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IoT & Bots Development: Trend in Modern Technology

The use of the internet of things (IoT) and chatbots has surged across a multitude of industries. The outbreak of the virus has sped up the development and deployment of these technologies among various businesses. From start-ups to big corporations, everyone is trying to use this technology for mitigating the disruptions they are going through.

Physical markets have seen a drastic change in terms of their operations. And it has allowed business owners to involve technological advancements in their business processes. Whether it is IoT development services or chatbot deployment, various businesses are looking for suitable options.

Internet of things and chatbots together have become buzzwords in the modern industry. These technological breakthroughs have leveled up virtually every industry, majorly impacting the communication industry and online business world. These two have reshaped the mobile app development processes and completed the tasks that were unfathomable once.

The rise of IoT and chatbots

The advancements and modernization of various industries depend on emerging technologies like AI, MI, and IoT. Many leading companies are capitalizing on a mix of technology and industry expertise to stay ahead of competitors. For example, IoT plays an indispensable role in enhancing manufacturing processes. IoT-enabled manufacturing tends to be more efficient and less risky. Many businesses see a substantial increase in productivity after the deployment of the Internet of things (IoT). Likewise, IoT also gives better insights into the equipment and process of a manufacturing company. Various capabilities like predictive maintenance avoid downtime and boost productivity. And it is taking traction across several industries.

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On the other hand, chatbots are helping businesses throughout the globe to improve different aspects of operations and management. Well-renowned companies are either seeking help through technology consultants or chatbot development companies. From internal business communications to customer relation management, chatbots are becoming tools for virtually everything.

Enterprises of all sizes are integrating chatbots into their mobile applications. There is a multitude of advantages of integrating chatbots into mobile applications. Chatbots play an imperative role in automating repetitive tasks by saving human resources, effort, and costs. Many brands are maintaining direct communication with customers by using versatile chatbots.

The popularity of IoT solutions and chatbots

Since Google is planning to expand its cloud computing business, the landscape for cloud solutions has become more competitive. Also, it is having ripple effects in the IoT solutions market. More and more IoT solutions are now being built on the cloud. Cloud-based development improves the overall accessibility of IoT solutions. It is why businesses are preferring these win-win solutions for their business. This trend of growing adoption is more likely to become stronger in the coming times. Organizations and individuals these days are observing the overall ethics of emerging technologies.

Given below are the pros and cons associated with the internet of things


▶ Accessing the information is exceedingly easy. You can control the device no matter how far it is located.

Communication among the connected devices becomes transparent and easier.

▶ Transfer of data packets over any network reduces the amount of time and cost involved.

▶ Automation becomes an instant need of the hour. IoT tends to reduce human intervention and increases the overall efficiency of services.


▶ There is a risk of leakage of confidential data whenever it is sent over a network.

▶ Due to its intricate network system, a single loophole can put the overall system down, affecting everyone in every way.

▶ With various automation processes, the need for human labor reduces.

▶ It’s a technologically driven world. People throughout the globe depend on technology for the fulfillment of tasks.

Importance of chatbots

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Since businesses are looking for ways to streamline their business operations, chatbots are the ultimate solution. Many companies these days are adopting chatbots because customers prefer talking to a real-life person whenever they need any assistance.

There are two primary types of chatbots.

Artificial intelligence bot specifically uses dynamic learning and self-updates that are completely based on customer interaction.

Fixed bots tend to offer a limited list of capabilities that requires manual updates for changing languages and assisting aptitudes.

As businesses are considering automating their customer service experience, here’s a list of the pros and cons.


▶ Faster customer service. Certainly, chatbots can save the valuable time of the team. Since chatbots are programmed for answering simple questions, your management and team can focus on more intricate issues that your customers can have.

▶ Available every time. One of the primary advantages of chatbots is that, unlike humans, bots tend to respond to customer queries without costing any extra penny. With the 24/7 availability of chatbots, users can answer customer questions instantly.

▶ Promotes conversational marketing. Many people want an answer to their question instantaneously. Instead of scrolling and finding answers themselves, a chatbot allows customers to get engaged with the website without requiring any human to monitor all the conversations.

▶ Well, nothing can beat human-to-human interaction, but a chatbot is a substitute until any salesperson needs to step in. A great example is the chatbots provided by Many chat and intercom. Manycom is useful for marketing the Facebook messenger and, intercoms perform well for live website sessions.

▶ Helps manage customer requests. Chatbots can help in responding to hundreds and millions of customer queries. There is no ceiling to how many customers a chatbot can handle.


▶ Chatbots do not understand the natural language. As far as chatbots have come this way, there is still no replacement for human conversation. Many chatbots are unable to adapt to human languages. That means a chatbot is unable to comprehend slang, misspellings, and sarcasm. Chatbots are unable to be used by channels that are public and highly personal like Facebook and Instagram. It tends to create a hiccup for the bot.

▶ Neither personalized nor emotive. Bots do not respond to customers with either personalization or emotion. If the conversation has no flow or if it does not follow any specific path, the bot is unable to improvise. Also, it lacks the human touch. Therefore, resulting in a negative customer experience.

▶ Higher misunderstanding capacity. A chatbot might have a hard time helping if the questions of customers are not simple. Chatbots are programmed for answering general questions that are present in the database. So, if customers ask something outside the box, the bot will be left with no answer. In both cases, this isn’t a great customer experience and can negatively impact the overall image of the company.

▶ It has to be maintained. Chatbots need to have frequent optimization. So, that they end up giving the relevant information to your customers by representing the brand appropriately. With the changes in users’ demands and priorities, you will need to update the bot accordingly. If you leave your chatbot to its own devices, your customers might notice and, customer satisfaction rating might suffer.

▶ In addition, chatbots are particularly programmed for handling a specific amount of data and as you update the data, there can be a real disruption to the chatbot model as a whole. It requires ongoing and cautious maintenance to ensure you don’t need to create holes in the overall chatbot interface.

Reasons why chatbots work as IoT interface

There is a myriad of reasons why chatbots fit the bill when it comes to communication over the IoT. Also, it is convenient for programmers to update these programs on a minute-by-minute basis. They are intelligent enough for changing the settings intuitively to create a perfect customer experience. Internet of things are smart devices that we see in our daily lives and, chatbots can be used as an interface.

There is no need to remember how differently IoT applications work. Users can operate how smart chatbots tend to work every day.


The competitive landscape for emerging technologies like the Internet of things (IoT) and chatbots is dynamic. However, these trends seem to remain widespread across various industries. Businesses have gained a lot of popularity and benefit from these technologies. Executives who have already seen the benefits and adopted the trends are already enjoying a competitive advantage. A strategic deployment of IoT and chatbots can turn your business around.

The essential and top-notch technologies help companies save an extortionate amount of money. The most significant advantage of AI-powered bots is that it has the capability of solving potential problems by understanding the human behavior completely.

The popular industries throughout the world are opting for IoT solutions. The basic concept of developing these automated systems is to make human life exceedingly easy. Automation processes like automatic payment, smart devices, and online healthcare important allow humans to think about more crucial things.

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