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The skilled team at Dumb Little Man, known for their extensive knowledge in finance and trading, excels in performing detailed evaluations of prop trading firms. They use a detailed algorithm and strict evaluation criteria, focusing on essential factors for comprehensive reviews. These factors include:

  • Prompt and effective customer support
  • Quick access to trading funds
  • Strong protection of financial and data security
  • Adherence to ethical trading practices
  • Realistic trading goals
  • Equitable profit sharing

Their analysis of SabioTrade indicates that the firm meets and exceeds these important standards. With its broad expertise in brokerage and strong trader support, SabioTrade is recognized as a leading prop trading firm.

Businesses that give experienced traders capital to trade on the company’s behalf are known as “proprietary trading firms” or prop trading firms. These companies are usually chosen by traders who can make a profit but don’t have a lot of money to invest.

One important participant in this market is SabioTrade. Competent traders can apply for financed accounts up to $500,000 from this private trading organization. Participants split the gains 80/20 when using the firm’s capital for trading, which benefits the trader as well as the company.

This article offers a detailed examination of SabioTrade based on actual customer experiences and data from Dumb Little Man’s trading experts. It aims to provide a brief, unbiased evaluation of SabioTrade’s offerings, highlighting the benefits and considerations for traders who choose to collaborate with a prop trading firm.

What is SabioTrade?

A trading company called SabioTrade focuses on identifying and training competent traders. Applicants must first open an account and prove their trading ability to join SabioTrade.

You will need to trade using a demo account and follow all guidelines to reach a predefined profit target to accomplish this.

Successful candidates may withdraw up to 80% of their income from a funded account after fulfilling certain requirements.

SabioTrade offers a fast assessment method that takes no more than two days to provide a timely evaluation of candidates’ trading skills and expertise. It also provides a complimentary three-part course in technical analysis, fundamentals, and trading techniques.

With a 30:1 leverage, the company provides a huge benefit that might allow traders to deposit up to $1 million. A free smartphone software with over 100 built-in indicators, widgets, notifications, and trading signals is one of the most sophisticated tools available to traders.

The business filters experienced traders using a special two-tier assessment method. Two hard breaches of SabioTrade’s regulations are the 3% Daily Loss Limit and the 6% Max Trailing Drawdown.

Additional guidelines, such as the need to execute at least one transaction every 30 days (a hard breach) and the obligation to close all positions by 3:45 PM EST every Friday (a soft breach), are intended to evaluate candidates’ risk management and trading tactics.

You can access the SabioDashboard by purchasing an Assessment or signing up for a Free Trial at SabioTrade. This tool is essential for tracking your trading progress because it provides real-time analytics for both funded and assessment accounts, and it is updated every 60 seconds.

Since each trader bears the duty of monitoring their breach levels, traders must make active use of the SabioDashboard. This tool makes sure you’re always aware of how well you’re trading and whether you’re following SabioTrade’s rules.

Pros and Cons of SabioTrade



Safety and Security of SabioTrade

The safety and security of its clients’ money and personal data is very important to SabioTrade. The company uses strong security measures and segregated accounts to protect the integrity of the site. The favorable comments customers have left about the platform’s security demonstrate this dedication to security.

The fact that SabioTrade sponsors respectable athletes further emphasizes the company’s legitimacy. These testimonials and positive client feedback confirm the company’s commitment to upholding a safe and reliable trading environment.

Additionally, trading at SabioTrade takes place on a QuadCode-powered platform, regardless of whether you are managing a funded account, participating in an evaluation, or using a free trial.

The strategic partnership between QuadCode’s powerful trading technology and SabioTrade’s risk management skills is symbolized by this integration.

The cutting-edge risk management technology that QuadCode is known for is effortlessly incorporated into its trading platform.

Because of this connection, SabioTrade users have access to a platform that places equal emphasis on the security and risk-reduction elements of trading as well as its efficiency and functionality—aspects that are vital in the world of trading.

Dumb Little Man’s extensive study yielded this information, which demonstrates SabioTrade’s strong commitment to client safety and security in the trading industry.

SabioTrade Bonuses and Contests

Currently, SabioTrade does not have any ongoing contests or bonus programs. However, potential and existing clients are encouraged to stay alert for future opportunities.

The firm may introduce various contests and bonuses, which could be beneficial for traders looking to enhance their trading experience with SabioTrade.

