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How to Protect Your Assets When Working Remotely

Remote work comes with numerous benefits. Whether you are a freelancer, run your own business or work for a company with flexible work options, getting out of the office is refreshing and can be great for creativity. But it can also be dangerous—for your data, at least. Fortunately, there are some simple, concrete actions and remote working security tips you can take to protect yourself from hackers, identity thieves, and data loss.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can protect yourself and your assets when working remotely.

Secure Your Network and Protect Your Identity

We all know smart online practices are important, but if you’re running your own business (say, as a freelancer), they become an even higher priority. You’re not just protecting your personal identity now, but your business’ as well. It’s crucial to follow smart security practices and remote working security tips to keep your accounts, finances, and clients safe.

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Make sure that you’ve changed your router password, too. Most routers have a default password that’s printed right on the device. This makes it too easy for someone to get the password, log in, and change your Wi-Fi credentials. Instructions for changing your password vary by router model but can usually be found in the manual.

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Prevent Data Loss

Nothing can ruin your day (or week) quite like having hardware failure and losing vital information. Having secure and accessible backups prevents downtime, keeps mission-critical data safe, and ensures you can serve your customers reliably.

Keep Company Secrets Safe

Trade secrets are a hot commodity and protecting them is critical to long-term business success. Following a few simple remote working security tips can go a long way in keeping your business’ sensitive data in the right hands.

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Technology changes rapidly in today’s world and cybercriminals are often ahead of the curve. Working remotely only adds to the complexity of information security. Keeping up with basic remote working security tips can help you keep your assets protected.

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