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Beginner’s Tutorial On Using Mass User Password Reset Pro Plugin

MASS Users Password Reset is a WordPress plugin that allows you to reset every user’s password. It categorizes users based on their roles and changes their passwords.

It sends users an email informing them of their new randomly generated login credentials. The pro edition includes several reset password options, as well as customized email formats containing the new password. It also supports different languages.

Features of Mass User Password Reset

  1. Mass Users Password Reset is a WordPress plugin that lets you reset user passwords in a variety of methods.
  2. You can classify users based on the role or extra customized variables and reset the passwords of only that group.
  3. Individual user passwords reset, and large quantities operations are supported.
  4. WordPress multisite is supported.
  5. Customers will get a mail notification with their new password; also, you can edit the email template by applying preset keywords.
  6. Instead of giving plain text passwords, users can be sent a Reset Password Link, which allows them to reset their passwords.
  7. WP CLI is supported.

Steps For Downloading And Installation

The Mass User Password Reset Pro can be installed on your website by using these simple steps:

  1. Download and add the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin in WordPress.
  3. The ‘Mass Users Password Reset’ option will be found under the ‘Users’ panel.

The length of the randomized passwords is eight characters. Therefore, by changing the code, you may easily change the length of the passcode.

Whenever the person selects to generate a new password, an email notification containing the newly created random password would be sent to the individual

How To Use The Plugin?

  1. To use the plugin, go to Users >> Mass Users Password Reset Pro after installing it.
  2. You can reset all users’ passwords by clicking the ‘Reset All User Password’ option.
  3. By clicking on the ‘Filter’ button, you can configure customized user requests. For example, different account description keys will be shown using custom field filters.
  4. You may change the password of a specified community of participants depending on a customizable variable and a value you specify.

Modifying And Sending Emails

using mass user password reset plugin

By putting the user data into the email, you may modify the reset password email template. You may accomplish this by using the identifiers on the right-hand side. Those placeholders are only allowed in the message body.

The administrator will reset each member’s password and get an email with their new password. By standard, a completely random password is 8 characters long.

Changing Password And Length

You may change this by using the filter MUPR password length.

You may also change individual login credentials from the individual’s tab.

You may do so by clicking on the reset password link located underneath the individual user’s name. Once successful, a message with the corresponding user’s name will be shown.

Test Mode

In test mode, you may now send the reset password link to a single email address. If you keep the test mode on, it will not annoy every customer by emailing the reset email password link and will just send the revised password information to that email.


The configuration settings allow you to specify the number of participants to display each page. You may also choose what information about the users is shown on the reset page.

The client can create a strong account. The program will email them a hyperlink to change their login details, and the user should be able to develop a random password by clicking on that link.

Checking History

The new password report for Mass User Password Reset provides a detailed track of every other user’s new password previous or changed activity in your system.

You may also see who has changed the login credentials. This brings work with both Mass User Password Reset & Mass User Password Reset Pro.

Add history Add On Link


If your site is invaded, it is advised that you reset all user passwords. However, if you have a wide audience, this might take quite a long time.

We hope this article contains all the points and information that was useful in teaching you how to change the password for all individuals in WordPress.


Mass Users Password Reset is a Plugin for WordPress that allows you to change the passwords of all members at once. It may classify users based on their roles and change the password for that group. It sends consumers an email informing them of their fresh randomized password.

The pro edition includes several password reset options, as well as personalized email layouts containing the login information credentials. In addition, it offers several languages and is also WooCommerce enabled.

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