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3 Ways to Relieve Jaw Pain: Complete Guide 2024

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Jaw pain has a plethora of causes and a few remedies for each of them. Patients may experience mild pain, but severe pain is quite common too if the cause is more intense.

Sometimes, it is nothing but a toothache. Other times, Temporomandibular disorders might be responsible for it, especially when the issue affects the Temporomandibular joint.

As you can see, causes vary widely, and the intensity of your pain is just as varied. Whether you suffer from TMJ disorders or just an acute issue that can be cured overnight, a bit of research is mandatory.

Here is everything you need to know about TMJ disorder, potential causes of jaw pain, jaw joint injuries, teeth grinding problems, and solutions to all of these.

Jaw Pain: Causes

jaw pain
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Temporomandibular joints are often affected when it comes to jaw pain. Just under 15% of all people may have Temporomandibular joint disorders. The Temporomandibular joint disorder tends to be more common in women.

Causes of this issue are varied and may include:

Injuries – such as a broken jaw

Certain medical conditions – such as rheumatoid arthritis – or the bad habit of grinding and clenching teeth. Sometimes, grinding is involuntary and may occur while you sleep.

Misaligned jaw – Facial pain due to a temporomandibular disorder may also occur if your jaw is not lined up properly. The problem aggravates with time. Other than that, inflammation in the muscles supporting the jaw may also cause severe jaw pain.

The jaw can also be knocked out of place like any other bone in the body. Breaking it is just as common. Such issues can cause pain, swelling, and bruises. More dental and craniofacial research is needed for the doctor to identify the right solution.

According to the American Dental Association, jaw tenderness caused by traumas can be addressed with over-the-counter drugs to relieve pain. Also, soft foods are highly recommended. See a doctor if you have misaligned teeth or cannot open and close the mouth.

Dental problems are quite diversified, too, and they often cover teeth alignment, wisdom teeth problems, and persistent pain caused by chewing gum. Toothaches are more common – cavities or abscesses. Cracked, crowded, or sensitive teeth are also worth some attention.

Other dental problems include:

Think about joint-related problems too, such as the ones caused by arthritis. Joints supporting your jaws could be affected as well. They are often aggravated by stress, so become familiar with a few stress reduction techniques. Muscle relaxants and painkillers may help.

Other potential causes of jaw pain include:

Other Causes of Jaw Pain
Neck surgery
Damage to the trigeminal nerve
Damage to the soft tissues around the jaws
Problematic blood supply or damage to the blood vessel supporting nearby soft tissues
Diseases – viral and bacterial infections
Heart attack – jaw pain is sometimes the sign of a heart attack
Sinus problems
Trigeminal neuralgia – a painful condition related to a blood vessel and surrounding tissues
Cluster headaches
Cysts and tumors

Some of the things that can cause jaw pain is handled with nothing but painkillers. Especially if there are common symptoms and nothing too harsh. Other symptoms must be assessed by a healthcare provider – or a dentist if you have dental problems. Sometimes, imaging tests might be required.

Ways to Relieve Jaw Pain

There are more ways to treat jaw pain – if not sure, or the pain is too intense, seek medical attention.

1. Natural Remedies

Jaw exercises

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Exercising your jaws can target upper or lower teeth. They may seem silly, but they can help against a medical condition. Goldfish exercises, chin tucks, relaxed jaw exercises, resisted opening and closing, side-to-side movement, or tongue-up exercises can help against mild problems.

Stress management

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Managing stress is another common solution. Get used to some of the popular relaxation techniques to keep your teeth fit – indeed, it sounds unusual, but stress relief can and will help. All national institutes agree on the harsh effects of stress over anything related to your health.

In fact, stress can cause and aggravate joint TMJ and is among the most common causes of similar problems. Stress will also cause headaches, which can lead to discomfort and problematic jaw pain, just to give you an example.


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Getting a massage can also help. For example, you need to pay attention when the jaw hurts. If it tends to become more painful after eating, give yourself a small massage. You do not necessarily need an official diagnosis or a professional treatment – simply massage yourself to relieve pain and discomfort.

