text messages in anger or if he annoys you when you have free time for yourself it’s a sign of being rude.

You should stop talking with him immediately because he is the last person you ever wanna be with. If he is rude to you now, he will be rude to you later as well. So it’s better to forget things sometimes instead of thinking of him changing into a respectful man.

Women are gentle flowers, and flowers are to be kept and protected. Not to be destroyed by other people who are rude to them.

5. He talks about other women with you

Another sign to know about him being disrespectful to you is if he talks about other girls in your presence. How can someone even do that when they are in a relationship.

When you love someone you would want to spend time with that person every day and all the time. No other woman should cross his mind but only you. No woman can ever charm him but you. That is how long-lasting relationships are built.

But if talks about other girls with you and that part of him doesn’t change then clearly he is portraying disrespectful behavior.

6. He doesn’t care about making a healthy relationship

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When he does his power plays with you, to make you feel miserable or emotional then he is disrespecting you because he doesn’t want to have a healthy relationship with you.

He doesn’t even know what respect means in relationships because all he does is control you with his little power plays and play detective to make you feel bad about yourself.

He doesn’t care about your well-being either or how it’s going to affect you. He is only selfish and cares about himself, not the connection with you. And that is emotional abuse.

Any woman who wants to make a healthy relationship with their partner will want a person who understands their feelings, and who will take care of them, not hurt them.

If he does not care about your feelings, he does not care about the precious bond either. And those are red flags that often are the reason women find themselves in a bad relationship.




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7. He doesn’t pay attention to you

Women want to be seen, praised, adored and talked to. That is the truth. Every woman deserves to be treated with lots of love, care, and attention. Men should appreciate women and listen to them, not hurt them even a little bit. Give them compliments and notice the little things they do to make men feel love and care about them.

But if your partner doesn’t even make eye contact with you or doesn’t even pay attention to you when you talk or discuss things, when you share your life goals and dreams with him, when you make changes in your clothing and makeup and he doesn’t notice, then it’s a really important matter to observe because he is not respecting you.

You do all the things for him, not other people but he doesn’t even care about how beautiful you look, how passionate you are about talking, how much you care about your life and this relationship then clearly he does not have respect for you.

8. He keeps lying to you

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I have never seen a long-lasting relationship that is built on lies. Lying is simply cheating. And no one cares about a liar’s opinion or as a matter of fact, his life either.

No partner will ever settle for a liar in any form of bond whether it be friends, family, or romantic ones. Lying to you means he doesn’t respect you as a person at all because he is not the type of person who will share the truth with you. He thinks you don’t deserve to hear the truth and that is something that is going to hurt anybody.

If he goes out with his friends and tells you he is at work, it’s a lie. If he says he is going to the gym but went to someplace else, it’s a lie. If he lies like that to you, these are signs he doesn’t respect you.

Without honesty, a relationship cannot stand or be maintained. He should tell you the truth because you deserve to be treated with respect as a partner and as a person. If he starts talking about other things than the truth then it’s a sign he doesn’t respect you at all.

9. He doesn’t support you in everything

Does he avoid you when you need his support? Does he make you feel safe when you are spending time with him? Does he feel like the same person you met the first time or does he feel like some other person? Does he value your decisions in life?

Think about it, if he doesn’t support your dreams or goals in life, is he respecting you? Of course not! Life is a journey that should be traveled with a partner who wants to spend quality time with you and who supports you with every step that comes along.

If your partner doesn’t give you emotional support, financial support, or even just support in little things then he doesn’t respect you. As a woman, you need a man’s support to pass through time easily and comfortably. If he doesn’t support you then also doesn’t respect you. If he doesn’t give you his shoulder to lean on when in need then how can you even call him his partner?

10. He doesn’t trust you with anything

Are you always the first person to trust him when he says things but doesn’t do the same? Does he make you feel untrustworthy? Does he say he will do things on his own rather than do it by you?

All these signs indicate that your partner does not trust you at all. If he can’t trust you with small little things, he will not trust you with greater either. If he loves to play detective with you and control your mind then he is not going to be with you for long a time. Because you should never be in a relationship with a person who doesn’t trust you with anything. It’s a major sign of disrespect.