Keeping an eye on SabioTrade’s announcements is advisable for those interested in participating in such programs.

SabioTrade Customer Reviews

SabioTrade, with a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot, receives varied feedback from customers. Ulfo values the firm for allowing significant earnings using the company’s capital, despite a profit share going to SabioTrade. Eric, on the other hand, benefited from the educational resources and signals, leading to successful account funding.

Conversely, Lukas points out issues with SabioTrade’s KYC service and customer support. He faced response delays and problems in account setup and documentation, indicating areas for improvement in efficiency and transparency.

The mixed reviews suggest that while SabioTrade offers valuable services to some traders, others encounter significant challenges.

SabioTrade Commissions and Fees

A commission and fee structure customized for various trading programs is implemented by SabioTrade. Depending on the plan they choose, traders can anticipate paying a commission on their profits that might range from 20% to 30%. When estimating possible profits, traders must take this structure into account.

SabioTrade charges fees for spreads and transactions completed through payment systems in addition to commissions. Because it affects the total cost of trading on the platform, traders should be aware of this part of the fee structure.

Depending on the asset being traded, SabioTrade offers different choices for leverage. The company offers leverage for currency pairs up to 30:1, which is consistent with prudent risk management procedures. For other assets, leverage can go up to 1:100 or 1:500.

This leverage is directly applied to trades for ease and efficiency, providing traders with a range of options to suit their trading strategies and risk tolerance.

SabioTrade Account Types

SabioTrade caters to all budgets based on the variety of account types that it offers.





Trial Account

Potential traders can test out the platform with a free trial account before deciding on one of the free trial account alternatives. Under certain circumstances, this trial enables traders to experience the platform’s functionality and user interface:

Opening a One-Up Trader Account

To create an account with SabioTrade, just take these simple steps:

  1. Based on your trading needs, select a trading package.
  2. Click the ‘Get Funded’ button on the webpage.
  3. Fill in the required information in the spaces provided.
  4. Choose the payment method that you choose.
  5. If you have a discount code, enter it in the relevant field.
  6. To proceed, select ‘Place Order’.
  7. Complete the payment process for the selected plan.
  8. You will receive an email shortly after the transaction with your login information for the sample account.

SabioTrade Customer Support

SabioTrade guarantees customer service accessibility via many customer care channels. Clicking the SabioTrade Support symbol on the homepage allows you to get in contact with the company’s support team on Discord.

Additionally, SabioTrade is active on several social media platforms, including Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram. Users now have additional alternatives for connecting and getting the help they need thanks to these platforms.

This material illustrates SabioTrade’s commitment to offering a range of conveniently accessible customer care solutions, based on Dumb Little Man’s expertise.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SabioTrade Customer Support

Multiple Platform

Real-Time Interaction

Wide Reach

Overreliance on Social Media

Response Time Variability

Not available 24/4

No direct phone line

SabioTrade Withdrawal Options

A trading expert from Dumb Little Man has verified and tested SabioTrade’s withdrawal options method to be simple.

Traders can start the process of withdrawing their gains using the Profit Share area of their SabioDashboard when they’re ready. Effective withdrawal management is made possible by this function, which is easy to use, right from the dashboard.

To facilitate the transfer of earnings and deduct SabioTrade’s profit share, the trader’s funded account will be temporarily suspended during the withdrawal procedure. Subsequently, the money is moved straight into the trader’s bank account.

It is noteworthy that this procedure is intended to be quick and easy; traders can usually get back into their funded accounts and start trading again in about a day. For aggressive traders who prefer little downtime in their trading activity, this speedy turnaround is a big benefit.

SabioTrade Challenges and Difficulties

Successful trading on SabioTrade’s platform requires familiarity with their trading regulations. These difficulties, which are mostly related to risk management and strategic choice-making, are crucial for traders to comprehend and follow. The main trading restrictions and drawdown guidelines of SabioTrade will be explained in this overview.

Trading Limits and Breaches

SabioTrade employs a set of regulations to assess the efficacy of traders’ strategies and risk management. These consist of two hard breaches: a 6% maximum trailing drawdown and a 3% daily loss limit.

In addition, traders have to execute at least one trade per thirty days and close all positions by 3:45 PM EST on Fridays, a condition known as a soft breach.

Based on the account balance at the end of the previous day (5 PM EST), the Daily Loss Limit is calculated. If the amount was $100,000, for instance, and it fell to $97,000 the following day, this limit would be exceeded.

