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Seven Free Ways to Be Romantic

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If your financial situation is looking bleak, you may believe that you simply don’t have the money to treat your partner in the ways you’d like. Perhaps you think romance means buying big bouquets of expensive flowers, whisking your loved one to a flashy restaurant, or whipping out a bottle of champagne every night.

While those things all look great in the movies, such extravagances aren’t reality. By the time work ends each day, the commute concludes, the kids are fed, etc., who has the energy to plan for romance and who has the money to constantly finance it?

Romance is another area in life that begs for simplicity. There are dozens of easy and free ways to be romantic! The beauty is that you can begin today. Don’t wait for a special occasion like Valentine’s day to do something for your loved one. A little unexpected gesture can mean a lot.

Here are seven ideas (one for each day of the week!):

    1. Hold Hands
      Do you ever hold hands with your partner? If this is something you associate with lovey-dovey young couples, don’t automatically dismiss it. Taking your partner’s hand on a walk is a lovely way to feel close and connected. If you are talking, holding hands will make the conversation more intimate. It’s a tiny, effortless thing that instantly makes any moment a caring and romantic one.













I’m sure Dumb Little Man’s readers will have some great tips on how to be romantic for free (or very cheaply) – so let’s hear them in the comments! You might also enjoy the article on Date Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank.

Written on 11/03/2008 by Ali Hale. Ali runs Alpha Student, a blog packed with academic, financial and practical tips to help students get the most out of their time at university. Photo Credit: Here in Van Nuys
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