11. He ignores any kind of communication with you

If he is the type of guy who ignores your messages throughout the day ignores your calls or even avoids you on social media because he just doesn’t feel like it then it’s a sign he is disrespectful to you. He does not appreciate the attention or time you are giving him through proper communication. Ignoring or ghosting is just another word for disrespect.

If you find yourself repeating your words all the time then he doesn’t care about any form of communication with you. Whether it’s your calls, texts, or chats being ignored. It’s disrespectful. If he calls you or communicates with you only when wants to then it shows he doesn’t value your time at all. If he prefers to ignore you while watching his favorite things or doing his hobbies then he is not respectful to you at all.

12. He is not honest with you

A man with two faces is hard to predict because if he says one thing to you and does another then it’s a sign of hypocrisy. And hypocrites are never honest with other people. They don’t care about feelings or respect at all. They don’t even know what respect means because they often don’t care about being honest anyway.

They don’t understand that honesty in a relationship is very important because without that there is no clarity in relationships. If he hides things from you like chatting with his ex-girlfriend or keeping secrets from you about his life then it means he is not honest with you and doesn’t respect you.

13. He embarrasses you in public

This one is just bad. Very bad. Treating you like garbage in public, making fun of you, and embarrassing you in public is another sign of being disrespectful to you. If he degrades you in front of his friends or family, if he pranks you in public which puts you in a spot, or if he outright embarrasses you by doing something outrageous that you never thought he would ever do then he doesn’t respect you.

If he talks loudly with you in public, if he calls you names in public, if he treats you badly in public, all are signs of disrespectful behavior and you should not settle for that at all. Go the opposite way and find someone who will appreciate you and honor you in public, not embarrass you.

14. He arrives late for meetups

When excuses start piling up whenever you decide to have meetups with him then he is not valuing you or your time. If he often says ” Oh no, something came up, can we do it some other time? ” then it’s a sign he doesn’t give you respect in the relationship. Women don’t like to be treated that way. Whether he says it via text messages or calls you later after the time of the meetup, it all indicates one thing and one thing only, disrespect.

When a man disrespects you like that and doesn’t give full attention to what a relationship needs then he is just in it for fun and doesn’t care about what you need from him. As time passes, he will start making excuses after excuses and it will be a never-ending chore for you to handle. So instead of being treated disrespectfully, you should go the other way and say your goodbyes.


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15. He talks badly about your family and friends

Nobody likes to hear about themselves being bad-mouthed. Backbiting is a big offense when in a relationship with a partner. If he is the type of guy who talks about you negatively to your friends or family, complains about you almost all the time to them, and most often say bad names to you then it’s a sure-fire sign of disrespect.

You don’t deserve a man who talks negatively about you to your family. Instead, you deserve someone who will say only nice things about you even if there are bad things, he will conceal them. Partners help each other build, not fall. They appreciate each other, not backbite. They love each other, not hate behind their back.

If he complains or talks bad about you to your peeps then he is disrespecting you and your worth.

16. He compares you to other women

When you get into a relationship, you should only see each other and not someone outside the relationship. Even as much as comparing you to some other woman is degrading because you are with him already. You are giving him time, love, care, and attention yet he compares you with other women. He says ” Why are you not like them? ” which is so hurtful and demeaning.

Comparing yourself to others is like saying ” You are not enough for me ” and as a woman, you don’t have to hear such things and get hurt. You deserve the world because everyone is beautiful in their way. If you are not enough for him then leave him instantly. You can’t be treated that way.

Comparing, complaining, and saying not enough is his disrespect to you. You shouldn’t lose your value with him. Because he certainly doesn’t know how a precious gem you are.

17. He doesn’t care about your feelings

Emotional connection in relationships is of utmost importance. Without understanding each other’s feelings, it won’t last long. This is why you should look for this sign whether he cares about your emotions or feelings or not. If he comes to you when you feel like crying or having that time of the month then it’s all good and fine. But if he doesn’t care about what you are going through in life, or if you are feeling hurt, sad, or depressed then he doesn’t care about your well-being at all.

