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How to Strip 10 Years Off Your Age in Just 10 Days

Aging is fact of life that is beyond our control. However, our reaction to aging is something that every one of us can change. We all know people who are in their forties, fifties, or beyond – and who still retain a certain youthfulness.

Here’s an inspiring example of reverse aging. Bob Hayes took up running when he was 60. After a little while, he decided to enter a 5km fun-run and his son gave him his first pair of trainers. He said afterwards,

“I wasn’t feeling as fit as I would have liked to. Perhaps age is catching up on me?”

So far there is nothing out of the ordinary about Bob, right?

But look at Bob twenty years later:

Now at age 80, Bob has just completed his tenth 50-mile ultra-marathon in Montana and has made running history.

Bob now says: “I’m in the best shape of my life.”

It’s extraordinary that Bob is fitter at 80 than he was at 60 and can endure feats of running that most 20 year olds wouldn’t survive! What’s his secret? It is his indomitable spirit and it’s something that we can all conjure up. I want to help you to tap into this hidden wellspring in order to strip 10 years off your age in just 10 days.

Here are the 10 steps of rejuvenation:

Take stock
Sit down and complete this sentence: “I would feel younger if I …..”

Simple right? Well, make sure that you focus on positive goals and that the result is measurable. Examples of measurable goals are: “I would feel younger if I could run for half a mile without stopping,” or “I would feel younger if I could fit into size 14.”

Boost motivation and commitment
In order to commit to change, we need encouragement. Tell your best friend about your 10-day plan and ask her or him to contact you each day and cheer you on.

Start Exercising
Exercise has huge benefits. Focus on getting your body back into gear. Your goals are to get fitter, more flexible, and to lose weight. Plan to attend at least two exercise classes. These exercise classes could be yoga, tai chi, aerobics, martial arts or anything else that you might enjoy. As well, go for a brisk walk each day. Start with a 10 minute walk on day 1. Then add 5 minutes each day until you reach 30 minutes.

Drop weight
Are you overweight? Shed some weight in these 10 days and you will look and feel better. Losing weight fast is the jumpstart many people need to begin and continue a diet. Remember that slimming down completely is a long-term project. Read this post for inspiration and guidance.

Change your look
Go to a beauty salon and have your eyebrows tidied and maybe indulge in a facial – yes, even if you are a male! Learn to apply makeup. If you don’t feel confident about that, get some advice from a pharmacist or a beautician about what to use. Go to a trendy hair salon and get a new hairstyle. Ask for a young hairstylist to attend to you and ask him or her for advice on what styles are cool at the moment. Be daring!

Buy some new clothes
Ask a young friend to accompany you on a style mission. (My best style advisors are 11 and 13 respectively!). Forget about the style and colors you usually wear. Try something new and cool. If you have budget constraints, go and shop in a second-hand clothes shop. Flaunt the New You!

Get your creative juices flowing
Being creative makes us feel alive and dynamic. Attend one creative class in these 10 days. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn potting? Or painting? Or wood-working? Or writing? Now is the time to start! ( Here’s a video by Deepek Chopra on creativity).

Take up meditation to rejuvenate body and spirit. Check out these 10 important tips on how to start meditating.

Have fun
Laughter and enjoyment peel back the years. Maybe you could host a dress-up dinner or take up dancing. Why not try salsa, belly dancing, hip hop, or Argentine tango?

Improve your posture
How is your posture? Here is a simple exercise to improve posture. Stand about one foot away from a wall. Place your hands on the wall beside your shoulders. Slowly bend your arms and try to touch the wall with your chest bone. Striving to do so will straighten your spine. Do this exercise a few times each day for a regal posture!

If you follow this program for 10 days, you will find a new, younger person smiling at you in the mirror. You will feel deeply alive and ready to experience life at its best.

Written on 6/20/2008 by Mary Jaksch. Enjoy more posts by Mary on Goodlife ZEN where you can find practical inspiration for a happier life. Article Republished on 12/19/2009. Photo Credit: moonjazz


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