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Reduce Stress By Avoiding The Holiday Blues

Here we are again.

According to the calculations, there is only little time left before the major holidays!

That means there’s only a few more days of shopping left before Christmas.

Depending on where you are with your goals, passion and desires, this could be great news or enough to send you into a panic.

The thought of the holidays approaching means different things to us all.

For some it is about celebrating a religious practice, for others it is all about the decorations. But for many, the holidays are synonymous with family turmoil, burn out and dread. The stress surrounding family visits and feuds are enough to make many wish they could have the joy the season brings without the headache.

Regardless of how great you feel your family is, the holidays are sure to bring up some challenges.
Before you are swept away with all the commercials, store decorations and chaos, I want to share (3) quick ways you can avoid the Holiday Blues:

(1)    Start the season from a realistic point of view: This time of year there are tons of holiday movies chucked full of images of families sitting by the fire, singing and spending quality time together. Remember, these are paid actors! In a real world, family isn’t always that simple. These can serve as good motivators but you cannot hold yourself to these unrealistic characters. The holidays will not make your family challenges melt away with a cup of hot cocoa.

(2)    Avoid the emotional roller coasters and joy drainers: Here’s the deal, some family members come with a lot of drama. There isn’t much you can do about it. Don’t spend this holiday season trying to address or change them. If they are around, find neutral subjects to agree upon and leave the rest for a more appropriate time.

(3)    Exercise discipline when dealing with your finances: Stats show that this time of year leads more people to financial woes than any other time. Why? Often it is because we feel the pressure to spend to compensate for troubles in other areas. You don’t have to impress or prove anything. Utilize this season as a time to have restraints so you can enjoy yourself in the year to come.

Your heart may be pounding because you’re wondering where the time went. It seems like it was just last month we were complaining about the sweltering heat and now we are hours from Thanksgiving and a few days from Christmas. This holiday take some time to prepare yourself with these helpful hints. This season is about joy, reflection and good will toward men, not stress and heartache.

See you at the TOP!
Early Jackson

Written on 11/21/2013 by Early Jackson.

Photo Credit: Max Boschini

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