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How to Watch Movies on Nintendo Wii

Want to convert your Nintendo Wii game console into a home theater?

Here’s how.

<strong>Streaming Services</strong>

The Wii Shop Channel contains a cornucopia of streaming services with the best of Hollywood, Bollywood, and grainy home videos posted to YouTube. You can download Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video Channels for a free trial period. Following the trial, each service requires a monthly subscription to view its feature films, documentaries and television shows.

If you’re piggy bank is currently on welfare, then you can download the Wii YouTube app for free. However, the Wii version of YouTube does not support paid content.

Caution: If you are using a modified or hacked Nintendo Wii, then downloading the Netflix app or a similar Wii Shop Channel could undo the effects of the modification.


In an effort to keep costs low, Nintendo did not equip the Wii with DVD, CD or Blue-Ray playback. If this irks you, then you have two choices: You can either purchase a $20 used DVD player from Goodwill, or you can engage in some dodgy hacking.

Pirate gamers and hacker enthusiasts have long relied on “mod-chips” to circumnavigate console protocols. These mod-chips allow gamers to play burned games, imported games and even pirated DVDs. The installation of any mod-chip, however, will almost certainly void the console warranty and render the Wii inoperable after future System Menu installations. For these reasons, mod-chips are not recommended.

There is, thankfully, one more method. Its legality is suspect, but it requires no devious mod-chip. Mike Keller, writing for PC World Magazine, breaks it down. After installing the third-party HomeBrew channel on your Wii (this is accomplished by making Link walk backwards in a modified Zelda game), then you download the DVDX installer app, run the MPlayer app, and enjoy your DVD films. For reasons unknown, not all DVDs play reliably.

The WiiMC app, also available on the HomeBrew Channel, allows users to watch movies downloaded onto USB thumb drives. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the installation process.


What is this, 1992?

<strong>SD Cards</strong>

The Nintendo Wii will play any digital movie in .MOV or .AVI formats. All Wii Menu versions 4.0 or later support SD and SDHC cards. You can also use miniSD and microSD cards with a converter. Upload your digital films onto your card, insert it into the console, and view the film through the Photo Channel.

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