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How To Meet People Despite Being Shy

Some folks can walk into a room full of strangers and yet within an hour, you’d think that they’ve known these people forever. While they may be blessed with a healthy dose of self-confidence and extroversion, it does not mean that you cannot find yourself in the same situation.

The trick is to reverse the tables and have perfect strangers approach you instead of you approaching them. Here are six ways to meet people and make friends without subjecting yourself to making the first move.

    1. Team sports
      The “team” in team sports means that players have to interact to play the given game. Even if you’re extremely shy, fellow players will introduce themselves to you and eventually they will be interested in other aspects of your life. The more talented at the sport you are, the faster you will be able to make new friends because people tend to be attracted to champions. 

Getting people to strike a first conversation with you is without a doubt the easy part. Keep them interested is where the real challenge lies. That’s for another post but as long as you’re friendly, you will make new acquaintances or friends in no time. How many potential friends are you meeting this weekend?

Written on 12/02/2008 by John Boston. You can catch him at Super Fly: The Extremely Shy Guy’s Guide to Meeting Single Beautiful Women. Photo Credit: Logan Antill
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