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Should You Start a Business at Home?

Wow. Who hasn’t asked themselves that question ten thousand times? I mean come on, when we wrote about bad managers, we were sharing a terrible situation but what if you could change all of that. What if you could use a skill and make enough cash to provide for you and/or your family?

I’m not there yet but I have the entrepreneurial itch (actually it’s a slow painful burn) and I am dying to get there. I don’t think Dumb Little Man will do it for me but you never know. For those that are just now getting the itch to breakout or for those that are promising themselves…”One day”, here is some great info to consider.

In short, Life Learning Today goes through the pros and cons of each of these items and at the end, several good resources are referenced. Bookmark the post and revisit as needed because trust me – your first few ideas may not fly so you need to consider everything going in!

    1. Work in your PJ’s



















Get the pros and cons on all of these at Should You Start Your Own Work at Home Business? by Life Learning Today

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