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Positive Changes You Deserve to Make in Your Life

Positive Changes You Deserve to Make in Your Life

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this before but change really is the only constant in the world. Therefore, if we are to make such changes, might as well make them positive right? Well, that is actually easier said than done.

The truth is, yes, implying positive changes in our lives is quite difficult because humans often take on big challenges and expect results right away. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way because, in order for us to make big changes, we gotta start with small ones, work hard to make them a habit, then we’ll eventually accomplish what we are aiming for.

You might not really know where to start so here are some jotted suggestions we have for you to begin with!

① Personal Treatment Services

⫸ Follow a Strict Sleeping Regime

If you have noticed, we often feel irritated and dizzy whenever we are sleep-deprived. Unknowingly, our performance in the activities we ought to do is affected by our condition because we tend to excel less when we lack sleep. Somehow, we often feel like not working anymore resulting in us being lazy.

So what can you do?

To begin with, you should decide and follow the momentum of having at least 6 hours of sleep and 8 hours at most. Then schedule the time of your sleep. 10 p.m. is the suggested time for adults, and anytime after 12 a.m. is not advisable anymore.

⫸ Do Not Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast increases our metabolism and lowers our bad cholesterol levels. Hence, allowing us to burn even more calories within the day. Therefore, if ever you want to achieve a healthier body, then perhaps you could include eating breakfast in your diet.

⫸ Add One More Fruit in Your Palate

Aside from eating breakfast, it is also advisable to add one kind of fruit to any of your meals every day. This is not really necessary but doing so could give you something to look forward to.

Well, you might not know this but fruits actually give a “calming effect” and increase our energy. Therefore, we don’t only become calm and energized, but also happy with this positive change.

⫸ Exercise

Speaking of physicality, of course, exercising wouldn’t miss the scene. It is up to you what motivation you’ll have in doing so but make it also a goal to exercise not only for your outer appearance but considering your physical health as well.

You could look up a program online that offers classes. Some of these services are free but you would either need to sign up and be a member or purchase something from them in others. On that note, you could just exercise on your own with the help of training apps or YouTubers who teaches certain positions in their workout videos.

It’s okay to miss once in a while as long as you won’t look past your training and break your schedule. Then, whenever you feel like quitting, it is vital to focus on your goal. Why do you need to exercise? What is it for?

⫸ Scroll Less

Another positive change that you might want to consider if you want to achieve personal development is to start scrolling less. Scrolling is what we do whenever we are online right? We scroll through our Facebook feed, Youtube comments, Twitter, or even through our digital newspapers.

The less time we waste by scrolling through these, the more time we could do something productive. In addition, it benefits us in a way that we could be a little less updated to the toxicity we see among these platforms.

② Be organized

⫸ Keep a Journal Close

This might sound old school but keeping a notebook to jot down different things in our daily life is one of the positive changes you should consider. In your journal, you could write how your day went, you could say whatever you like, whatever you don’t like, your thoughts and stuff, just anything really.

Your journal could be your exclusive best friend where your opinions are expressed the same way you would to your real best friend. In here you could even include a confidential setting that you fear to tell anyone but had to express it anyway.

⫸ Plan Plan Plan

If you are a person who lives by “going with the flow”, then you might want to try this.

Going through the day without planning is quite normal but it is also one of the reasons why people fail to master their time management.

Provide a time limit for every task you do. In this way, you could positively maximize the 24 hours you have. You wouldn’t be stressed about wasting your time and you would have less anxiety about your pending tasks. These plans would provide support of some sort whenever we feel lost in our time.

⫸ Set Goals

It is always a wise decision to set goals in everything you do. This is to set an expectation from yourself that you are willing and can do. Having to do so will trigger a new set of behavior within you such as being more motivated and focused

On that note, set smaller goals at first that you yourself know are doable. This is to give you a higher chance of success in achieving that objective. You could also set bigger goals but remember that you’ll become less motivated once you feel like you are not doing enough to reach your expectations.

⫸ Well-balanced Life

Speaking of time, we suggest such positive changes not only to keep your day organized but for you to have a well-balanced time as well. There are people who prioritize work over leisure and others spend more time living their lives than working.

We work to pay the bills, we sleep and exercise to keep our body healthy, we play with our kids if we have kids, we go on a vacation with our family to unwind, or even go on a business trip to widen our networks. All those are what it means to have a well-balanced life.

⫸ Yucky Task, Nice Task

Whenever you start working on a task, create a mental interval of how much you like and don’t like such activities. Then, start by doing the “yucky” task and reward yourself with the “nice” task later. Getting rid of stuff you feel troubled with at first makes it easier to go on with the following tasks after.

On that note, your priority sequence should go like this:

  1. Things you don’t want to do but are urgent (for instance, badly needed by clients).
  2. Awesome things you actually want to do and are urgent as well.
  3. Things you would like to do but don’t really have to right away.
  4. Not so awesome things that you don’t want to do at all and don’t need to anyway.

⫸ Clean up Inbox

Our inbox is supposed to include all the essential emails we should keep. Therefore, you should clear up any unnecessary messages especially when your storage is limited. Make it a habit to delete emails that are irrelevant whenever you receive this so that you wouldn’t have to delete a lot of messages all at once.

