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How to increase productivity while doing ‘Work from Home’?


Nowadays most of the companies allow their employees to do work from home. Companies want their employees to avoid time spending on travelling and make that time more productive. Work from home is always a win-win situation for both sides. In this condition main goal is producing proper results and getting things done.

According to studies, in this situation very few people are able focus on their ability while working in Home and most of the people get distracted by other things which is directly affect on their productivity.
If you are working from home and struggling to focus then check out following tricks which helps you to create work environment in your own home, after using these tricks you will surely see boost in your productivity and produce some tremendous results. There is always a more comfort and flexibility in your own home rather than in office, so use it proper way & make yourself or your boss by producing remarkable results while working in home. A little change surely produces large impact.

1.Work Room

Create some office environment in your home; make a special work room in your home. In which no one can disturb you which helps you to focus on your work. If your house is small you can always choose your favorite place to complete your tasks. For a change you can also go outside, seat in a park or cafe and complete your work.

2. Seating arrangement

Invest some money to make yourself comfortable. Choose proper desk for your desktop and suitable chair to seat, you can also use some pillows for chair which you can’t do it in office (plus point). If you are using laptop for working then your favorite couch always welcomes you.

3.Connecting with your team

It is little bit difficult to connect with your team members while working in Home. Still you can solve this with the help of technology, use Skype or Hipchat to stay connected with your team. If there is problem in internet connection still they are just 1 phone call away from you.


Yes, it’s right you need to keep your workplace neat and tidy whether it is office or your home. It will make you feel fresh, keep your mind clear so that you can think creative; it always helps you keep focus. Take some time off to clean your home every day and make surrounding better. After all taking time off is also a secret of increased productivity.

5.Listening Songs

Yes you heard it right. Listening to your favorite songs will help you to increase productivity . Music doesn’t only inspire you; it also helps you to work more efficiently. Grab your headphones, tune into your favorite music and make your mind fresh.

6.Keep it bright

Lightening is always helps you to keep focused which is much required to create something awesome. Bad light can cause you eye straining and other health problems like headache. Dark places will lead you towards depression. Make sure the place you are choosing is always having proper light. Open your windows and make a way for sunlight. Use lamps only when it’s dark.


You are working from Home it does not mean you have to go to kitchen in every 5 minutes for food. It is always take away you from your goal. Before you start your work keep water bottle nearby and try to eat food which helps you to increase productivity near to your desk. Keep fix schedule for Tea/coffee break every day. It helps you to save lot of time.

Our main aim is increase productivity; so focus on your work and getting things done in a time. This can be achieved only when you are comfortable with surrounding.

Leave me a comment below, and let me know if you have tried any of the tricks in this article or do you have any other ideas to increase work productivity at home?

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