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4 Original Ways to Be Romantic in the Digital Age

Romance in the digital age has certainly changed.

Gone are the days of waiting for weeks for a love letter to arrive from a loved one who’s currently (or indefinitely) far away. The digital has creeped into all spheres of our lives, including love, and it has made it possible for us to instantly accomplish and experience what we want.

Just like how we use online photo editing tools to prepare photos for sharing with friends, chatting and calling services to connect with business associates from another continent, or cloud storage sites to instantly archive or access important documents, so do love birds today use different technology to win someone’s heart or profess their love again and again.

The abundance of awesome web tools and apps for romance makes it a little difficult to quickly find appropriate ways to approach someone, but on the other hand, it guarantees that there’s definitely a neat piece of love software for everyone. There are tools and apps that can appeal to all the senses and all types of people, so depending on whether your crush is an audio, visual or tactile person, you’ll choose your “weapon” accordingly.

Words & Pictures

love letters

For centuries, people have expressed their love via love letters. Todaym handwritten letters are rare, but the joy of receiving them hasn’t diminished, which can explain the popularity of ecard sites.

The problem with typical ecards sites is that they usually provide ready-made templates, so you don’t much freedom to personalize your card. Try using card making websites that offer a range of card shapes, graphics, text options and other design features, so users can create a unique card from scratch without spending more than a few minutes in the process. Try free sites like Cherami.Cards or Canva.com.

Music & Poetry

If you’ve seen the movie “Begin Again”, you know that technology can be used for recording a song and sending it to your loved one so they can listen to it on their phone, tablet or computer. It’s always a good idea to do it sober, unlike Keira Knightley in the movie (though it seems her love song project turned out to be a success).

If you’re creative and romantic, you can use free tools like Audiotool or Ujam to record your own love song or recite a poem. However, if you’re not that tech-savvy, you can simply use Spotify to create a playlist of all the songs your loved one will enjoy after a long workday.

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Games & Adventure

A great way to keep the flame alive, especially in long-distance relationships, is through playing online games together. The games don’t have to be related to love and romance. They can even be classics like Dungeons and Dragons (the online version, of course).  

This way, couples can choose their avatars, go on quests and fight villains, all the while chatting to make the best game strategy and to slip in some playful, romantic phrases. The same can be applied to any type of online game: murder mystery, Scrabble, Facebook game apps, etc.

Chatting in Secret

Some couples need to keep their relationship a secret for whatever reason. Perhaps they are hiding from parents, a jealous ex-partner, or they are celebrities and they just don’t want to have all the world talking about their private lives. Secret couples can connect online in many ways – via social media networks, email, games, chatting services, etc.

But there are mobile apps that are created precisely for this reason like Couple, Avocado, and You&Me just to name a few. These apps allow lovers to share photos, videos, messages, funny and cute stickers and they can insert suggestions for date nights. 

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There are people who fear that the digital age will destroy our relationships and our ability to connect, but let’s be optimistic and try to use all the Internet’s great potential. Who knows, maybe we’ll reach new heights in loving another person with the help of technology?


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