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How To Use the Bad Economy To Get In Shape

Let’s face it: the economy stinks right now. We’re all a little tight on money and the last thing on most of our minds is fitness. However, if you look at this economic downturn as an opportunity rather than a hopeless disaster, you may just be able to use your lack of spending money as the motivation behind some healthy lifestyle changes.

While our finances are headed down the drain, working on improving other areas of our lives can be a positive alternative to counting how much of our savings we have lost. Here’s a few tips to help both your budget and waistline.




At my office, a 12oz can of cola is 150 calories and $0.75, while the water fountain next to it is 0 calories and free. Skip the afternoon snacks and have a glass of water instead. Another healthy alternative would be to bring some fruits or veggies from home. These are always going to be cheaper than the prepackaged items bought on a whim.











Written on 12/19/2008 by Brandon Morgado. Brandon is a self-professed fitness geek and blogs regularly at when he isn’t running, playing Ultimate Frisbee or wasting his life away on Twitter. Photo Credit: Bludgeoner86
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