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How To Use Natural Elements In The Bathroom For Modern Design

Considering to have a nature-inspired bathroom at home?

Blending natural elements to give your bathroom space a unique and modern design could be tricky even for experts. And if you’re renovating the space without the help of professionals, you’re left with the challenge of balancing the whole area without looking absurd.

Fortunately, the easiest part of the process lies in the choice of material. Going by the numbers, there are quite a host of natural materials you can use to give your bathroom the look you crave. However, the numbers aren’t important if not used accordingly.

Below are some of the most important things you need to consider when creating a nature-inspired bathroom.

Use stones

Even though modern bathroom designs favor ceramics wall, flipping the script in that area may require some guts. Stones aren’t everyone’s favorite element and could sound absurd if you line your bathroom with them.

However, stones can be used in a number of fashionable ways. They can be used to achieve a better texture or to achieve a better underfoot feeling. They can be used in transforming a washing basin or bathing tubs, too.

Stones, combined with woods, can create a charming look but is important not to overdo it. There’s no need to use a certain material extensively in order to send a message. The smallest things have a more positive impact.

Add some plants

In contrast to what most people think, a bathroom isn’t just a place for washing down dirt. It can be a rejuvenating spot in your home as it brings calm and peace to the body.

The rules are quite simple in terms of designing bathrooms — keep it simple!

As such, a perfect bathroom is one with simple patterns, lines, and colors. This doesn’t mean a bathroom has to be traditional.

If you want to improve your bathroom’s appeal, add a few tree branches with budding leaves while leaving up space. A great idea is to put a pot with aloe. This will give your bathroom a garden-like look and adds more fresh air.

Alternate with woods

Wood is one material that can be transformed to look like a shiny marble or left raw with few touches to reveal its imperfection.

Due to their versatility, they can fit almost anywhere as long as the patterns and colors are right. Wood décor in your bathroom space can vary from simple to complex. Wood walls are certainly the easiest and most common right now.

However, a few out of the box design such as carving a wood seat beside your tub won’t hurt your pride. It’ll help create a natural and calming atmosphere when compared with ceramics or glass.

Bring in sunlight

The sun is probably the most natural element you can use for free. Natural daylight can light up the whole environment, making your nature-inspired bathroom look more alive.

Plus, having sunlight on your body during an early morning shower comes with added health benefits, too. It can help rejuvenate the body.

So, open up your windows and draw back your curtains to allow natural daylight to come in. However, a bathroom with no windows can reflect some lights through mirrors and glass walls. Always prioritize your privacy.

Get smart with your walls

The smartest way to keep your walls beautiful is to keep it simple. White walls, in most times, bring the beauty of your interior environment out. It makes it easy for other designs to blend in without feeling disjointed.

More patterns may be added if you aren’t comfortable with the ordinary. However, you need to remember to keep the colors relevant. The wrong colors can destroy a perfect arrangement.

On Creating A Nature-Inspired Bathroom

Stones and woods can transform traditional designs into something modern and beautiful. Adding them to your bathroom can add warmth and peace. They are the best materials you can work with if you want a modern yet nature-inspired bathroom.

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