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Retirement Activities that are Financially Viable

We spend a significant part of our lives focused on our career or jobs and the responsibilities and obligations that come along with it. Post retirement, most folks have to deal with a big chunk of work-free time. Life after retirement can mean a lot of things to a lot of us. It involves a host of changes, which we might or might not want. Some look forward to this phase of life to take it real easy or do all those things that they had planned for their retirement. While others are filled with dread and anxiety and just don’t seem to have the appetite for an activity free life.

Here we will try to provide some useful tips about the activities that one can undertake that are not only fun but also financially viable.

1.Try Freelancing

Keep your skills polished and try your hand at freelancing, which is a virtual treasure trove of opportunities. A host of viable options is available that allow you to earn additional income on the terms mostly set by you. No matter what your skills may be, there are several freelance work websites that you can register with. You can bid for the task in which you have prior experience or that which interests you.

2.Take up Writing

If you have a flair for writing, this is a good way to use your time constructively. Use your free time to start that book that you’ve been meaning to write. Start your own website or blog to share your lifetime experiences and knowledge. A commission from advertisements posted on your website/blog can provide a pretty decent additional income and pay for the expenses of internet usage and domain fees.

3.Create your own green space with Gardening

From potted plants to aquaponics to terrace gardens and kitchen gardens or flower gardens, you have several options that suit your budget and inclination. Gardening can be a perfect activity for those who wish to eat fresh veggies, spend quality time interacting with nature, and get a daily dose of physical activity in the bargain.


If you happen to have a ‘social activist’ bent of mind, volunteer for causes that have always been close to your heart. The associated costs need not burn a hole in your pocket.

5.Pursue a hobby

With some sensible budgeting, this is a great time filler and can work wonders at keeping you focused. Sometimes pursuing that long cherished hobby can turn into a full blown profession or business, providing you with not just good cash, but also a sense of fulfillment.

6.Organize cultural events in your community

This is a great way to spend quality time if you are an extrovert and love being in the thick of things. Being involved in community affairs helps you stay connected with everyday life and keeps you active too.

7.Mentor a youth

If you believe that you can make a difference in a child’s life, take time out to mentor an underprivileged youth and reap the benefits of seeing the person flourish. You can also sponsor their education in accordance with your financial ability.

8.Exercise the Mind

Join a game club. Keep working those gray cells otherwise they are known to get rusty pretty easily. Try crosswords, Sudoku, cards or any other form of mentally stimulating sport for avoiding those moments of fogginess that accompany retired life.

9.Exercise the Body

Take up some form of exercise. It can be something as serious as Yoga and Tai Chi or something more fun like attending dance classes or joining a walking club.


Keeping your cash flow in mind, think of visiting places that you have never visited or those that you wish to revisit.

While life post retirement is different and tends to slow down tremendously, adhering to a physically active lifestyle and keeping one mentally engaged is critical to break the monotony and preserve relationships.

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