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How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Fabric

There are a number of great ways to remove red wine stains from fabric. Depending on the kind of fabric, the length of time the wine has set in, and the materials that you have on hand, you will often find that some methods work better than others. Here are some of the best-known methods for removing red wine from fabric:

Club Soda:

If you are at a cocktail party, club soda is a great way to remove red wine. Simply dab (don’t wipe) a wet cloth or napkin soaked in club soda onto the stain and watch it vanish. This is best for fresh stains, immediately after they have happened. Of course, you don’t need to be at a cocktail party to take advantage of this go-to stain cure.

White Vinegar:

White vinegar on a wet stain is a great way to remove both fresh and old wine from fabric. If the stain has dried, dampen it with water before you add the vinegar, then let it pull the color out of the stain. Dab it away, then rinse the vinegar out of the fabric rather than letting it dry.


A paste made with cold water and salt can draw a stain out of carpets, furniture, and other places where the wine has soaked into multiple layers. The salt will continue to pull wine from deeper fabric levels as long as the paste stays moist and on the stain. When you are done, simply let the paste dry and vacuum it up if you are cleaning a carpet, or rinse off if it is something else.

Peroxide and Baking Soda:

A combination of peroxide and baking soda is a powerful way to remove stains. This can sometimes bleach an area so it is a good idea to use this mostly on white fabrics, or test them for colorfastness before you place this particular treatment onto a stain. It will remove the stain, but it may take the dye in the fabric with it. A drop of dish soap makes this combination even more effective.

Enzyme Cleaner:

There are a number of stain and odor enzyme removers that are on the market, particularly for dealing with pet stains. These are made to work on organic stains, and red wine is included in this category. Choose a brand that advertises its use on stain more than on pet odors, and you will have the most success when it comes to red wine.

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