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Learn CPR Right Now for Free

I’d like each reader to seriously ask yourself if you’d be able to handle a situation where the person next to you suddenly passed out. If your answer is yes, then pat your self on the back because in my personal opinion, you are in the minority.

If CPR is needed, I think everyone knows that you hit the guy’s chest and blow into this mouth. But, do you really know what you are doing? What if it’s a child? For that matter, what if someone has a brownie stuck in their throat and can’t breath? Now what?

Well, enough of my drama. Why not take a few moments and review some simple information that could save your wife, kid, boss, etc. The University of Washington School of Medicine has a full menu of tutorials – complete with VIDEO simulations.

Here are the video pieces:

Learn it now so you are not running to Google or Dumb Little Man to get the how-to guide as your pal is nearing death.

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