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How To Write A Cover Letter For Refund Of Money?

Write Letter

Write Letter

When you are owed money, a letter might be the most effective way to obtain it. Defective merchandise or substandard services are common reasons for demanding a refund. There are a few tips for writing the letter that can improve its effectiveness.

Address the Letter to a Specific Person

When writing to a business or corporation, go to the company’s website to get its correct mailing address. The website should also give you the name of department heads within the company. A letter addressed to the person in charge of customer service will not get lost as easily as one addressed only to the customer service department at the company. If you cannot find the names of department heads, find out the name of the president of the company, and address your letter to that person.

Make the Letter Easy to Read

A letter asking for a refund should never be handwritten. You want your letter to be noticed and taken seriously. A typed, properly formatted letter looks professional and commands attention more than a letter handwritten on a piece of paper torn out of a notebook.

Get to the Point Right Away

<p>The reason for your letter should be stated clearly and concisely in the first sentence. If you have receipts, invoices or other documentation establishing the basis for your claim, enclose them with your letter. The second sentence should state the date and other particulars of the transaction and should mention the documents you are enclosing.

Be Clear about What You Want

Be specific about what you expect the recipient of your letter to do. State the amount of money that you want the company to refund to you and the reasons why you believe you are entitled to it. If your letter concerns defective merchandise, explain the problem in sufficient detail so as to give the person reading your letter a clear understanding of your concerns.

Give a Deadline

Your letter should end with a restatement of what you expect the company to do, and it should include a date by which you expect to receive your money or receive a response. Be realistic in setting the timeframe. Large, nationwide companies will take longer to process your claim than will a small, regionally-based company.

Procrastination Could Hurt Your Chances

Write the letter as soon as you realize that you are entitled to a refund of money. Your chances of success diminish the longer you wait.

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