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Kubera Review: Is it the Best for All-in-One Financial Tracking in 2024?

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Diversification allows to build a portfolio of investments; it involves investing in multiple domains, such as digital assets and real estate, so that the profit is maximized and risk is reduced to a bare minimum.

Recently, we have seen the growth of several portfolio tracking firms that allow you to keep a record of all your assets in one place. They provide an organized data representation of your entire financial portfolio that helps you make the right moves and achieve your financial goals.

One such financial institution is Kubera-named after the Hindu God of wealth. It has seen a massive rise in its popularity since the integration of crypto assets valuation and is rated relatively high in its niche. It allows you to keep track of all your financial assets in one place; its swift performance and impeccable efficiency let you have clear elaboration of your net worth, any time anywhere.  The owners have mentioned the purpose of Kubera to ease the increasingly difficult task of tracking your scattered investments.

In this blog, we will be conducting an in-depth review of Kubera, including its features, pricing, pros & cons, and whether Kubera is worthy of the Best for All-in-One Financial Tracking’ title. Let’s go

Kubera Review: What Is Kubera?

What is Kubera
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In 2019, Rohit Nadhani- founder of Kubera-  was caught in a riptide in Costa Rica and had to be rescued home. His free time at his home under the evocation of the fatal incident made him think about what has he made in his entire life. He started listing how his net worth was invested in a google sheet; put in the real estate, stocks, bonds, but it was more than that; had to value the crypto assets, collectables, and precious metals.

He discussed it with his wife and decided how he wanted to share his assets once he was dead. The discussion brought the idea for Kubera, and from there, the journey started. Kubera is a state-of-art modern portfolio tracker connected to financial data aggregation services that let it access more than 20,000 banks and can value nearly every global currency, including digital assets. It has a simple and user-friendly interface with no cluster, so you can add and monitor your financial data without being taken away by the complexity.

Kubera has often clarified that it doesn’t sell consumers’ financial or personal data to any third party and can’t use your financial accounts to make transactions on your behalf. The company also offers a B2B application (White-label service) for financial advisors and businesses with financial products, which they can pass on to their clients and as an additional perk. A popular feature about Kubera is the dead man’s switch, which we shall discuss shortly.

How does Kubera work?

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Getting started with Kubera is pretty simple; All you have to do is to click on the ‘sign up’ button on the Kubera website. You’ll be presented with a  form asking you for general information such as your name, email and password for Kubera. After filling the form, you’ll be presented with a  more specific form that’ll require you to fill in details regarding your account type and payment procedure. Kubera doesn’t currently offer a free trial to its users; however, users can enjoy a $1 15-day package to check whether it fits them.

You will receive the login credentials once the payment is confirmed, and you can use Kubera both on your PC and mobile app (it’s under construction for android). You can start by connecting your bank and brokerages account. Kubera offers about 20000 bank listings, so you can easily add your bank asset data by entering your account number; the same goes for your brokerage account. The application allows you to add your holding and private investments manually so that you can monitor their progress.

Kubera allows crypto-accounts owners to connect their crypto wallet from various crypto exchanges, such as Binance, from the main interface. The impressive feature of the service is that the value of your crypto portfolio will be automatically updated as the market value of your holdings change. Similarly, you can add multiple currencies into your portfolio, and Kubera would translate any changes in their value to your native currency.

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What are the Features of the Kubera platform?

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Simple and intuitive user experience

Kubera provides a sophisticated interface for its users. The information cluster is minimal, and only the essential details are kept on the main page, helping avoid any confusion. Similarly, adding information to your portfolio tracker is as easy as entering data in a spreadsheet.

Online bank account connectivity

Kubera claims its bank connectivity to be the best in the industry, which is true considering it has affiliations with three aggregators that provide bank data from multiple currencies and chains. In contrast, most of its competitors are affiliated with one aggregator only.

Data protection

Although adding your financial data to an internet platform may sound risky, Kubera assures that the user data stays safe and secure. It has denied any current or future plans of selling data to any third party. Your data stays intact in servers. In case of any causality, the information is passed to your dedicated ‘dead man’s switch’ only.

Real-time update to values

It has been Kubera’s USP since its launch. The integration of live value monitoring takes Kubera a step ahead in the race of being the best portfolio tracker. Your bank, digital assets, cryptocurrencies are all updated at their real-time values to provide an accurate estimate of your net worth.

Kubera Pricing and Commissions?

The pricing procedure for Kubera is relatively simple to understand. The company charges $15 per month or $150 per year, depending on your payment schedule. Although the payment sounds expensive for young entrepreneurs, the charge ensures that the company makes enough money to avoid signing up for ads, improving your experience.

The charge for the B2B service is generally lower for each account sign up, based on the quantity purchased. If you aren’t sure whether you need to get an account right away, the company offers a $1 trial for 15 days to help you judge its effectiveness and decide whether the investment is worth it.

Who is Kubera Best For?

Kubera is ideal for tracking the current value and position data of numerous investment accounts, insurance policies, and debts. The document storing and portfolio sharing tools might help make estate planning easy. This service isn’t a great choice if you require extra services like investment management, financial adviser access, budgeting, or financial calculators.

Kubera’s capacity to track assets across a wide range of asset types is impressive. The price tag can be difficult to digest. Nonetheless, it answers an issue that many current investors encounter. As a result, it is now one of our top portfolio and net worth monitors. When you have crypto, real estate, and stocks, it’s tough and time-consuming to keep track of your net worth.