Drawdown Rules and Examples

The account’s permitted drawdown is limited by the Maximum Trailing Drawdown, which is originally set at 6% of the opening amount. This drawdown percentage is locked in at 6% profit on the account and changes based on the closed trading balance.

For example, if you start with $100,000, the maximum drawdown is $94,000. The new drawdown limit is $97,000 if the balance increases to $103,000. The drawdown limit locks at the initial $100,000 once the account reaches $106,000.

Therefore, even if the account balance exceeds $170,000, the daily loss cap still applies and the account only breaches if it pulls down to $100,000.

How to Pass SabioTrade Evaluation Process

To pass the SabioTrade evaluation process, one must understand its stringent standards. It’s a challenging process that necessitates a firm grasp of trading theory and useful strategies.

Enrolling in a comprehensive training program is an essential initial step in this process. It equips you with the skills and information needed to finish the test.

With such training, your chances of passing SabioTrade’s rigorous evaluation increase significantly, positioning you for a successful trading venture.

Asia Forex Mentor – Rated Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia

Trading professionals at Dumb Little Man highly recommend Asia Forex Mentor for people who are committed to passing the SabioTrade examination. Asia Forex Mentor is a well-known resource for comprehensive preparation, having helped thousands of traders pass various prop company evaluations.

Ezekiel, who also leads the Golden Eye Group, developed the One Core Program to teach forex traders effective strategies to profit from their trading journey. His success in the field is a testament to the effectiveness of the methods he teaches.

Ezekiel’s journey in creating Asia Forex Mentor started from teaching close friends, eventually expanding to online classes. His commitment to sharing his wisdom and expertise has made Asia Forex Mentor a go-to resource for aspiring forex traders.

How Could Asia Forex Mentor Help You Pass SabioTrade Challenge?

Photo: asiaforexmentor.com

Asia Forex Mentor (AFM), whose reputation is supported by numerous awards from reliable financial sources, is a shining example for traders hoping to clear the SabioTrade review process.

Leading financial education company Investopedia has lauded the AFM One Core Program as the Best Comprehensive Course available. This distinction demonstrates how thorough AFM’s training is for its pupils.

Its applicability for traders of all skill levels is further evidenced by Benzinga’s designation of it as the Best Forex Trading Course for novices.

In addition, the fact that Asia Forex Mentor was named the greatest Forex mentor by Best Online Forex Broker in 2021 emphasizes its ability to help students make substantial profits in the Forex market.

Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program has consistently outperformed the expectations of its students, which include both new and experienced traders. Its wide and successful curriculum equips traders with the information and skills they need to tackle and succeed in the Liberty Market Investment challenge with confidence.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

Testimonials for the One Core Program from Asia Forex Mentor emphasize its methodical and efficient approach, which makes trading ideas understandable to both novice and experienced traders. The initiative, headed by

Ezekiel Chew is commended for his thorough explanation of trading fundamentals and his practical teachings. Users value the program’s influence on their trading skills and report feeling more knowledgeable and confident.

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Conclusion: SabioTrade Review

In conclusion, the Dumb Little Man team of trading pros believes that SabioTrade stands out for its expert-led training and effective trading strategies. Its programs, which are created by seasoned specialists and provide thorough insights into the trading sector, can benefit both novice and experienced traders.

It’s important to keep in mind that, similar to any educational program, the degree of success will depend on the commitment and preferred learning style of the individual.

SabioTrade provides a lot of material, however enrolling in reputable programs like Asia Forex Mentor will improve your chances of passing their exam. These comprehensive courses provide an additional level of knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive trading industry.

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SabioTrade Review FAQs

What is SabioTrade, and how does it relate to prop trading?

Prop trading company SabioTrade offers traders a trading platform to improve their skills. In this area of the prop trading market, traders use firm-provided capital to work under predefined parameters.

Can beginners use SabioTrade’s trading platform effectively?

Although SabioTrade’s trading interface is very intuitive for novices, some adaptation may be necessary. The platform is a flexible tool in the prop trading industry because it is made to accommodate different skill levels.

Are there specific trading rules to follow when using SabioTrade?

Even though SabioTrade’s trading interface is quite user-friendly for beginners, some adjustments could be required. Because the platform is designed to accommodate varying skill levels, it is a versatile tool in the prop trading sector.





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