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4 Signs That You Need A Better Mattress

Getting enough sleep is essential to staying healthy. With a well-rested body, you can do many things including having the energy to exercise, work, and play. Overall, you can achieve more things with a body that is not starved of sleep. But what happens if your mattress is stealing good quality sleep from you?

The Correlation Between Sleep And The Right Mattress

It’s safe to say that people sleep better on comfortable mattresses, but beds provide more than just comfort—good sleep on a consistent basis makes a major difference in how you well you function from day to day. With all the various options available to choose from online and in stores, it can be difficult to know the best type of mattress to invest in for your specific needs and preferences. It’s helpful to do some research and to see what’s available that will suit your needs. Reading reviews will also guide you in the right direction.

Not only are there a variety of mattresses to choose from, but you can also find amazing accessorizing pieces like these mattress toppers, pillows, and protective covers to enhance your comfort and quality of sleep.

That said, here are a few reasons having a comfortable mattress in good condition is so important:

A good, comfortable mattress can help you feel more relaxed when you wake up, which may lessen your feeling of being stressed. An old, creaky mattress or one that doesn’t provide the comfort you need to sleep can make you feel irritable and anxious, which can affect your day-to-day activities and overall sense of fulfillment. Not having proper, restful sleep for weeks may lead to the development of long-term stress and anxiety that can even manifest into psychological problems later on.

People tend to stay in one position for quite some time when asleep, which can cause body pains by the time they awaken. The right mattress can balance your center of gravity and provide proper support for your body. Your weight will be equally distributed, and you can develop a healthy sleep posture without the risk of misaligning your spinal curvature in any way.

Old mattresses that haven’t been cleaned or steam-vacuumed for a long time can be the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. Crawling inside the foams, these pests are left to nip away at your dead skin cells and body oils, primarily causing asthma and mild to severe skin allergies. You may even develop acne, dry skin, and nasal congestion. It’s best to have your mattress cleaned regularly, or get a new one altogether if it’s too old and beyond cleaning or repair.

Sometimes, the best solution to some problems in life such as stress, low energy levels or lethargy, and moodiness and difficulty with concentration is sound sleep. You can achieve this when you’re sleeping in a comfortable bed, and in a good sleeping position. Being able to rest both your mind and body can do wonders for uplifting your mood, as well as enable you to focus more on your tasks and have the energy to move, leading to more productivity and a general sense of well-being.

Signs You May Need To Upgrade Your Mattress

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It’s a shame to have to let go of a mattress you’ve had for a long time, but if it’s aged past its prime and doesn’t provide you with the same comfort it used to, you might want to consider replacing it. Here are signs that will let you know it’s time to replace your mattress:

It’s Less Comfortable And Supportive

It’s recommended to change your mattress after six to eight years of regular use. By this time, your mattress has likely lost most of its ability to provide comfort and support. With years of wear and tear, you may be facing issues like sagging and broken springs. This greatly effects the support you need to get adequate, quality sleep. It can actually start to cause physical issues that you might normally even have, such as stiffness and soreness in your back, which can negatively impact the rest of your body.

You Get Inadequate Sleep

It’s normal to feel mentally and physically tired after a long, busy day. That’s why it’s so important to sleep comfortably and soundly at night so you can be just as productive the next morning. However, if you feel poorly rested when you wake up, and have inadequate energy to get everything done, then your bed isn’t giving you the optimal comfort you need to recharge and refresh your energy.

You’ve Undergone Physical Changes

As you get older, your body changes, and so do your needs and preferences when it comes to comfort. Your weight may also change or fluctuate, which effects the position you tend to sleep in.

Everyone sleeps differently, and sleep routines change with age. You might have been a side sleeper for a long time but, at some point, this could change to a preference for sleeping on your back or stomach. Everyone’s body is unique and needs different kinds of support so if your mattress isn’t cutting it for you anymore, it’s time to find a new one.

Mattresses range from very firm to very soft and everywhere in between. You may have preferred sleeping on a softer mattress in your younger years, but later on life as your weight and posture changes, you might feel more comfortable on something firmer.

It’s Lost Its Aesthetic Appeal

The bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture and centerfold of most bedrooms. This is a room where you should enjoy spending your nights relaxing, recharging and getting restful sleep. If your bed looks uninviting due to old age, it can diminish the overall ambiance of your bedroom and your ability to feel rested and refreshed. Reupholstering is an option but an expensive one, and it usually makes more financial sense to upgrade to a replacement mattress.


Sleep should be a prioritized necessity for emotional, mental, and physical health. By investing in a new and improved mattress when the time comes to replace your old one, you’re also investing in a higher quality of life. While new mattresses tend to be costly depending on what sort you buy and where, the cost will most likely warrant the use you’ll get out of it for years to come.

You can also prolong the lifespan of your mattress and avoid having to frequently replace it by taking care of it and cleaning it regularly. You can also use mattress pads and covers to help absorb spills, stains, and smells. This will help extend the mattress’ lifespan, providing you with optimal comfort and sleep for years to come.

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