When your private keys are locked on a hard drive somewhere, it will be more difficult to pass those assets on to your beneficiaries. The $15/month (or $150/year) price tag may be reasonable for investors who find value in Kubera’s products. However, others may want to manage their net worth with an app that includes budgeting tools or portfolio analysis.

Kubera Pros and Cons



Kubera User Experience

According to some customers, Kubera is a one-product corporation that provides a cutting-edge online portfolio and net worth tracking service. The interface is easy to use and read since it is streamlined, straightforward, and clutter-free. All of your financial accounts, including bank and brokerage accounts, cryptocurrency exchanges, and self-custody crypto wallets like Ledger, Trezor, and Metamask, may be connected and monitored through the service.

Kubera’s estate and beneficiary management transfer mechanism is one of its best features. This optional feature allows you to set up a “dead man’s switch” that is activated if you do not log in for 45 days and then do not reply to several warnings in the case of an accident or other unforeseen circumstance that renders you incapacitated.

The service will instantly give your designated beneficiary a portfolio information download link that includes your asset data. It alerts the third party of your choice to help the recipient if they do not react after multiple reminders.

Other users believe Kubera maintains all your assets’ information privately and does not sell it to third parties. The company also offers a White-Label service, a B2B solution that allows businesses to distribute Kubera software with their branding to their customers. It is best for estate planners, financial experts, and banks that wish to provide their clients with Kubera’s cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interface, and future-proof features.

Kubera vs Competitors

#1. Kubera vs Coin Market Manager

Although Kubera and coin market manager are put in the same bracket, their functions are pretty different. Kubera is an all-around investment portfolio manager that helps you track your net worth spread around all domains. On the other hand, CMM is a specific crypto wallet manager that allows you to stack all your digital assets in one place. CMM also provides financial advice to its premium users, a perk that Kubera doesn’t offer.

If we talk about their network, Kubera has a substantial edge against CMM; Kubera has about 27 different integrations with global banks and crypto wallets; in contrast, the coin market manager only offers seven integrations with crypto exchanges.

The two applications are incompetent in their pricing range; Kubera charges 15$ a month for its services, while CMM requires $49 for a monthly subscription. However, unlike Kubera, CMM offers a free version with an unlimited time limit, so the users can still use the primary features.

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#2. Kubera vs Altrady

Altrady is an all-in-one crypto trading platform that allows you to trade between multiple exchanges, track your portfolio, trace changes in the crypto market, and receive updates and notifications regarding when to trade. The software isn’t a direct competition to Kubera, as it is more than just a portfolio tracker. It is ideal for users that have their most prominent chunk of investment invested in crypto, but for general investors, Kubera is a better solution for portfolio tracking.

Unlike Kubera, Altrady has a wide range of applications and website platforms functional for all interfaces. Both Altrady(17) and Kubera(27) race for the most wallet integrations, but there is still a fair gap between the two. Their pricing and commission fees are pretty similar. Altrady charges $12 for a monthly subscription, while Kubera’s monthly fee is a little higher at $15.

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#3. Kubera vs Delta Exchange

Kubera and Delta are frequently contrasted since they both have tracking capabilities that extend far beyond encryption. It is said that both feature a variety of cryptocurrency-related products. If you want to manage all of your money in one place, Kubera is the superior option since it allows you to track the value of your property, such as a home or vehicle, and all of your assets.

Having stated that, the traits associated with cryptocurrency are common with Delta. Another aspect to consider is that the Delta portfolio tracker has a free version.

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All-in-One Financial Tracking

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Conclusion: Is Kubera really the Best for All-in-One Financial Tracking?

Overall, Kubera does a great job as an asset monitoring service. However, the absence of a mobile app and email-only customer assistance hurts its reputation. While the organization is working on a mobile app, new and paying clients might benefit from a phone number or a live chat system.

However, because the app keeps track of your assets, that customer service concern is less pressing than it would be for a broker, bank, or other financial institution, where a transaction or issue could require rapid clarification or correction.

The Kubera online portfolio monitoring tool is easy to use and browse. In addition, It allows you to analyze all of your financial accounts and evaluate your primary assets in one location. The web-based solution also connects to self-custody crypto wallets and supports a wide range of crypto assets and exchanges. Despite the lack of a mobile app, Kubera’s estate management function is noteworthy, since it would send your portfolio data to your designated beneficiary if you become unresponsive.

Kubera FAQs

Is Kubera Safe and Legit?

When it comes to your engagement in the cryptocurrency realm, safety and security are the most critical elements to consider. Hence, Kubera restricts its users from trading or making any changes to their Bitcoin holdings from within the Kubera app.

This crypto portfolio tracker is solely for keeping track of the price swings of your crypto holdings and other assets, so you don’t have to be concerned about losing money due to a hacker or user error. You should still keep your account safe because malicious parties might target the financial data included within your Kubera account.

What does a modern portfolio tracker do?

Modern portfolio theory (MPT) is a realistic strategy for picking assets to optimize total returns while keeping risk to a minimum. Diversification is a critical part of the MPT hypothesis. The majority of investments are either high risk or low risk.

According to current portfolio theory, every investment’s risk and return characteristics should not be judged on their own but rather on how they impact the entire risk and return of the portfolio. That is, an investor can put together a portfolio of several assets to generate higher returns without increasing risk.

What is a mobile app used for?

There is no Kubera app for Android; however, users interested in utilizing the app on an Android Smartphone may still access their account via their mobile web browser by visiting the Kubera website. Users of Apple iPhones will be pleased to learn that a mobile app is available for these devices. How can I connect Kubera to my cryptocurrency exchange account? Adding a crypto exchange account to Kubera is identical to adding a standard bank or brokerage account.




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