He doesn’t respect you enough to care what’s going on inside your precious heart or mind. If he behaves like that then it’s a sign he is disrespectful to you because caring about someone’s feelings is showing true love. And without true love, there is no bond with a partner. So, if he doesn’t care about your feelings, he doesn’t have respect for you.

18. He doesn’t stand up for you

You may often find yourself in a situation where you are being called out or bullied or even being in a position where you hear hurtful things. And at that time you will need your partner the most because if all the world turns against you, he will be the one standing up for you, sticking by you until his very last breath. When there is no one there for you to fall back on, your partner should be.

And if he is not present at that time either, it means he doesn’t care if you fall and burn to the ground. Instead, he will feel nothing. And that nothingness is a sign of having no respect for you.

If your partner doesn’t even make you feel safe or if he is not the first person to come to help you or stand up for you then how will that make you feel? Bad right?

A man who respects women will stand up for them no matter what.

19. He gives you the silent treatment

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One of the most common signs he doesn’t respect you is when he gives you silent treatment. Any bond will grow stronger when you talk with each other with love, respect, and appreciation. When your days don’t pass by without talking. When you listen to each other voices and notice each other presence. But when it’s the complete opposite and all you can hear is SILENCE, then it’s a sign he doesn’t have respect for you.

Treating you this way is a form of degrading you because he is not respecting you as a woman. He knows you love to talk but he is giving you the silent treatment purposely to hurt you. If it doesn’t matter to him that he doesn’t hear your voice all day then it’s a form of disrespect. And you should be aware of that.




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◈ Ways to know if a man respects you ◈

⫸ He expresses his opinions with you openly

⫸ He gives you undivided attention

⫸ He showers you with his unconditional love

⫸ He sends you “I Miss You” texts

⫸ He is supportive of you and motivates you

⫸ He listens to you closely

⫸ He shares his emotions with you

⫸ He makes you an important priority in his life

⫸ He is honest with you

⫸ He is faithful to you

⫸ He tells you meaningful things and compliments you

⫸ He talks positively behind your back to people

⫸ He appreciates all your simple gestures

⫸ He keeps promises that you made to him

⫸ He takes care of your needs, sexually as well

⫸ He thinks of you as his only

⫸ He protects you from any kind of harm

⫸ He is kind to you

⫸ He puts you first before anything else

⫸ He always tries to make you smile and be happy

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

We all want to be treated positively and with respect. We get offended and feel bad about ourselves if we are mistreated or don’t feel respected.

Sometimes this disrespectful behavior is direct and sometimes it’s indirect. Both of those are equally bad and should be addressed or fixed if we are to be exposed to them. And to know about all that is by reading the signs that people show when we are in relationships with them.

No one should be disrespected, especially not women because when they fall for men, they fall hard. And they will do anything to stick by them if they are treated well. But if they are treated with no respect, they should leave and find someone who will treat them with respect and appreciate them.

So, hopefully, by reading and understanding all the signs we have discussed so far, you might have an idea of how people portray such behavior. It’s not a relationship worth keeping if there is no respect present in it for you. You deserve better and I hope you find that better.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ How do you know if someone doesn’t respect you?

You check their behavior. You see signs of disrespect. You see how they value you behind your back. You see how they treat you when they meet you. You can check their facial expressions to see if they are respecting you or not. All of the signs above show how we can see if someone disrespects us.

❓ How a man shows respect to a woman?

A man will show respect to a woman by being supportive, appreciative, and loving. He will be honest with her, never betray her trust, and always care for her. He will not abuse her emotionally, verbally, or mentally. He will protect her from harm’s way and keep her safe. By giving attention to a woman, you can show respect as well.

❓ What are signs of disrespect in a relationship?

The most common signs of disrespect are ignoring people, not appreciating their value or time, degrading them in public or private, abusing them, not caring about their emotions, not being honest, and breaking trust. When love and understanding of each other vanishes, so does respect. And that is when all of the signs start showing.


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