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16 Tips Get A Bigger Penis: Complete Guide 2024

Approximately 45% of men are not satisfied with their penis size, as reported by a study. The mainstream porn or your partner’s opinion may have lowered your self-esteem.

But you should know penis length never determines your overall health or sexual pleasure– if that’s what got you worried. Notably, as indicated by a study, women are less concerned about penis size or girth during sex compared to men.

So, having a smaller penis is not the end of the world. Moreover, not all penis enlargement methods produce sustainable results.

But, if you still want to increase penis length, there are many options. Read on to explore the ways and other necessary tidbits.

Bigger Penis: Causes of Having a Smaller Penis

Before we discuss the causes of having a smaller penis, let’s know the average penis size. Studies say the average size for a flaccid penis should be 3.6-inch.

After erection, the penis should have a 5.2-inch size on average. A very rare percentage have micropenis with a length of lesser than 3 inches.


Genetic constitution is the primary cause for the length and girth of the penis. Males receive the X chromosome from the female parent and the Y from the male parent. Both chromosomes contribute to genital progression.

Moreover, genetic mutations play a significant role in influencing penile appearance.


Old age influences the length and girth of the penis. With the increase in age, arterial fat buildups cause reduced blood flow to the penis, making it appear smaller.

Moreover, scar tissue accumulates due to years of injuries obtained during sex and sports. And that affects spongy erectile tissue, causing penile shrinkage.

Medical Causes

The primary medical reason for having a small penis is the absence of testosterone at the desired level. This condition, known as hypogonadism, is the main cause of micropenis. Micropenis further causes problems like a low sperm count and infertility.

However, there are some other medical conditions where the penis seems small to a person. The penile dysmorphic disorder is a psychological condition in which patients are unnecessarily bothered about their penis size.

In addition, in certain medical conditions, a man’s penis may appear to be small. The inconspicuous penis is a broad-spectrum medical condition causing this problem.

A person having an inconspicuous penis may face the problem of an adult-acquired buried penis. In this condition, an extra accumulation of skin around the skin makes it look smaller. The penis can originally be in the proper size and function well.

However, a buried penis can cause erectile dysfunction and problems during urination. Another medical condition under the umbrella of the inconspicuous penis is a webbed penis. A webbed penis happens when the scrotum’s skin is attached to the dick very high, making it look smaller.

Cosmetic penis surgery is used to treat the problem of a webbed penis. Another medical condition, under the term of an inconspicuous penis, is a trapped penis. A trapped penis is caused by male circumcision.

The circumcision’s scar tissue can make the penis trapped under the healed skin. This is a severe condition and is cured by scrotum surgery and steroid therapy.

Lifestyle Issues

Obesity is a prime reason why your penis looks smaller. Especially the accumulation of excess fat in your abdomen may cover your penis shaft, making it look smaller. So, make sure that you are avoiding unhealthy and oily food that contributes to weight gain.

Smoking is another reason why the penis size can become small. Excessive smoking results in atherosclerosis or plaque buildup in arteries. Clogged arteries further hamper adequate blood flow in the penis.

Further, the toxic chemicals acquired by our bodies due to smoking may cause erectile dysfunction. Thus, your penile tissues can get damaged, making the penis look smaller.

Excessive alcohol consumption is another reason for a short dick size.

Masturbating Too Much

Excessive masturbation is a common reason for penis shrinkage. Over-masturbation can cause excessive discharge of testosterone from the body. Further, the body may fail to balance out this loss by generating testosterone.

This lack of testosterone in the body can be the reason behind a smaller penis size.

Surgical Procedure

Men who have their cancerous prostate gland removed through surgery may have a reduction in penis length. Such shrinkage was reported in 71% of men who had prostate surgery. Post the surgery, there can be a reduction of 1/2 to 3/4 inches in the stretched position of a flaccid penis.

Surgery to remove scar formation causing Peyronie’s disease can also be a reason behind having a small penis.

16 Tips On How to Make Your Penis Bigger 

1. Exercise

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Exercise improves blood circulation throughout the body, including your sexual and reproductive systems. Improved circulation of blood aids in the effective delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

So, exercise improves hormonal balance, playing a positive role in physical development. So, physical activity can be a good way to make your penis thicker and longer.

Moreover, you can opt for repetitive manual penile stretching and jelqing. These techniques introduce micro-tears in the penile tissue.

And with time, the micro tears get filled up with scar tissue. In this way, you can experience an increase in the penile girth and length.

Notably, jelqing the stretching exercise involves a specific way of applying pressure. You use your index finger and thumb to apply pressure from the base to the tip of the penis. This motion helps to push blood from the base to the tip.

But, while trying penis stretches, don’t apply excess pressure or massage. Excess of these exercises causes discomfort and pain.

2. Foods

Aiming to get a bigger penis through diet gives an easy and sustainable way. But, it’s worth noting healthy food can increase penile size during developmental stages, not in old or mature age.

