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10 Nerve Pain Medications and Remedies: Complete Guide 2024

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The human nervous system is essential for almost anything that our bodies do. From thinking to motor activities and feeling pain, you need a healthy nervous system to function properly.

In order for your body to function properly, it is absolutely crucial that your nerves function properly too. Damaged nerves can lead to coordination problems, memory loss, cognitive problems, chronic pain, and much more.

Nerves are especially more likely to get damaged in old age. That’s because of the natural degeneration of the human brain that occurs due to aging.

The good news for people with neuropathic pain is that pain relief is possible with the help of the right nerve pain medications. In most cases, the damage to the nerves can simply be cured with the help of the right nutrients and vitamins.

Nerve Pain Medication: What is Nerve Pain?

Nerve Pain Medication
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Nerve pain, also called neuropathic pain, refers to a condition in which people experience tingling, burning, stabbing pain, or chronic prickling. The neuropathic pain can become unbearable if it’s left untreated.

When your nerves are damaged, they become incapable of essential information to and from the brain. The damage can also occur inside the CNS. In some cases, damaged nerves can send false pain signals to and from your body, which is extremely uncomfortable.

Neuropathic pain occurs when the nerve cells become hyperexcitable. In simple words, they create pain when there are no painful stimuli around. That’s why people with such discomfort often face difficulty sleeping.

Symptoms of Nerve Pain

Feeling of burning
Tingling sensations
Stabbing sensation
Chronic prickling
Shooting pain
Radiating pain
Blurred vision

Causes of Nerve Pain 

Nerve pain occurs due to damaged nerves. Here are some of the causes of nerve damage that lead to neuropathic pain:

Trigeminal Neuralgia

It is a nerve pain condition in which the patient experiences sudden and extreme electric shocks to the face. In this case, a specific nerve known as the trigeminal nerve is damaged.

Diabetic Neuropathy

In some cases, high levels of glucose in the blood can damage the nerve cells. This type of neuropathy is often experienced as numbness in the legs, feet, and hands. It is among the most common types of neuropathic pain.


In the case of fibromyalgia, nerve pain is experienced as exaggerated pain signals accompanied by severe fatigue, depression, digestive problems, oversensitivity, and cognitive impairments. Usually, there is pain, but the brain amplifies it, which makes it extremely unbearable.

Other Causes of Neuropathic Pain

Other Causes of Nerve Pain
Myofascial pain
Central pain syndrome
Post-herpetic neuralgia
Nerve compression by tumors

Treatment for Nerve Pain 

Here we will discuss home remedies, conventional treatments, and effective nerve supplements that can help you get rid of nerve pain.

Conventional Treatments


Research indicates that people with neuropathic pain have hormonal imbalances. Due to these imbalances, they also feel depressed. So, antidepressants work really well in treating nerve pain because they treat depression along with chronic pain.

Tricyclic antidepressants are especially good in helping people get rid of shingles. Also, central post-stroke pain, numbness, and much more. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, anti-epileptic drugs, opioid painkillers or opioid analgesics, and other common painkillers are also proven effective in this regard.

Combination Therapy

Although tricyclic antidepressants work great for most people, some people respond well to a combination of antidepressants and other nerve pain medications.

Topical Pain Relief Treatments

These are very good if the pain is localized. Topical treatments are also very safe because they do not reach the bloodstream.

Home Remedies

Some of the best pain management strategies for treating pain caused by nerve damage:


Patients with nerve pain feel relief after exercise because of the endorphins that are released by physical activity.

Foot Care

Nerve pain is often accompanied by extreme discomfort in the feet. That’s why wearing comfortable footwear can help reduce discomfort.

A Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath can treat neuropathic pain due to the increase in blood flow. It can also help with reducing the stress caused by nerve pain.


Adopting healthy sleep habits can help relieve nerve pain, especially when it occurs at night. Limiting caffeine consumption can help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle.  


Research indicates that using plant-based oils, such as geranium oil and lavender oil, can help ease nerve pain.


