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How to Reduce Jetlag and Enjoy Flying

Flight Passengers

Flight Passengers

So they say to be careful while opening the overhead compartment because items may have shifted. They even talk about procedures for a water landing on flights that don’t go over water. However, no one seems to mention the tiring effect of jetlag and travel in general.

Despite an ever more interconnected world, and technology’s promise of reducing the need for physical travel, we seem to be more mobile than ever before.

Many of us travel long distances quite frequently, and here are a few ideas that I’ve found to be helpful over the years for reducing – if not completely eliminating – jetlag, and for enjoying the potentially stressful experience of long-haul flight.

What kind of travel tricks do you have? Let us know in the comments!

Written on 1/09/2010 by Mark Harrison. Mark Harrison writes about personal growth, communication, and increasing personal wealth. Check out his new book, Thirty Days to Change Your Life. Photo Credit: Daquella manera
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