Here are the following “kinds” of emails that should stay in your inbox:

  1. Business and professional, such as important emails from clients.
  2. Personal, such as important emails from your family and even extended families.
  3. Personal, emails for yourself such as treatment services

⫸ Check Bank Account

Always always check where your money goes. How much money you’ve spent on personal and professional needs or wants. This benefits your ability to estimate how much you are allowed to spend and how much you should put aside.

There are bank services that help you save and grow your money so it wouldn’t stay as it is. Such services are better explained when you go personally to the bank as they will also inform you about the investment possibilities you could do.

This is one of the positive changes that will. be training you to handle your money better.

⫸ Unfollow People

Sometimes, one reason why we feel disheartened with our lifestyle, in general, is because we see others living a “better” life than we think we have. This is because comparison among ourselves towards others is inevitable. We often compare the other’s lives to what we achieved so far.

Therefore, one piece of advice for this is to unfollow people who make us feel this unnecessary anxiety because you should remember that everyone has their own pace in life, and the fact that you are on this article tells us that you are willing to speed up your pace little by little.

③ A New Beginning With Positive Change

⫸ Embrace the Joy in Learning

The world is as vast as the things we have not learned yet about. Learning takes time but it gets better as long as you enjoy it. For instance, you are not really good with sports, then perhaps, you could start learning a sport that suits you and is enjoyable for you.

You could even try exploring the world of arts, paint whenever you are bored, sketch, or draw. As long as you do not think that learning is a burden, another skill will be equipped in yourself. Embrace the joy of learning and explore as much as you can.

⫸ Read More

Different books, different stories, information, would introduce you to a whole new perspective on different topics and concepts. Doing so will help you broaden your horizon and understand life better.

This is one of the positive changes that is often overlooked because not everyone likes reading. However, it is actually training our language skills including our vocabulary and writing. You might not know this but reading reduces stress as well by 68%. Therefore, you could try reading for a habit as a change if you haven’t yet.

⫸ Build Support Network

Socializing is a bit draining most especially if you don’t like being around people that much. However, building a “support” network is actually a big help in our life, literally. As you know, there are a lot of procedures in everything we do, wherever we go. That is why having friends who work in different fields could make your life so much easier. This does not necessarily mean you are using them, but building a network really does includes a connection among people who can assist you and how you can assist them in return.

④ Consider your Personal Development

⫸ Let go of Regrets

If you have been suffering from regrets during the past few years, then you should consider letting go of them this year. Regrets are what often hold us back from doing what we really want to do.

Start letting go of regrets by forgiving yourself for whatever you did and think of it of making up for it. Take your regrets as a lesson instead of a bad memory, and take them as your motivation to do better. Move on.

⫸ Self-acceptance

Sometimes, another reason why we don’t improve ourselves is that we think we are “not good enough”. Remember that it all starts with you, self-acceptance is the key for you to get up and make your life better. Yes, there are people who really are “better” than us in some ways but that does not mean we are not enough.

Accept yourself as you are. In that way, you would know your strengths and weakness, as well as what you can do about them.

⫸ Be with Influential People

Did you know that it is a natural instinct of humans to adapt to the personalities of the people around them? Yes, that is why if you want to improve yourself better, try being with influential people who could give you motivation and push you for the better.

Influential are often hard to find but they are those who are goal-driven and motivational. Once you surround yourself with these kinds of people, more and more doors will open and your perspective in life, relationships, and workstyle could even improve.

⫸ Observe Your Patterns

According to Kidlin’s Law, if you could clearly write down a problem, then half of the problem is solved. Similarly, if you clearly identify what you need to improve on, then you are already halfway in solving it.

Always observe yourself, what are you passionate about? What are the things that make you happy? What are your downside traits? What are you good at? Bad at? Observe these little things about yourself because by doing so, you will know what kind of training you could do to improve for the better.

⑤ Consider Your Well-Being

⫸ 5 Things That Went Well

Every night, think of 5 things that went well and reflect on them. Doing so will make you realize all the positivity you’ve encountered during that day alone and wonder “What more could I experience tomorrow?”. Thinking of the things that went well for the day will make you appreciate life more because people often think that living is not worth it because of the bad things that happen to them.

However, if you think of the opposite, then you feel positive instead.

⫸ Talk Back to Negativity

Sometimes, what brings us down is not others or any horrible circumstances, but our own self as well. There are many reasons why we have negative thoughts and why we often drag ourselves down because of it.

Always contradict that negativity because, at the end of the day, they are only in our heads. The more we talk back at them the more we would think of reasons against them, the more we realize that they are nothing but unnecessary thoughts.

⫸ Be Kind to Others

Another way for us to have peace and positive vibes is by being kind to others. It is inevitable for us to be surrounded by people and to interact with them. Therefore, be kind to whoever you will be with. Be kind to your families, friends, or even acquaintances.

This is so that first, you will have no problem with anybody. Second, you will not feel any pessimist energy from anyone. Lastly, you feel happier with less burden on your shoulders.

⫸ Reward Yourself

You deserve to reward yourself whenever you felt like you have done a good job. Your brain will give off positive emotions whenever you do so and you will feel happier eventually. This is also to keep you motivated whenever you are about to do a task because you know you will get something in return.

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