1. Nerve Pain Rescue: Nervexol

Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Easy to swallow pills

Nervexol is a neuropathy support formula that helps relieve the nerve pain caused by diabetes, and supports nerve repair.Depending on the package

Nerve pain can really get onto your nerves, but with the help of the right product, you can get rid of it from the roots. Nervexol is one of the best and safest nerve pain relievers available on the market today.

It doesn’t matter what the cause of your nerve pain is. Nervexol can help you ease the discomfort. Whether it is due to diabetes, old age, injuries, or infections. It is both a supplement and a nerve pain medication.


Some of the nerve pain relieving ingredients of Nervexol include Calamari, R-Alpha Lipoid Acid, Benfotiamine,  Methylcobalamin, Riboflavin, Ubiquinol, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3, Passion Flower, California Poppy, and Corydalis. 

What Inspired Nervexol?

Sam, the co-founder of Nervexol, wanted to make a product that could help his wife battle diabetes and the nerve pain caused by it. After trying every treatment available, Sam and his wife gave up for good. And then, they started their own research.

After rigorous research on chronic neuropathic pain, they finally made Nervexol. They proved with the help of more than 40 scientific studies, that it is extremely effective for treating nerve pain. Sam’s wife, Kierstyn Messina, is now living a discomfort-free life.

How can Nervexol Help You?

Why Should You Choose Nervexol?

How Does Nervexol Work?

Neuropathic pain is usually caused by excessive oxidative stress in the brain. The ingredients in Nervexol balance oxidative stress and support the nerves.

Nervexol’s ingredients enhance the protection of the outer layers of the nerves. It decreases both its intensity and frequency with the help of DHA omega-3.

Nervexol also improves nerve connections which helps patients ease tingling sensations and numbness.

Shop Nervexol Supplement at the Official Website.

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2. Regenerates Damaged Nerves: Nerve Renew

Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Nerve Renew

Easy to swallow pills

Nerve Renew is a powerful formula that aims to stop nerve damage completely. 

Depending on the package

Manufactured by Life Renew, Nerve Renew is by far the best neuropathy support formula to date. Nerve Renew is an excellent nerve pain relief supplement that improves the health of CNS and PNS.

Dr. Don Kennedy, the creator of this product, has over 40 years of experience in treating nerve problems in patients. If none of the other pain relievers have worked for you, you should try Nerve Renew, and it will never disappoint you.


Nerve Renew contains Vitamin B, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Stabilized R-ALA, Feverfew extract, Oat Straw Extract, Passion Flower Extract, and Skullcap Extract,

How Can Nerve Renew Help You

How Does Nerve Renew Work?

Step 1: Breaking the Cycle

Nerve Renew breaks healthy glucose with the help of potent antioxidants. It relies on R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, which works 12 times better than ALA. This ensures the effective distribution of glucose across your brain. Apart from that, R-ALA can also help your body balance nutritional deficiencies.

Step 2: Enhancing Nerve Communication

Nerve Renew contains Vitamin B6, which can help your nerves calm down, thereby ensuring effective communication between nerves. Vitamin B6 will also improve blood circulation and nerve fiber density.

Step 3: Growth of Fresh Nerve Tissue

Nerve Renew contains Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B-12) that will help support fresh nerve tissues. By improving the Myelin sheath of the nerve cells, Nerve Renew significantly increases the speed of nerve communication.

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Although there are hundreds of nerve pain medicines available, most don’t come with a guarantee that they won’t cause any side effects.

Nerves are extremely important, which is why you have to be very careful and choose supplements and products that are proven side effects-free.

That’s why, after extensive research on the subject, we recommend Nerve Renew as the best nerve pain medication and supplement.

Why is Nerve Renew the best?

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Nerve Pain FAQs

Is neuropathic pain lethal?

In most cases, it is not lethal. However, if there the brain or spinal cord gets damaged severely, it can be fatal.

Why is neuropathic pain common in elderly people?

That’s because their brain cells are already weak and degenerated due to aging.

Why does alcohol cause neuropathy?

Alcohol causes neuropathy because it damages the peripheral nervous system.

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