But, a healthy diet reduces the possibility of penile shrinkage during mature age. And this helps you to maintain erection levels.

You need to include protein, fiber, and healthy fats in your diet. Moreover, have spinach, oysters, garlic, and watermelon to promote healthy blood circulation and maintain an erection longer.  

3. Penis Pumps

A vacuum pump or penis pump can make your penis bigger in look by drawing blood into your dick. Through this process, vacuum pumps make your penis look swollen up. The vacuum device is also used to treat erectile dysfunction.

4. Penis Implants

Penile implants are surgical procedures to give you a visually bigger penis. These processes make your penis bigger in look by inserting materials under the penis skin.

Among implants, the Penuma silicone sleeve implant has gained a lot of attention. As the official website claims, the silicone implant is FDA-cleared. And it increases the length and girth of your cock when surgically inserted in elective cosmetic correction.

5. Cutting the Suspensory Ligament Through Penis Enlargement Surgery

This is the most common type of penis enlargement surgery. In this process, visual penis enlargement happens without changing its actual size.

Penis enlargement happens as the surgery cuts the suspensory ligament that keeps the penis attached to the pubic bone. In addition, visual penis enlargement happens as skin is moved to the penis shaft from the abdomen.

This penis enlargement surgery is also combined with many other processes for the best results. One of these processes is excess fat removal from one’s pubic bone.

6. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can help you get a longer penis through the process of plastic surgery. For an increased length, the surgeon may insert hyaluronic acid into soft tissue lying beneath the shaft skin.

7. Stretching

Photo: Pexels

In this process, a penile traction device is used to create mild tension in the penis for penile augmentation. Studies show that stretching can make your penis bigger by 1/2 to 2 inches.

8. Weight Loss

The losing weight method for penile lengthening works for men with obesity or excessively high-fat mass. The presence of fat surrounding the penis or in the pubic area makes the length of an even erect penis appear shorter.

Moreover, obesity makes you suffer from buried penis syndrome. This makes the penis get buried or hidden within the fat layers of the suprapubic region.

Losing weight makes your penis certainly appear longer. But, this way never works for men with lean body structures. Also, weight loss never makes your or your partner’s penis size longer. It eliminates the fat that hides the actual length of the penis and makes it appear shorter.

9. Shaving Pubic Hair

You can shave your pubic hair to give the appearance of a slightly larger penis. This excessively easy technique, however, never causes an actual increase in the length. Eliminating the hairs only makes your penis stand out.

10. Sexual Medicine

Male enhancement pills help the growth of penile tissues to make your penis larger. However, you should seek professional medical advice before taking any sexual medicine to enhance the girth and length of your junk.

11. Penis Injections

The FDA has approved penile injections as one of the most effective methods for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Further, ED is one of the main reasons for having a short penis.

Doctors usually inject alprostadil to make the smooth muscles relaxed. The injection also opens penile blood vessels for a better erection.

You can also get fat injections as a type of surgical penile augmentation. The injected fat increases the width of the organ. Notably, within 1 year of fat addition, your junk can lose 20 to 80% of the new volume.

So, you need many such surgeries of fat injections to consistently maintain increased width.

12. Lifestyle Choices

An unhealthy lifestyle can slow your body’s growth affecting your penis also. Smoking, alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle carry the potential to cause penile shrinkage. Also, poor life choices impact your sex drive and how long you can maintain an erection.

So, check your unhealthy practices not only for penis length but also for overall sexual health.

13. Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeve, also called penile extender, refers to hollow devices that can be worn over the penis during penetrative sex. Wearing these makes your cock appear thicker or longer but with no actual increase in length. Based on the material of penile extenders, you can get silicone sleeves or rubber varieties.

These devices help cases of erectile issues and premature ejaculation. But people also use sleeves as sex toys.

14. AlloDerm

This refers to modified human tissue used in reconstructive surgery and burns therapy. Over time, some doctors use it for increasing penile measurements.

Adding sheets of AlloDerm increases the penile circumference and girth. But, AlloDerm has exhibited negligible effectiveness in penile augmentation.

15. Supplements

The supplements listed below may not induce an actual increase in penile length despite the marketing claims. By maximum efficiency, they can prevent shrinkage of your cock, thus helping to maintain your size and girth.

Notably, these help in having stronger erections, improving your sex life. And improving erectile health aids in maintaining standard size in the erect state.

A. Increases Blood Flow and Engorge Erectile Issues: Primal Grow Pro

It contains a formulation inspired by an African ritual. Thanks to the inclusion of ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba and St. John’s Wort, the supplement improves overall penile health.

Also, Bacopa aids in improved brain activity and stress management. And that positively influences your sex life.

Shop Primal Grow Supplement at the Official Website.

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B. Maintains Strong and Healthy Erections: Aizen Power

As claimed by the creator, the supplement functions to give you a strong or healthy erection. The use of natural ingredients like Banaba and Milk Thistle establishes the product’s efficacy.

