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Is it Smart to Trade Time for Money?



Towers Perrin, a large human resource consulting firm, just published survey results revealing that most workers have strong negative emotions towards their work. I belonged to this group until several years ago when I decided to transcend my fear and transform my career from a wage earning software engineer to an entrepreneur.

This alchemy of professions has taught me a great lesson: Trading time for money is dumb thinking.

Most people grudgingly work at a job that they hate and become victims of their self-prophecy that they have to work to make money. The truth is shocking but you can quit that job you hate today and liberate your life to achieve the freedom that always eludes you.

Consider these five powerful reasons to manifest thoughts of freeing the precious time that you have been trading for a not-so-rewarding job.

You can move inexorably toward freedom from this folly by starting now if you have the courage to take responsibility for your own future.

So what is your move? Are you content working for someone else?

– Shilpan

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