As with all muscles, heat and ice will help. You can apply moist heat if you have sore muscles around the jaw. On the other hand, ice seems to be more effective against harsh pain. Should you use ice, make sure you do not keep ice compresses on for more than 20 minutes.

You do not have to work in a national institute to understand that ice exposure can also be harmful.

2. Medications

Over-the-counter medications are given when jaw pain has insignificant causes. Sure, a painkiller will also be required if you have a broken jaw, for example. But then, further medical treatment will be required – such as surgery. If left untreated, a broken jaw can seriously aggravate it.

Painkillers and other similar drugs are also given for mild problems, even if they are not painful – such as a clicking sound caused by grinding teeth. If the pain is too intense, such drugs might be given with a prescription that is more powerful.

Trigger point injections can also be given. Not to be taken by yourself, but prescribed and administered by a specialist, of course. Short or long-term therapy is also helpful. Again, it depends on the cause, and it is usually recommended by a doctor.

Drugs and medical treatments are normally required when the problem is intense. They are required when the issue cannot be handled with natural remedies or supplements – instead, it may require harsh drugs or perhaps surgery.

3. Guide Book / Digital Program

Supplements and programs are natural and should not expose you to any harmful chemicals. Should you opt for supplements, go for 100% natural products with no side effects. Programs are more detailed and will also include techniques to relieve pain, exercises, and so on.

Here are some good choices:

A. Natural Solution To Temporomandibular Joint Disorder: TMJ Solution

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TMJ Solution

Digital Program

TMJ No More Book is an online program that comprehensively teaches TMJ patients the natural solution to temporomandibular joint or jaw joint disorder.

$49 (limited offer only)

TMJ Solution will give you a better understanding of what jaw pain is. It brings in a guide with no risks or promotions, as well as gentle exercises and techniques to relieve pain, keep stress under control and boost your health. Everything in the guide is 100% natural – no drugs or medications.

The therapeutic approach is fairly simple to follow. Developed by Christian Goodman, the program has a pretty good reputation over the Internet, hence its popularity. TMJ Solution is available in a digital format only.

Shop TMJ Solution Program at the Official Website.

Full Article: The TMJ Solution Christian Goodman Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

B. Wellness Program: Taking Control of TMJ

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Taking Control of TMJBook

Taking Control of TMJ Book helps you understand this painful condition and offers relief from its symptoms. Also, it helps prevent a recurrence and avoid unneeded surgery. This extensive manual also discusses the relationship between whiplash and fibromyalgia, as well as TMJ condition.

$8.78 (Paperback)

Taking Control of TMJ was developed by Robert O. Uppgaard and came as a digital book explaining the causes, symptoms, and natural solutions to keep these disorders under control. While comprehensive, some of the info is not needed – instead, it feels like you could do with more solutions instead.

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Bottom line

Jaw pain can be something basic and simple caused by stress or a small trauma. It can also be a TMJ disorder, which is very common among adults and must be addressed accordingly. In more severe cases, a doctor’s attention might be required.

In terms of natural approaches, there are many natural remedies, supplements, and guides to try out.  You do have options, but most of them have limitations.

Christian Goodman’s TMJ Solution is the best choice if you want a natural approach that covers most causes of jaw pain – apart from the severe ones requiring medical attention, of course.

TMJ Solution is one of the best-reviewed ones, and for some good reasons – straight to the point, the program tackles all the TMJ guides and provides solutions and natural remedies for all of them.

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Jaw Pain FAQs

Does TMJ ever heal?

For most people, TMJ goes away by itself. Self-care practices are useful for maintenance and more intense pain, but with a limit.

Should I see a doctor or dentist for TMJ?

A dentist is one of the first people to identify a TMJ disorder – reach out to a dentist if you feel like something is wrong.

Can TMJ change your face?

TMJ disorders can and will change your face over time if left untreated – if the problem persists, seek professional help.

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