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9 Powerful Lessons from the Success Story of Bill Gates

Most people know Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft. He is the brain behind most of the computer technology that the world currently enjoys. The most important thing is to learn some lessons from his life.

Here are 9 powerful lessons you can learn from the success story of this great mind.

Be Competitive

Some of the attributes you can draw from the life of Bill Gates is that he was competitive, smart and persistent. Bill is a person who had the drive to win. You should try to be the best you can be whatever it takes so long as you succeed in the long run. You cannot achieve your dreams unless you call forth a very strong desire to succeed.

Be Persistent

Bill Gates is one of the most determined people on earth. He presents a person who would hammer his way until he got an ideal solution. Persistence calls for having a goal and fighting your way towards its accomplishment. The process can be very long and painful, but you have to fight your way through.

Read a lot

book reader

The parents of this great mind made a subscription to Fortune, and he took advantage to read a lot. You cannot become smart unless you read broadly. Bill Gates was a dedicated reader from his childhood. You will still find him writing about the books he reads on his website.

You can also get this advice from Warren Buffet. The best way to harness the power of knowledge is to read widely.


Bill was very curious when it came to studying everything in sight. However, he would concentrate on a single task at a time with a lot of discipline. You would find him sitting while clenching a marker in his mouth, rocking and tapping his feet, impervious to distraction. You cannot do this unless you have a lot of focus which comes with overcoming disruptions. You must appreciate the fact that it’s quite hard to do important works. The reason is that such actions require full concentration. You cannot carry out such assignments unless you overcome any distractions.

Carefully Pick Your Battles

According to the reality checks of Bill Gates, you should stop wasting time in places where you have little chances for success. Make sure you give full attention whenever the right opportunity surfaces. You may have limited resources, and you should be careful not to waste them. Assess each opportunity that comes your way and only pick the right ones. You can gain some of these insights through reading widely.

Make the Most of any Opportunity That Comes your Way

According to Bill, we have the skill and the energy, and we have all it takes to seize the opportunity. Make the most of any opportunity that you decide to take. You should spare no effort because if you allow it to pass, it may never come your way again.

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Be Efficient

According to Bill Gates, they staged nightly competitions just to squeeze a submarine – a small section of code in a program that performs a particular task with very few instructions. You should aim to be as efficient as possible while reaching your goal. You can avoid wasting your resources by improving your processes to allow you take the shortest route to your destination.

Be Intense

The intensity of Bill Gates was virtually unstoppable. Steve Jobs had the same level of intensity, and that’s why he asserts that there is power in intensity. Bill states that you cannot build momentum unless you are intense. Therefore, you need to put your soul and heart into what you do. The lone survivor movie has a quote that explains that you can over do anything in life that is worth doing. You can never succeed unless you are intense in all you do.

Build a Great Team

Bill is a person who never wanted to lose a talented individual. He would do all it takes to retain his entire team. You need other people to stand with you because you can’t succeed alone. Therefore, your goal should be to find great people and put their skills together to build a great team.

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You can apply these lessons from Bill Gates if you want to succeed in life. However, you should remember to balance all aspects of your life. You should not get obsessed with your goal to until you forget other parts of your life. This approach will guarantee you true and lasting success.


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