The product formulation aids in healthy blood flow to the chambers of the penis. And that aids in getting a harder erection and more pleasurable sex.

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C. Increase Penis By 35%: Ultra Boost Juice

This powdered supplement contains a combination of herbs, vitamins, and plant extracts. Importantly, the use of extracts of orange and strawberry extracts helps in the increased production of nitric oxide. And that helps in getting a stronger erection.

Also, the supplement positively influences levels of hormones. That may prevent penile shrinkage or help in increasing penile measurements.

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D. Grows Your Manhood Size By 4 Inches: Male Dominator

Blessed with natural constituents like Catuaba and Turnera diffusa, the male dominator improves sex drive, erection, and fertility.

Moreover, as claimed by the brand, the supplement aids in cellular changes. Influencing from the cellular level may help in increasing penile growth.

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E. Increase Manhood Size By 3.5 Inches: Grow Max Pro

The supplement operates by removing buildups of toxins. Also, it increases hormonal production. These impacts positively influence penile health.

Importantly, the use of natural ingredients like Tongal Ali and Arctic Root helps in improving stamina and overall health. Also, the presence of magnesium and zinc helps to relieve fatigue.

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F. Increase Manhood Size & Improve Sexual Performance: Savage Grow

Marketed as a male health supplement, this contains an effective combo of 14 ingredients. The supplement contains natural constituents like Muira Puama and Damiana Leaf. The use of herbs and plant extracts helps in improving your mood and health.

The supplement especially targets the issue of poor circulation in older men. The formulation developed focuses on improving blood circulation in penile chambers. The supplement thus helps in giving more sexual satisfaction and energy.

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16. Digital Program

Increase Length & Girth of Penis: Legendary Enlargement

This digital program provides comprehensive knowledge of increasing penile measurements. Notably, the product emphasizes the use of a natural and chemical-free diet.

Notably, you can explore exercises provided by the program.

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Why is Primal Grow the Best Solution to Make Your Penis Bigger?

Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Primal Grow Pro

Male Enhancement PillsA natural supplement that increases sexual performance for happy sex life.Depends on the package

Having mentioned all the solutions, we think Primal Grow supplement is the best way to make your penis longer. The formulation is derived from an age-old African practice. Plus, it is organically made, which ensures both safety and effectiveness.

Notably, the supplement aids in bettering metabolic functions. And that helps in proper nourishment, preventing penile shrinkage.

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Habits That Can Shrink Your Penis

The stages of penile growth can be divided into three segments. Rapid growth occurs from birth to 1 year. The growth of the penis may experience a setback from 1 to 11 years of age.

But, the penis experiences a boost in growth from age 11 to puberty. During the stage of physical development, several habits or factors can influence penile girth and length.

Even after puberty, you need to avoid these habits listed below to avoid shrinkage in length.

Here, it’s worth noting that keeping track of health during puberty can help in having a standard penis size. You should assess and improve your health habits at a younger age. Because increasing the penis length during maturity or older age gets tough.

How to Treat Small Penis Anxiety?

Treating small penis anxiety is more important than becoming concerned about size. Your mental health matters more than having a larger penis.

Men who think they have small cock or have small ones exhibit certain obsessive or abnormal psychological traits. Even if clinical tests prove they have normal sizes, they are convinced they have insufficient lengths.

They show an excessive obsession with increasing their penile length. The unhealthy fixation causes them to fall prey to unhealthy enlargement techniques. They are more prone to get infections, skin necrosis, and damaged nerve endings.

Furthermore, their perceptions and reduced confidence impact their dating and sex life. Moreover, low confidence arising from penile length lowers their ability to receive or gain sexual pleasure.

If your mental health is getting affected because of your or your partner’s views, opt for psychological consultation.


There are many ways of boosting penile health and increasing penile measurements. Surgical ways include fat injections and cutting suspensory ligament.

Importantly, to enhance the girth of the mentioned organ, one can improve lifestyle and diet. These provide effective ways of boosting penile growth.

Among the supplements, we recommend Primal Grow. It makes use of natural and effective ingredients. The supplement aids in positively influencing mental and sexual health.

Notably, the formulation improves penile health, reducing the chances of its shrinkage. And also, improves brain functions.

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Bigger Penis FAQs

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

The surgeries give results. But, what matters is how long the surgery outcome will stay or its effectiveness without causing any health hazards.

Moreover, as stated by UCF, almost none of the surgical methods work. Also, surgical methods can cause erection problems as one of the side effects.

How is Penis Size Related to Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is associated with penile measurements, as found by a study. Men with ED have lower measurements compared to those without ED.

Precisely, sources say ED influences the ability to get an erection. But, it does not affect the penile size in a flaccid state.

Does Having a Flaccid Penis Equate to Having a Smaller One?

The overall answer is no. There is no connection between the sizes of your cock in an erect or flaccid state.

Moreover, smaller flaccid penises increase more in size compared to larger flaccid ones.

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