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Learn How to Cook and Prep Healthy Meals at Home

The lazy way out won’t work here my friends; you can’t consistently purchase healthy food at a restaurant. Sure, you can get their house salad (dry, oil on the side) but aside from that, I have a hard time believing that the food is made with your health in mind. Therefore, in order to really get moving on a healthy lifestyle, you have to prep yourself and your kitchen. This is something I failed to do. I knew the freezer held the peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and I knew the microwave would heat my Hot Pockets. Aside from that, I was a helpless fool in the kitchen.

In typical fashion, I found some resources that I now constantly refer to. While it’s only been four months since the big diet change, I have learned a ton from these sites. In fact, each of these are bookmarked on the laptop I have in the kitchen.

I am actually hoping that you all leave some good tips in the comment section so we can learn this one together. In the meantime, here’s to good cooking!

Seriously, if you have some favorite tips on healthy eating or navigating the kitchen, please tell us about them in the comments section. Because I am mildly obsessed with this topic, the most practical, insanely useful commenter gets a copy of a good but over-the-top book named, Skinny Bitch. Here is a preview of of the book and yes, it totally applies to men. Just don’t bring it to work, your card game, in public etc.;)


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