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Live Big and Drive in Your Own Lane

What are you good at? 

This one question terrifies most people.

The reason is we’ve been taught to stress our weaknesses instead of celebrating our strengths.

Marcus Buckingham, who is famous for his research on human behavior in the work place says, “A person or organization will never move forward by only addressing a weakness. It has to also identify and cultivate strengths to see growth.”

As we grow, each year we seemingly become more and more aware of what we cannot do instead of where our genius lies.

To further see the power of our gifts, we only have to look at what we dream of in our spare time. You know the things you think about and immediately dismiss as ridiculous or childish.

Those are the very indicators screaming to get out and bless the world. I think it is the intent of society to squeeze us out of the lane of our own genius and force us to drive in the ‘lane of limitations’.

It takes courage to fight the system and refuse to veer off course. 

When we first learn to drive, every instructor says to keep your eyes slightly ahead and pay attention to the bends and curves of the road.

It usually takes some practice to keep the vehicle steady and centered in the lane you are in. This helps avoid most accidents because nothing is more frightening than someone drifting into another lane because they’re not focused.

Life is a lot like driving. We have lanes where our creativity soars and we feel alive. If we are not watchful, other’s opinions will pull us out of our lane.

The result is a crash. Maybe not instantly, but if you drift long enough, you are bound to hit something. 

Here are some simple steps to help keep you in your lane:

Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  

What we’ve done for too long is judge ourselves by someone else’s definition. It is not hard to locate your true genius. The difficult part comes when it is time to stand up, live big and drive in your own lane.

Take the wheel today and have a better journey in the future.

See you at the TOP!

Written on 10/26/2012 by Early Jackson. Early Jackson, happily married to his wife Cherese, is a heavily sought after teacher and conference speaker. He is the author of “Groomed For Greatness: 31 Days To An Empowered Life”, “50 Affirmations For Next Level Living“, “Tweet Your Way To Greatness” and “10 Mistakes I Made Before 30 & How To Avoid Them” as well as a variety of Coaching CD series. Photo Credit:
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